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High Risk

Unprotected anal sex

U guys r doing great job. I had anal sex two times with a man 3 years before and he also ejaculated inside my anus. And that was unprotected after that i had no exposures. After 3 years i got rapid hiv test done 2 times under the guidance of two different doctors. Both were negative. They said i can move on with my life and get married. Is there any chance in future i spread hiv to my wife and my children. Shall i be worried

Sharing my story with readers! Everyone read carefuly!

Hello Vancouver and all good people-readers!

I want to share my story and i hope that everyone will learn something from it.
Rule number one: Never ever sleep with anyone without condom
Rule number two: Never wait too long to test, because fear will destroy you
Rule number 3: Never ever question your negative hiv test result, because your soul will die..

When i was young and stupid, i had many, many unprotected one night stands. I thought that hiv is something that will happen to someone else but not me. After first cycle of unprotected one night stands i took an hiv test and tested negative, then i promise to myself that i will never ever sleep with anyone without protection. Days were pasing by and i was slowly forgeting about my promise to myself and i forgot terible fear of waiting for results. I was stupid again. A had again new cycle of many unprotected sex-and after that again tested negative. I thought that God is good and that he gave me second chance for life. I was thankful. Then i began to be asexual and using apstinence like protection. But after few years, in one warmy summer night i met a guy. We had such atraction that i can not describe with words. We slept together, again and again. After that, i found out that he is married and that i am just one of milion his love afairs. I found out that he has other girl every week or so. I fricked out! Again i started to thinking about hiv and about that how i can be so stupid. OMG, i had two chances and i destroyed them! God will never forgive me again! I was convinced that i have now hiv for sure, but i was afraid to test. Only option for me was to test positive because i was made mistake again. I was living in fear of hiv 4 years. I said to my mom everything that happened to me. She was listening to me. One day i gave blood in lab to check hormonal status. I did not knew but my mom order in lab that they test me for hiv from that blood sample. Few days after, my mom asked: Would you like to someone say to you that you are just negative? - Yes! But that is not possible! - i said. - But you are negative! - she told me. But, since 4 years have been past i could not belive that i am really negative and i started to doubt test, index values in test, i was doubting 3rd generation elisa, thinking that test is not good enough, that i need more than that, maybe ab-ag test or something, i was destroyed. Than i was starting to think that herbal suplement made my test false negative. My mental health gone, gone, gone. Every sign in my routine blood work i was conecting with hiv, low lymphocites, leukocites, immunoglobulins etc. I decidet to took another 3rd generation hiv test and was negative again. I still could not belive in it. One year after i was mentally destroyed, my marriage start to suffer, my friendships too and my familly realtions. Everyone knew that i am negative exept me-myself. I took than ab-ag test and it was negative too, but i starting to doubt that they did not do p24 for me, and that is false negative again, that i am one that is no making antibodies or not making them enough for test detection. My life became nightmare. Now, i am writing to you and still do not know am i negative or am i not. If i can turn back time, i would never have unprotected sex and i would never doubt first test result. Please learn something from this. Do not ruin your life because of hiv. Do not make yourself sad and person with destroyed soul. Please do not. Test once, accept your negative result and move on!


My frnd. make unprotected vaginal sex with a female (about 45yrs of age)who has multisex partner before but now one.i have no any idea she is hiv+or not.my frnd. Push his penis in to the vagina only 30 second and penitrate in to the vagina.no pre cum liquid both his & her .is it create HIV to my frend?he is very worried about it .pls. Pls rply me .

HIV transmission in window period part 2

I need to clarify. The patient was HIV negative that I was stuck by the needle starting an IV. I tested negative at 6 and 12 weeks. Just because the patient was negative doesn't mean the patient was negative because they could have been in the window period. My employee health nurse is having me test again at 6 months because there have been nurses who tested positive after 6 months. So how can my test at 12 weeks be conclusive? The patient was hepatitis c positive and I tested negative for hepatitis C at 6 and 12 weeks. When is a hepatitis c test conclusive?

I just want to make sure I am ok because I don't want to hurt my husband or baby. I want to believe my 12 week negative HIV test but I read things that say I can still test positive at 6 months. Will I test positive at 6 months after patient tested negative for HIV and I tested negative for HIV at 6 and 12 weeks?

Impact of pep on future hiv testing

I have an unfortunate incidents of unprotected vaginal sex, very stupid and irresponsible. For the first incident I took pep and have tested out to 3 months post pep using laboratory combo tests and they are negative. However I may have had another incident during this period where I may have been exposed so 7 weeks post pep. So far I have tested negative at 4,5 and 6 weeks post this exposure during laboratory combo tests. My doctors have not been able to answer if the the pep taken for the first exposure will affect the production of antibodies or p24 antigen. I understand you are not doctors but I am looking to see if you have seen this situation before. I understand the risky situation I have put myself in and am making lifestyle changes currently. Thank you so much for your help.

please help

Hello to all
I wish all of you be in good condition, and this post doesn't disturb you.
I have some qeuestions, and I hope you answer me, I'm very worried and, I have lot of anxiety.
On 8th of December I did an stupid thing, I drunk a lot and, I had sex with a sex worker, during the sex, the condom broken, I think I had sex for five min with a broken condom, When I realized that I changed my condom, and I didn't ejaculate.
Two days after that I had a mild fever. The fever gone by resting. after one week I had a another fever, exactly flu like, so I'm being worried about HIV, I know that I had a high risk action. I went to a doctor and he told me that it is flu, I gave antibiotics, so the fever include sore throat and rainny noise gone after eating pills, but I had a lot of anxiety, I didn't eat and drink well. Whole of the time I was thinking about my family. I had depression because I thought I have HIV. This depression going worst when during 4th week I felt joint pain and muscle pain, and had red spot on my mouth and my skin, so I decided to take a test. I took test lately than 4 weeks because I had fear to taking test. On 38 days after exposure, I took test, the result of the test was negative. The test was ab/ag 4th generation. But 2 or 3 days after test I had itchy rash in my lower back and my chest, that gone in 2 days, during this two days until now I have mild muscle ache and muscle cramp, and joint pain. These pain coming suddenly and, being worst when I think about HIV , yesterday I realized that my hand skin was so dry. My questions are:
How many percent do you think that result will be changed after 3 months?
Are my symptoms related to HIV or they are related to anxiety? Because the pains (on joint, muscle, and bones) will be appeared suddenly during the day and will go as well.(more specifically how is the pain in muscle, joint, and, bones in seroconversion)
Thanks a lot

A question and mind ease for everyone visiting trough my expiriance

I have sent few questions to Aidsvancouver in past few months. First of all i would like to thank these wonderful people working in this organization and helping world wide. Your job is truly something i envy, you give so much to people who need help and i hope God will return to you and your families twice as much.

Let me start this way. I go under high risk category as it was unprotected vaginal sex with a woman of unknown health status thus making my fear legit.I have decided to do some tests in my country.

2 months ECLIA method ( blood drawn from vein) negative
2.5 months 4th gen rapid test at local "Counseling for anonymous and volunteer testing" negative
82 days "Counseling for anonymous and volunteer testing" negative
152 days "Counseling for anonymous and volunteer testing" negative
6 months 23 days ECLIA method ( blood drawn from vein) negative

I have asked these wonderful people and sent a question every time after i did a test, and they assured me that i was negative, also my counselors told me i was negative too. Logically i should have stop after 3 months. But no, when fear, anxiety and panic kicks in i have developed all the so called symptoms of HIV. Its unbelievable how our mind can play tricks on us. I have had diarrhea, fevers, sensation of swollen liver, sensation of swollen armpit lymph nodes, headaches, weight loss, night sweats, tonsil infections, sore throat... But it was obvious all the time that was not related to HIV, i see it now... And please let me explain all of them by saying that when our mind cant release that much pressure and let it go, then the body goes in to help...

Diarrhea from anxiety, swollen liver sensation was actually rib muscles from bad sitting position at pc, when you touch arm pit nodes you actually make them swell by iritating them with strong applied pressure, headaches from sinusitis, weight loss from anxiety, night sweats from summer temperatures, tonsil infections because i work with kids and they bring various germs, sore throat because of sinus post nasal drip...

I will give you another example of how symptoms of common illness is misinterpreted easilly. If you spend a lot of time at computer playing video games, and you are smoker with sinusitis, neck pain from bad posture, together with headache from sinusitis and lung pain from smoking can mimic Angina pectoris symptoms.

I beg you guys sending questions try to get rid of irrational fears, try to think rational. These people answering our questions are trained and informed from top specialists in these fields. For example my country accepts results as conclusive after 2 months. They have told me that 4th gen rapid tests are so sensitive that if you had been infected it would almost instantly show up on test. Those tests are 99.98 percent accurate. Try to learn something from my experience. At my country i was told this... RISK by levels...
1. Anal sex
2. Vaginal sex
3. Oral sex - theoreticaly

If you don`t go into these 3 risk levels you are highly likely to be ok... Even if you go into some of these risk levels no one guarantee you that you will even contract it, its harder to get it than you think.

I hope i did not bore with this letter i am sending, i will ask one last question and wish all of you best of luck. Considering that i have done 5 tests after 2, 2.5, 3, 5, and almost 7 months after high risk contact is this definite definite that i am HIV negative....

ag/ab combo eclia test


First of all thanks for this amazing site. Second, I am sorry for my english, I am from Europe.

In 2009 when I was young and stupid (19 years old) I have had unprotected anal and oral sex, in which I was bottom, and since then until 2012, I had two more unprotected anal sex (2min maximum inside me, without ejaculation) and several unprotected oral sex, in which again I was bottom. Last unprotected oral sex was in 20th september 2012, and last anal was in the end of 2011 or start of 2012. Then, in february 2013 I took test, in one private clinic here in Europe, and it was ag/ab combo ECLIA test. After few hours, around 5 hours I ve got result that I am negative. I guess I was more then lucky. After that, until now I have just protected oral sex. No anal. So, my question is, can I be sure that I am negative? Test is accurated? There is no chance that after six months of possible exposure with oral sex, or after few years of possible expousure with anal sex test can show false negative, or false positive? Thanks you so much

is there need to test again?

sorry........have asked dz question b4, but didnt received any answer..my gal frnd tested pos to hiv earlir this mnth..though, she wasnt aware she was pos until earli this month.. the problm is that, we have sevaral unprotected sex together....at exactlysix weeks after our last sexual , i got tested and it was neg.....again, i did another test at nineth week, whc was also neg.....shouud i test again at twelveth week?

ECLIA After 3 weeks

Hi, by January of this year I was diagnosed with Syphilis, and since then have been testing regularly every three months for both HIV and Syphilis ( last syphilis test :1 dils ) , each time obtaining a negative result, but three weeks ago I had a very high risk sexual encounter with a bisexual guy, the next day I developed painful ulcers in my inner thighs and swollen lymph nodes on my neck and inguinal region, I got a penicillin shot thinking that it might just be a syphilis re-infection, ulcers disappeared and next day I had protected sex with a different guy, two condoms broke but where immediately replaced, next day the ulcers returned, combined with more lymph nodes and a mild sore throat, and a general "unwell" feeling, 4 days later I developed a high fever and chills that lasted almost 24 hours, I got tested that same day with a negative outcome. Couple days after a mild nausea developed, sore throat, chills, low grade fever and a generalized "unwell" feeling , but one day I was feeling "perfectly fine" , next day I was feeling awful. almost 3 weeks after the exposure I developed a 1 day diarrhea, and abdominal pain, on going headache and dizziness . I got tested once again, the methods was ECLIA and came back negative. I am planning on re-testing at 4 weeks probably by ELISA and do it again at 6 or 7 weeks depending on my 4th week result of course....any advice? I am really worried, nervous, anxious, but I just want to know if I am infected or not!!


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