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I am a gay guy..
recently I had sex with a guy without knowing his background...

We had oral sex... and his penis was bleeding I didn't notice at first. ..

I got tested at week 7 cmia test
and turn out to be negative...

but iam still worried... and scared



Rest assured that your 7 week test is a really good indication of your status. It is not likely to change if and when you return for following up 3 month testing. Keep in mind that for conclusive results we would suggest you re-test at 3 months or 12 weeks in order for confirmatory results.

Having said that, I know that these situations can cause a great deal of stress for people experiencing them. Its difficult to navigate when there is no much misinformation available. Keep in mind that the blood present on his penis would have been incredibly noticeable if it was the amount needed for transmitting HIV. Taking blood in the mouth poses a low risk for HIV, as does giving oral sex. Your saliva works for you, breaking down outside bacteria and foods. You saliva actually inhibits the HIV virus, making the chances of transmitting during these acts quite low, despite the presence of some blood.

Follow up with a 12 week test, but again, it is not likely to change.

All the best,