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Used two condoms, niethier penetrated nor ejaculated. Am worried


3 months ago I had sex with a sex worker with unknown status. I used two condoms but due to some kind of fear, my penis was not completely tight that's why I could not enter my penis in the vagina.I just rubbed it on the vagina. I was not sexually active at that time because of fear. This did not lead me to ejaculate. I don't know about pre-cum. In last 3 months, I never had any physical problem like cold, fever. I'm just asking it for my mental peace. Should I need to worry about hiv??

Please help. Thanks.


Hi there,

You do not need to worry. HIV is transmitted through unprotected sex, involving the exchange of body fluids like semen (cum). It is not transmitted through skin-to-skin contact (rubbing a penis on a vagina). Remember that it is the activities one engages in and not the people they have sex with that can increase the risk of HIV transmission. This means that you should not assume someone's HIV status based on who they are or where they are from. While taking care of your sexual health by using condoms is a good decision, please note that for future reference, you should only wear one condom at a time. Two in this case is not better than one, as wearing two condoms increases the potential for friction and breakage.

Take care, Maggie