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used condom masturbation


I am a male. Last month i went to camping to hills with my friends I got drunk and i had sex with a guy of that area.
he used thin condoms both times.
I gave him oral twice in both intervals.
Firstly He tried to penetrate without condom then i insisted to use condom. he could not enter due to lack of lubricant. is this a risk? then he used condom.
secondly we slept in the tent and the weather was cold and rainy (not snowy). In the early morning i masturbated with the "used condom on my penis".
Any risk ?

please help.


HI there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions and concerns. We're happy to help!

Great job on using condoms to protect yourself! They're the best way to protect yourself against HIV and other STIs.

1) If he didn't penetrate you, before using the condom, then this is No Risk. There needs to be penetration to have an associated risk

2) Protected sex with a condom is considered to be a Low Risk activity. What this means is that although there have been a few cases of transmission in this manner, they're usually under certain identifiable conditions such as if the condom breaks. If the condom remained intact, then your risk is greatly diminished.

3) Giving oral sex is considered to be a Low Risk as well, with a condition being if you'd recently had major dental surgery that resulted in large open wounds in your mouth. If not, your risk is greatly decreased.

4) Masturbating with the condom on is No Risk.

Overall, your risk level is really low, so testing is likely not warranted just for this incident. However, we do recommend that all sexually active individuals make HIV testing a regular part of their sexual health routine. So if you're worried, a quick test should be able to ease your mind.

I hope this helped! Please visit avert.org for more information about HIV and transmission.



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