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Vaginal sex, condom broke for brief period and started Truvada after 26 hours. After 3 days partner is HIV Negative by Ora quick test


Very sad story. Met a girl in strip club, after few days I (44 years old) had a protected sex with that girl. But my condom was broke in middle and my top exposed for 20 seconds - 1 min max. I stop the sex and clean my penis with soap water. Penis is dry and no fluids have been noticed. Local Doctor gave Truvada only (PEP) and other antibacterials drugs as well.

After 5 days, I explained my panic situation. She said, she has a baby 4 months back and she tested HIV while she was pregnant and came negative. I convinced her for Ora Quick test and she took with confident and it came negative.

Here my questions are …
1. Do I need to worry about anything? Or am I out of danger since my partner is HIV negative?
2. This is my 6th day for Truvada. Can I continue Truvada? If yes, do I need to add any other PEP drug?

Please advise me.


Hi there, and thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for your HIV/AIDS related health information. It seems you're concerned about the possibility of HIV transmitting during an encounter. We're happy to answer your question for you.

First off, as it seems you are aware, when the condom breaks during sex the risk is assessed the same as if no condom were worn at all during the encounter. So this is a high risk situation. High risk means that of the transmissions that have occurred, most have occurred during activities such as these. So it's good you were proactive and went to receive medical care. To see the risks of this activity and many other common activities, we encourage you to check out our risk assessment page.

The thing with HIV tests is that they all have what are called "window periods." Window periods mean that for a time after an infection occurs (usually 3 months), tests will not be able to accurately show the status of that positive individual. The tests are not considered accurate during their window periods. This means that while the test your partner took was negative, there is a chance she may in fact be positive. So we'd recommend you continue your PEP regimen as your doctor prescribed it. Truvada is an effective combination antiretroviral PEP drug, so nothing else needs to be added.

If you'd like some more information on proper condom usage, we encourage you to check out one of our favourite resources at SmartSex.

Thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline with your question, we hope it has been answered fully.


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