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Very stupid situation


I had an unprotected sex with a HIV+ girl 3 months ago and i made a stupid decision, I started to take unprescribed HAART med from day 1
Now it’s been 2 months I’m suffering from armpit, neck and groin lymphopathy
Tested negative ELISA and NAAT both out of window periods(day 80-85)
What have I done? Am I gonna die?
I think I would never seroconvert like this since the med is keeping viral load blew detectable line so the immune system won’t produce enough antibodies. The virus is replicating in my lymph nodes and eats up my CD4s continuously
What’s next?



Thank you for your inquiry. Due to the complicated scenario, taking unprescribed HAART medications and testing negative twice on HIV tests, we cannot provide accurate and concise insight to this specific HIV related case.

Recommendation: Please see a physician for more personalized answers.

Regards, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Ashley