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What is the life span of the person with HIV ?


The patient after initial HIV infection, viral load was very high. The immune system then responded and lowers the number to a base level.
Now again the immune count is been reduced to 200, wherein doctor has suggested that the patient might require a separate treatment without connecting with the outside world.

what is the life expectancy of the person ? and how harmful is she to live among the common masses?


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Nowadays, we have extremely effective antiretroviral treatments for HIV. When diagnosed quickly and treatment is started as soon as possible, prognosis for HIV+ individuals is very good. Most people are able to bring down their viral load to very low or even undetectable levels when they adhere to their medication. Undetectable levels refers to less than 50 copies of viral RNA per mL of blood. HIV+ individuals who comply to their medication and stick to it consistently end up living normal lives with regular life spans! Sometimes, HIV+ individuals end up being even healthier than their HIV- counterparts, since they're more conscious of their health and take proactive measures such as eating healthy and exercising. Overall, the life span of HIV+ individuals can be the same as anyone else when they take their treatment properly.

Additionally, since treatment reduces the level of the virus in the body and the blood, it greatly decreases how infectious someone is. There is no need for an HIV+ person to ever be quarantined or separated from the world. If anything, the person should just disclose their status to any sexual partner, but other than that, they are free to live a normal life. When someone has a low or undetectable viral load, it's very unlikely that they will transmit the virus to anyone else.

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