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What does <1.00 mean ?


I went to a clinic where my friend works got blood work done for an hiv test acouple days later I got results back that said hiv-1/hiv-2 antibodies reflex confirmation western blot non reactive <1.00 cut off <1.00
I did this test post 35 days (5 week after exposure. Im very scared I didn't ask for a western blot does that mean I had a positive before and they had to confirm it?
Do you think it will change after because it is borderline <1.00 ? Do people usually get less than <1.00 ??


Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

Unfortunately, we cannot interpret the index numbers or other results of an HIV test. It may be true that in Canada the Western Blot test is performed to confirm HIV infection but, the term "nonreactive" usually means that a person has not acquired HIV. At 5 weeks post-exposure, antibody tests (including the Western Blot) can provide results that are very reliable. In the event that you have received inconsistent results until now, further testing may be required. We noticed that you are still approaching the point when test results can be considered conclusive, at 12 weeks post-exposure, and we suggest carrying out an HIV test at that time to confirm and add strength to the results you have received so far. To clarify what the index numbers on your test results mean, we suggest returning to your healthcare provider to discuss your questions.

Alternatively, this website features a live-chat-with-nurse option during certain hours of the week. Perhaps this feature would be helpful to you since, we are volunteers trained with general information here at the A.V. Helpline (not healthcare providers). Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.



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