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High Risk

condom broke

had sex with a sex worker which is hiv negative and the condom accidentally broke and i ejaculated inside her .
experienced flu like symptoms and and many associated symptoms like headache, lightheadedness and nightsweat

tested using rapid hiv test 5 months and it show negative
do i still need to check up ?

CMIA Test -ve but still worried, please help!

Hi Doctor, I had sex with an unknown person on 10 Dec 2015, During sex, condom broke and I might have exposed my penis to a high risk. I have got myself checked four times and the results are as below
CMIA: 9 Jan (after 29 days)- 0.29
Elisa 3rg gen 12 Feb (after about 60 days) - Negative
CMIA: 24 Feb (after 76 days) - 0.21
CMIA: 15 Mar (after 95 days) - 0.1

I have not had any risk exposure (stayed away from sex) since 12 Dec. Should I still be worried?

Please help me, i'm having hypochondria...

hi my name is XXXXX, i'm single, 24 year old straight guy...i had vaginal sex with a prostitute woman (April 1, 2016)...it's my first time to try a hooker, I used a condom, but i don't feel anything, what i do is, I took off my condom to satisfy my pleasure...and yes i know, it's possible for me to have an HIV from that woman, what i'm going to ask is how many PERCENT i would get HIV?...because it bothers me a lot, i can't focus on my activities every single time, i feel paranoid on this, please help me....by the way i'm from the Philippines...

Oraquick oral swab help

Here's what happen on 8/21/15 I had sex with a guy. There was a few seconds (like 5 seconds) at the beginning that he did not have a condom on after that he put a condom on. when he go close to finishing he pulled out and finished in the condom. I was not sure of his HIV status and so I was worried and when to a place where they do HIV testing using the Oraquick advance HIV-1/2 oral swab i got tested on 3/8/16 just a little over 6 mouths after the encounter the test was negative. I'm still worried the test may have been wrong. I have not done anything with any one sins then.
1. Also should I get retested?
2. should I be worried it was wrong?
3. im not doing anything with anyone would I have symptom of it now?

High Risk, symptoms but HIV neg at 5.5 weeks


Over seven weeks ago, I had a high risk (broken condom/anal sex) with a HIV + person, since then I have experienced a myryad of symptoms until today, however I have tested negative in three occasions, at three weeks (Rapid test), four weeks ( P24 antigen test) and almost six weeks (5.5 weeks) ELISA HIV 1/HIV2. I know my tests are not considered to be conclusive , but are they a good indication? I am not a IV drug user, nor a chemo/cancer patient.

Please, some peace of mind

I am a 22 years-old MSM. Until now, I've had 10 sexual encounters. Only one of them led to anal intercourse, with me being the unprotected receptive man with a guy of unknown status. After that time, I had two more encounters (receptive oral sex without ejaculation). The last one of these encounters took place almost two months after my first anal experience.
Then I lost my mind and the testing frenzy took place for the first time. 16 days after my last exposure, I got a RNA HIV-1 test form LarbCorp: NEGATIVE. That same day, I took an Oraquick which turned out to be negative. A very faint line appeared on the T zone after about one week of taking the test (I kept it as a "souvenir"). 5 weeks after my last exposure (that is, more than 3 months after my high-risk exposure) I took a blood test (it was an immunochromatography for antibodies like OraQuick but with blood). The first test I took that time developed a red linear faint spot perpendicular to the C line, on the T zone. I took another test then since the first one seemed to be defectuous, and the result was negative.
I know that I have got 3 -ve results so far. The RNA test is usually nor recommended for diagnostics although LapCorp claims that its test is FDA-approved. The Oraquick test was taken during the window period, although it had already been about two months after my high-risk exposure. The blood test I took with proper timing was negative, but I still have the image of the defective test on my mind.
I am planning to get psychological support, but I feel that I need to be sure of my status before doing so. What do you think taking into account your experiences? what about the timing and the incidents I had? Should I get re-tested? Which test should I get? Anything that you tell me would be very appreciated...I am seriously losing my mind about this situation. I feel like I haven't found peace of mind after so many attempts...

Using new needle with old barrel

One of my family doctor using new needle for every patient but barrel same for very patient for intramuscular injection what are the chances of getting hiv?pls reply


i just kissed on prostitutes lips and l licked just once near head of pussy and i inserted my pennis and removed immeditely, i not inserted completely my pennis , my head of pennis inserted and removed immeditely i not even penetrated while i inserted my pennis in pussy and prostitute done hand job to me with this activites i get hiv

Symptoms of HIV?

I had sex with a girl, who claimed to be clean, we used a condom but it slipped off. I came into her. There was also a bit of oral sex (both giving and receiving). I had fever (about 39° Celsius) and a throat infection 3 days after the event ( This was Friday night/Saturday morning and the symptoms appeared Monday afternoon).
The symptoms yielded after antibiotic treatment.
However i am now experiencing oral thrush and scalloped tongue, it´s been almost 4 weeks since the risk situation.
I know that the only way to be sure is to test, but how probable is it that i am experiencing Acute HIV symptoms?
Is it probable (I know it is possible) to have gotten HIV from a one time encounter, considering i was not exposed throughout the whole ordeal?

Thank you

My Anxiety Makes Me Think I Have HIV

Good afternoon,

On March 17th and April 10th I had unprotected sex. One morning I woke up and thought, "Oh shit, what if I have contracted an STD. Well I got tested for STDs/HIV and the tests came back negative. The nurse said I should get retested in 6 months to a year just to make sure. Well, I also have anxiety. I keep having what I believe to by symptoms but I have a big feeling that it is just my anxiety telling me I have it. My throat has been sore (not bad, just annoying) for like two days and I have been tired (I am a college student, I am always tired). I keep checking my neck for swollen lymph nodes because I am sure that they will become swollen at any moment. Sometimes when I get out of a hot shower I have a heat rash on my chest and arms (which goes away within 1/2 an hour) and I am certain it is HIV. My mind keeps racing with the thought that I have HIV and I don't know what to do. I know the symptoms for HIV but I am not sure how severe they have to be until I become concerned. How sore does my throat have to be? What kind of rash do I need to look for? How long should I wait to get retested (if I wait 6 months I will go insane)?

Thank You


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