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High Risk

symptoms and negative tests

I had a high-risk exposure in which the condom was disrupted in vaginal sex. The girl that I related was at the end of menstruation, I happen to have seen no visible blood on my penis. When I realized that I had broken I took it off and immediately went to wash. After 10 days of the act I began to feel symptoms that until the present date permance. The symptoms were: oral ulcers, rash, pharyngitis, shivering, body aches and pains, lack of appetite, white tongue, fungus on rough nails, peeling of hands and feet. Over the course of three and a half months I've been testing myself with Elisa 4th G and PCR-RNA at 30, 60 and 80 days, all of these negatives. The last test was an Elisa in 15 weeks. Should I still be concerned about HIV, and still have symptoms such as chills and white tongue?


Hi i was drunk at a party, i ended up sleeping with a man and a woman. He used the same condom ont he both of us. And the condom was expired by 2 months. Im very scared and paranoid. Also, after that i found out that she was a Heroin Addict.So What if she was sharing needles???!?!?!?!?.
Im shitting my self badly, im only 19 i dont want to live like this.
I went in for testing (for every std/sti) At 9 weeks. i dont know what test they did. it was at the doctors.
At 9 weeks. i got negative for everything ( Thank god!)
Its been about 8 months since then now. Im so scared to go back and check. but i know i need to do it.
How accurate is it at 9 weeks??? Please help ease my mind. I am so so so scared.
Also, just a random question. Will there EVER be a cure for HIV?
thankyou. please help me. is 9 weeks a good sign?

Tip of Penis - Anal


Thanks for your service, it is great help for all of us that want to know more about safe sex practices.
I am really worried about a sexual intercourse that I had yesterday; and I could not really get an answer to my question or assess if I were exposed to the risk of getting HIV.

I have met with a guy that I do not know, and I wanted to have anal sex with him.
Yesterday, I was a bit tipsy and started pushing my penis on his anus without a condom. I think that I have entered in it a bit, for a very brief moment. To be precise, I did not enter with my full head of the penis, but slightly with the tip. I read only that there is a chance that HIV can pass through the head of the penis if it comes in contact with the anal fluids.

I am worried if I should worry about this intercourse, and if I should take PEP.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Please asses my risk

I had an unprotected vaginal and oral sex while I had a herpes on my lips
Week 3: started to feel pain in my right armpit and left groin
I was so anexious so I started to take black seed daily based on this article please take a look at it
I’m still on this herbal therapy
Week 4-6: had 2 DUO tests as well as one Individual NAAT all came negative
Week 7: some symptoms appeared one after one including fevers chills a sore throat, join pain,malaise, fatigue, nausea and herpes
Week 8-10: severity of symptoms declined and disappeared by end of the week 10 except the fever
I had 3 negative DUO tests weekly
Week 11-13: all the lymph network is painful including armpits, shoulders, arms, chest, belly, groins, neck...
2 suspicious bruises
The fever showed up and disappeared once in a while
I had 3 negative DUO tests as well as another negative individual NAAT

I am writing to you in week 14th and I’m totally fed up with HIV testing
To check other possible risks, I had a complete blood test, all in normal range
I lost my weight during this period 2-3kg and the worst part is the painful lymph network is still there.
Would you please asses my risk of HIV infection?
Thank you

FEAR - Sex with prostitute and the condom broke

i had sex with prostitu.. I used a condom for vaginal sex but it broke,i dont stopped the aft that came to know the condom was broken .. what i do i fear unable to sleep at night thing about the same thing over and over,over .. i unable to speak with other what other do r think about me .. please give suggestion ...

Reactive Point of Care Test Result


I did a HIV test after I found out that my partner slept with someone unprotected 6 months ago. I tested positve for Chamidia and for the HIV it was negative but reactive so I need to get antother test over a month. I'm really scared to have it now. What are the changes that I've got HIV? I'm on a antibiotic for athlete's foot for 3 months. Can this also influence the test to be reactive? Or what can be causes to have a reactive negative outcome?
I'm sleeping now for more than a week badly because of this and am verry scared.

HIV through breastfeeding

Is it possible to pass on the HIV virus from 2 feedings?

Rubbing Penis Against Vagina With Soreness/Irritation

Hi There,

I have looked through the forum and see that very similar questions have been asked before. But, I feel my situation is a little different.

Please provide an HIV risk assessment for the following scenario:

I came home with a woman. She performed oral sex on me without a condom. She was using her teeth a lot for some reason which caused pain. This lasted for less than 10 minutes. The skin was not broken, there was no blood, but the tip and part of the shaft felt sore from the friction/teeth.

There was mutual masturbation, but no penetrative sex.

I was drunk, did not have a full erection, and rubbed the tip of my penis against her vagina for 30 seconds or less.

I masturbated vigorously for another 15-20 minutes to completion.

My main concern is rubbing the penis against the vagina. There was vaginal fluids present. I know this would be considered a low-risk/negligible risk incident, but I feel because she caused irritation with the oral sex, and the vigorous masturbation afterwards, the vaginal fluids that got on my penis from frottage were worked into the penis or I was more susceptible.

What is the risk of HIV in this scenario as described? How much difference does the oral sex and masturbation make?

Thank You

I lost my virginity a month ago.

So about a month ago I lost my virginity to a guy (I'm an 18 year old male) and I had unprotected gay sex with the individual.
Where I had swallowed his semen and he ejaculated in my rectum. The person I did it with was an honest person who I still trust, however I'm no longer together with them.
However I've been worrying, after finding out subjects like that he never used a condom and is okay with freind with benefits relationships.
He woudln't lie to me, he's not that type of person I know that, but I'm still worried...

My overall knowledge about hiv and everything is bad, mainly cause before finding out I was gay I didn't think really care about it much.
Should I still get tested? I've just never done it.
Thank you for your time.

4th Generation test...conclusive results day after exposure?

I had sex with massage lady, in the beginning I was protected, however for somehow the condom removed and I didn't realized, I have asked if she has HIV and she said she did the test 3 months ago and she is negative, I request if she can come with me next day to do the test and she accept, we went and we didn't the test 4th generation combo and she was negative and so I.. do I still need to be worry and do the test again, please advise


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