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High Risk

Am I Ok???

Hi there, Firstly I am thanking you all for you great job.
Exactly 168 days (24 weeks) back I had participated in unprotected sex with a CSW. I am a male. Because of some bronchial problems I took a course of PREDNISONE tabs for 10 days. It happened exactly 80 days after the incident so I used these tablets 80th day to 90th day from the incident. Immediately I went for an HIV antibody test in clinic It was NON-REACTIVE (it was rapid test named Comb-aids kit). But I read in net that PREDNISONE is an Immunosupressive drug and steroid. So I was told that some one here the test was not conclusive for me. And I have taken same test today It was also came back NON-REACTIVE. Then please let me know that Am I OK??? Am I conclusively negative? why I am asking this still I am suffering from the bronchial problems(short of breath) and fungal Infections( seborrheic dermatitis) on face and scalp.
These have any relation with HIV? Can I move on with my life....!


if i unprotected sex with a commercial sex worker they have not HIV positive then i will hiv or not?

rapid test after 7.5 weeks

I had a possible exposure 1 september, after I noticed upon withdrawal a condom was torn on the side just below the penile head.The sperm were still inside and the condom still in position not sure if my penis made contact with the vigina fluids.I took a rapid test where blood was withdrawn with a fingure prick on the25th september, 6 october and 23 october all being negative.However my partner has tested positive on the 25th september.Is my status likely to change with a rapid test negative after 7 weeks.

very scared and worried

I had insertive/top) anal intercourse with a guy I dated for a few weeks.  Although he did provide me with a negative hiv test report I have learned that he may have had other unprotected partners.  It was a one time thing and I ejaculated in his ass.  I am extremely worried and afraid.  While I read a top has a lesser risk I'm very stressed about this.  Please help.  As the top can I breathe a little easier?? 


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