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High Risk

hey again

my ex boyfriend , i do not really know his status of hiv. he told me he was hiv negative and said he could show me the doc report but i never saw it cos i never asked him to give it to me . we stayed together for 3 months and all this time we had unprotected sex , only vaginal i am female ..after we broke up , my decision , i started to think about all his previous life . he told me he took drugs before , heroine . he also told me he used to have some girlfriends who were prostitutes . he told me that they always use condoms the girls but he never did with them cos they were his " girlfriends" a piece of sh.t man however . i tested 10 times with 4th generation tests and all the 10 times it came negative . last exposure was on 13/6/15 i tested negative on my last test 28/2/16 almost 9 months . i am still having stress about this , anxiety and i feel my lymph nodes hurting me but i know is due to stress . now what can i do ? i am hiv negative ok but i need some consuelors to talk to , to make me sure that i didnt got hiv with all the tests showing negative , i need my life back fear cant keep me here forever ,,,,,

HIV transmission???

I am usually so healthy, and never get sick. But after having about 3 min of unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a female I know, I began experiencing foreign symptoms. Afterwards, she claimed that she never uses condoms after intercourse. I was floored, and I could not believe it. The sex was unwanted on my part, and I did not ejaculate in her.

Week 1: Swollen Salivary Gland, Minor sore throat, headache, fatigue.
• Tested Negative – Blood draw antibody test at 10 days. (Weight 188)

Week 2: Headache- Stopped after 2 days.

Week 3: Lesions on both sides of tong. Stopped after 4 weeks.

Week 4: Burning during urination, slow stream, liquid discharge, burning/itching anus, poor appetite, nausea, and stomach/groin pain. Stopped after 13 days. (Weight 178)- Drugs Prescribed – Z-pack (Anti-biotic) for 10 days. Then- SNZ-TMP (Anti-Biotic).

Week 5 and 6: Post nasal drip, swollen lymph nodes in neck, swollen adenoid on right side of neck, Itchy around neck and head, groin pain, appear to have Geographical tong, white yeast on tong. Spot on forehead. (Weight 174)
• Tested Negative- Antibody test at 6 Weeks. (Weight 173)

Week 7: Swollen lymph nodes, migraines, shoulder and upper back tension, pain under jaw, swollen tong, ear pressure, white yeast on tong, several lesions on top of tong, and pressure on top of head and back of head, Itchy on neck and head. Stopped after 10 days. (Weight 175)

Week 8: Dull pain in chest that grew into severe pain with 2 weeks’ time, tender lymph nodes, pressure behind ears and jaw line. Coughed up blood. Itchy on neck. Drug Prescribed- Diclosenac (Anti-inflammatory) (Weight 177)

Week 9: Dull pain in arm pits and is gradually getting worse, and shoulder joints in upper back, bottom of chest. Still have swollen adenoid on right side of neck. Lymph nodes in neck are still tender, Ulcer appeared on the middle- inside of lip and no medicine is healing it. (Weight is 179)

Am I at risk? I am very concerned with my condition, doesnt feel right.

hiv antibodies test after 13 weeks negative . high risk


I had 4 unprotected sex since 13 weeks with 2 unknown hiv status girls.
I had some of hiv signs .
I did 2 hiv antibodies test , the first one was after 9 weeks and negative then did another one after 13 weeks and negative too

is that enough or i need to do again ???

what is the rare cases that make antibodies need more 3 moths to appear ?

thank you so much

please assess my risk, should i relax now?


i am extremely worried and depressed for the past 2 months over a mistake i made. i had a high risk exposure with a CSW. i was under influence of heavy alcohol and had a brief 30 second unprotected vaginal sex with a CSW. she sucked my nipples and later i wore a condom and I had protected vaginal and oral sex. I just went to sleep as i was so drunk and when I woke up the CSW was gone with my purse and belongings. Later when i tried to call she never picked up. I recall everything and dats y i remember penetrating her for about 15-30 seconds without condom. I also remember she gave me unprotected handjob.This incident happened on april 7. I got a mouth ulcer on may 2 which subsided on may 5 after I used orasore. then again last week i had 2 small mouth ulcers which disappeared in a day after I used orasore and also very mild diarrhea which lasted 3 days. no fever nothing. as i got very scared about hiv i decided to test. I did not know anything about PEP dats y i could not start in within 3 days of exposure.please refer below for my testing details:-

please refer to my test results below:-
risk date- april 7,2016

hiv-1 rna QUANTITATIVE pcr on april 18- negative, target not detected (10 days after exposure)

hiv 1/2 & p24 antigen combo test(CMIA) on may 6- index value- 0.07 negative(28 days after exposure)

hiv-2 pcr detection on may 14- negative,target not detected(37 days after exposure)

hiv 1/2 & p24 antigen combo test(CMIA) on may 21- index value- 0.11 target not detected(44 days after exposure)

hiv-1 rna QUALITATIVE PCR on may 23- negative, target not detected(46 days after exposure)

hiv 1/2 & p24 antigen combo test(CMIA) on june 2- index value- 0.07 target not detected(56 days after exposure)

the hiv specialist doctor I have been consulting online has said that my results r conclusive and i dont need to worry now and no need for further testing. should i test on june 30 which is 84 days or my results r conclusive now?

assessment of risk


I went to strip club recently and stripper opened up my penis and inserted into her vagina. how ever I did not feel penetration as I did not feel it went into vagina fully( may be she tricked me because I was drunk) she danced like that about 1-2 minutes and I did not feel vaginal fluids at all after I started masturbating and ejaculated outside. It was not like a proper sex with penetration as I did not feel a thing. How ever I took PEP for 28 days with just Truvada. So my questions are ,

1. What are the chances of risk without PEP and with PEP?
2. How effective is Truvada alone for PEP?
3. How soon I can test since I am done with PEP to get conclusive early as possible?
4. Chances of getting HIV even if penis goes half the way into vagina?

Please help as I am extremely worried.

testing adequate?

Hello! I was tested at 6 weeks by my doctor (blood test) and I did an at home (Oraquick) test one year and two months later. Both were negative. I have had some quirky health issues in the meantime, and I just can't help but think of HIV possibility. What brought me to be tested was a short-lived relationship with a deceptive person who was had many sex partners. We had sex six times, most was protected. However, the condom slipped off once and once nothing was used.
Thank you for your guidance.

HIV transmission during a threesome

last night i had sex with two guys without protection, we three of them are not infected and i take both sperms in my pussy. Now i am really worried now

hiv information

I did unprotected vaginal intercourse with young 20 year prostitute on 19/02/16 . After 93 days I checked for hiv and all became negative . Now 12 weeks complete I am very worried about my hiv status I have no courage for test know what will I do if it is positive??
Please guide me is there any chance hiv for me? This was my first sex of my life .

I Checked the 4th Gen. Test
( Hiv-1,Hiv-2 ,P24 )

All negative after 93 days

& Tell me please.,
How many days after the person is 100% safe ?


hello there I just make unprotected sex day before yesterday and how to know if I am infected and what to do before it spreads?

and also this morning I am not comfortable inside my stomach.

please advise..

Unprotected insertive anal sex?

I had spontaneous insertive anal sex with a man today, I did not know him and I did not get any contact details. We used a condom at first, as I always make sure to carry one around with me in my bag just in case, but it snapped about half-way through, so I threw it away and we kept going for another few minutes. Once we finished I urinated about 20 minutes later as well as cleaning myself up with some water and then drying myself to make sure I was clean.

I'm uncircumcised, how likely is it that I would have gotten HIV from this, and what should I do?


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