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Used two condoms, no full penetration and no ejaculation. HIV Possible??


Hello sir,
My name is pratap tiwari. 3 months ago, I had sex with a sex worker. She made me wear two condoms and asked to penetrate. But fortunately, I was not fully aroused due to some kind of fear and my penis was not erected. I tried 3 to 4 times to enter it in her vagina but could not succeed. Then I removed my penis from her vagina and thrown both the condoms. That's the story. I did not have any ejaculation during the time and don't know if there was a pre-cum or not as I was not aroused. According to my memory there was no condom breakage. In last three months I did not have even fever or cold like diseases. Could it be dangerous? I just wanted to ask it for my mental peace.

Thanks Aidvancouver


Hi there,

See this response to a similar question asked: http://helpline.aidsvancouver.org/question/used-two-condoms-niethier-penetrated-nor-ejaculated-am-worried

For future reference, one condom is better than two. Using more than one condom at once can increase friction and breakage. Remember that HIV is transmitted through UNPROTECTED intercourse.

Take care, Maggie