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High Risk

Transmission Risk!?

I had unprotected hetero sex ( I am 27 - low risk female) with a 26 male (also low-ris, i.e no drug use, etc). the precum was gone before he went inside me, he did not ejaculate.

I am wondering about the prevalence? I am not known to be HIV but I am unsure about him - pretty sure he is not in a risk category. Just wondering.

Acute Hepatitis C diagnosed after sex, ELISA HIV antibody test negative after 100 days

I had protected sex with a csw.

My CBC and LFT were normal 25 days after exposure. I also performed cunnilingus on the female.
They were significantly elevated 50 days after exposure. So I tested for HCV. It was positive. Subsequent viral load test was 4 millions for HCV.

I tested for HIV at 100 days after exposure with a 2nd generation test. It was negative.

Do I need to test for HIV again?

hiv pcr rna after 23 days of hiv exposure

I have unprotected sex with a female sex worker in pakistan. After 23 days my doctor advised me to have pcr rna test which came back negative.and my doctor says its 100% reliable and conclusive amd no further testing is required. But from some days i m feeling body iches and from yeaterday feeling groin area pain. Can u plz advise the pcr accuracy and do i need further test. It been 7 weeks now.

4th gen test....symptoms

After a possible exposure to hiv (unprotected vaginal) with a female of unknown status I have had a negative combo test on the 13th day and the 26th day post exposure. Since about 4 weeks post exposure my eyes have been twiching, I had low grade fever, sweats, and a touch of a sore throat at 7 Weeks post exposure, and now it seems as if my feet have a numbness to them. The fever, sweats and sore throat lasted 2 days, the eye twiching is still here and the numbness of the feet come and go. I am 52 days post exposure. So here are my questions:

1. Is peripheral neuropathy a sign of hiv infection (I have been reading it is)
2. My fever, sweats and throat started at 7 weeks...is it too late for ars symptoms to appear.
3. Are my combo tests reliable at the time I tested.


will i turn positive later....

my girl friend tested hiv positive....we have had so many unprotected sex together...i tested at exactly six weeks nd 3 day, a rapid test nd i tested negative...so scared that if i test again, it might change......am so scared....please!! Will it turn positive

posibility of status changing

i had unprotected sex with a girl that is hiv positive, i didnt know..... 45 days after my last sex with her, i did a rapid test and tested negative..........me so scared that if i go for another test, i will test positive.....please tell me the posibility of my result changing after another 45days......i have not have any sign of seroconversion.....please tell me!!! So! So! Worried

5 week(Insti rapid test + pool naat test early test) + 7 week (pool early test) all negative

Hello, Thanks for answering my concern
I had unprotected vaginal sex with a girl who she claimed she is hiv negative, I asked her like four times, but she said she only slept with no more than 6 guys and she is healthy, and got mad at me. I know its sensitive topic but I think she is not hiv positive but deep down still scared silly. I went for testing at 5 week mark after exposure, went to HIM(health initiative for men) and I tested non-reactive negative for Rapid Insti Test as well as NAAT pooled RNA early test says negative no virus detected, and also urine test also negative, and at 7 week mark i went to HIM again, I did only NAAT RNA Early test at 7 week mark, and the nurse at HIM told me the tests i did at 5 week mark is conclusive? because i took antibody test and early test. does that mean im free or should i get tested at 12 week for antibody test? Is it going to change to positive at 12 week? I am worried. plz help..Thanks ;)

I'm de**... my parents will d..

I know i made the biggest mistake of my life! but... is there any hope... im so afraid to go for test again... i told you about my condition 2 days back... a got tested after 4 weeks... came back negative... its my sixth week... now i'm having night seats like never before... and i searched the net... among the sti's its only hiv which causes night sweats... i never had it like this before i had this shameful act... not in a single moment i thought of my parents what will happen to them after they discover i'm sick... im the only child they have... and i love them more than anything in the world... how would i tell them that i'm infected... i live in india and we are very orthodox society... how will they tack it... i'm planing to suicide but.. but i dont want my parents to find my body like that... .. i always wanted to make them pround... i failed!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... is their any hope........ cam someone help!!!!!!!!!!!

This was my question to you few days back!

My erection always dies out whenever i put on condom... It was a sex worker... first she gave me a hard and rash blowjob... i tried to do it with condom but i failed three times... out of frustration, i got on top of her without condom and rubbed my penis on to her vagina for at least 10 minutes... then suddenly i realized that my penis got into her... the moment i realized that i pulled it out... you can say it stayed inside her for at least 2-3 second... ...4-5 days after that encounter i spotted red spots on tip of my penis... i was getting worse every day... i went to a doctor... he diagnosed it as candidiasis(yeast infection)... and also suggested me to take HIV test after 4 weeks from the encounter and repeat it after 12 weeks... my candidiasis got OK after few days and i took 4 week hiv test it came back negative... but im still worried about my next test... suppose that sex worker has HIV what are the chances that my next test will come negative... and when should i take it again... now its my 5th week after the exposure... please help!!

Reliability of Test after Extremely High Risk

Hello. Thank you for providing assistance to people around the world.

I am searching for consensous about the reliability of test results after extremely high risk. My partner tested postive for HIV more than 3 months ago. We had had unprotected anal sex for 4 years. Miraculously I have tested NEGATIVE 5 times on a Roche HIV Combi PT test 4th Generation Combo, all tests done at the same lab on the same Roche test kit. 1st test 5 days post last exposure, negative. 2nd test 25 days post last exposure, negative. 3rd test 41 days post last exposure, negative. 4th test 66 days post last exposure. Final 5th test at 89 days, 12 weeks 5 days to comply with requirements for conclusive results, NEGATIVE.

My question is, given my extremely high risk and pretest probability to be infected, can I really truely believe these test results.

Do I need to test at a different lab on a different test kit to make sure.

Or can I really truely believe I am HIV negative after this.



Dear sir,
I was unprotected sex with my hiv positive wife on 7 jan 2013.I do not have any idea about she is iffected another any disease.i have test hiv antibody after 3 and 6 months.test result is non reactive or negative.after i know her status on 8 jan 2013 i have some problem like tounge withesh,white bubbles inside cheeks,also i have diagnosis fatty liver on 2 june 2013 and now my ldh ldl are control.i am not sure about my hiv negative result.i have tested dna pcr on 24 feb 2013 and result non reactive.i ask you sir which tests i do?can my hiv result false?which condition can hiv test false result? Have i any std disease?can fatty liver indicate hepatitise A or B or C.i have test also hepatitise B and C and result is negativ.plz answer


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