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High Risk

oral with chapped lips

hello I have been scared for a while now but me and my girlfriend had sex but we did oral as well i went to her first, however i have chapped/split lips, I did go deep and my tongue was inside, i am worried she might be prone to get something, please can you help us, we are both scared.

i am not prone to getting cold sores and neither is she just split/ chapped lips

i am worried i may have give her something STD/STI/HIV

please i need your help!!

thank you

Antibody test after 21 week is conclusive

I had unprotected sex with my neighbour and tested for HIV antibody test at 35th day ,73 rd day ,113th day and 147th day .All were negative.but I have skin rashes on my back. I am from india.The test which i taken is HIV 1&2 ELISA. I think this is standard elisa test. Please guide me .Am scared.

having on protected sex during pep but tested negative

i had sex with out condom with a female friend,after the sex the told me she had on protected sex with someone else 2 days ago so she went to the doctor to get tested but she was negative but was given pep ....i want to know if it's is possible i am infected with anything .
kindly respond to me asap so i can know what next

hiv in erotic massage

Hello . few months ago I went to a strip club in Prague . I recieved a erotic massage . I was naked , in the beginging she used some massage oil and started doing blowjob , then later she sat down on me and touche my penis with her vagina , and I think my penis went vinto her vagina for few times , the she did againg blowjob and did the same again. I didnt ejaculate . and I am not sure if she used a condom . I am very worried . Can I get hiv from this ? Please help me

still worried

hi,first i want to say thank you for answering my question last march,,but i have some worry regarding about the symptom that i felt,, last march, 15 moths after unprotected sex to a women, i went to oral hiv test the result is negative,but that time i`m wearing my false teeth covering my gums up and down, so after two weeks i went again for finger prick hiv test. the result is negative, but before the test done i have a slight fever for almost two weeks and the fever come back again after two week lasted for one week and this month had a rashes ( itchy ) on my hips and some of on my neck but not so many. also itchy.,my question are, is there a possibility of false negative of my test? or i considered the last test is conclusive..thank you,,

am very anixety

i had sex with sex workers two time one is on November and other on January 17 on both times there was a breakage first one continued nearly 3 to 5 min and second one 3 min then i stopped on 19th Jan i noted a small red dots on my head of pennis and on evening two more on 19 i taken 4th generation elisa which was negative and 22 jan p24 antigen on 25th i went to skin clinic they gave me a cream within two days all the thing in pennis has cleared and from 19th jan i was fatigue and light pains in joints in skin clinic they advised me for diabetes test and after 6 weeks from jan 17 i taken 4th generation elisa it is also negative and on 12th week result also 4th generation elisa that too negative is that accurate result

had sex yesterday

i have sex lesser than 24 hours ago , she had gave me oral and we had sex for like 3 mins but i didn't cum in her but your pussy was every wet , and her juicys where on my penis .i have a feels i might gotting aids

Clearview Complete Test at 15 weeks

Recently I have been extremely concerned about my HIV testing, especially since I have/am experiencing a few symptoms. I am a nineteen year old female and my possible exposure was on November 1st of 2015 with a male through vaginal intercourse. I unfortunately did not know his status. While were were having sex, at some point the condom broke. I do not remember the details, (I was somewhat intoxicated and this was quite a while ago) but I fear that he did not realize the condom had broken until after he had finished. I then performed oral sex on him (I know that is low risk but I am just trying to be as specific as I can be). I then saw him about a week and a half later on Nov. 11 and we had protected sex and I performed oral again (unprotected). After this (2 weeks) I went to the Women's Clinic at my university and tested negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea. At this point I was not experiencing any symptoms of ARS (at least I don't remember any). A little less than two months later I got a deep cough and sore throat after a late night out in the cold. The sore throat went away in a day but the cough has been on and off ever since, sometimes with phlegm, sometimes without. I then started to think about HIV. At 81 days after the unprotected sex and about 10 weeks after the protected, I tested negative with an Oraquick Home Rapid Test. I might add that I was extremely careful with following the instructions. This test provided me with some relief, but a couple of weeks later (13 weeks past possible exposure) I got a cold. The cough was worse and with congestion in my head/nose and a sore throat. The doctor said my lymph nodes in my neck were a bit swollen but not too bad, no fever or anything. She have me some cold medicine and it cleared up in a week, but the cough still lingers on and off today. Because of the cold, I decided to test again with Oraquick (seeing that the first test was not past 12 weeks since exposure). At exactly 14 weeks since the most recent possible exposure (the protected sex and unprotected oral on Nov. 11th) I tested negative with Oraquick. Being me, I was still extremely freaked out as I dwelled on the experiences and scheduled a test at my clinic. On February 23rd (16+ weeks post the high risk unprotected sex and 15 weeks since the lower oral risk) I was tested with a Clearview Complete rapid antibody HIV 1/2 Test, which I think is a 2nd Gen. test. The result came back nonreactive. Despite these few tests I cannot shake the idea that I could be HIV positive, especially since I am still experiencing the cough with a few other symptoms like occasional headaches, congestion and some mild joint pain. I have been to the doctor several times since and she has told me not to worry too much, seeing that it is most likely due to allergies and the weather here, but nothing really seems to work. I have even expressed my fear of HIV to her. My main fear is that I have/am seroconverting late so my tests would not have picked up antibodies. I know that some say the window period is 3 months, but I have also read i that you cannot be sure you are negative until after a 6 month test, especially after you had a high risk event like mine, or if your "medical history is incompatible with the tests". I really do not understand that last statement, does it mean that since I still have symptoms I should test again? I'll add that I have not had any health issues in the past so I really do not know why I would be a late seroconverter, nor am I on any serious meds. Since the experiences I have not engaged in any high risk actives, out of fear that I will infect someone I care about. Also, I really do not know much about the Clearview Complete test, just that it is only a second gen. test. Which makes me worry if it is as updated/popular/recommend as other tests. I am getting a 6 month test (Clearview) on Tuesday, but am terrified! Is there a large likelihood that I will be positive? Are these rapid antibody tests that I have been taking any less reliable then a blood test? Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my worries, it is extremely appreciated!

What is the possibility of the Oraquick advance HIV-1/2 oral swab being wrong?

Here's what happen on 8/21/15 I had sex with a guy. There was a few seconds (like 5 seconds) at the beginning that he did not have a condom on after that he put a condom on. when he go close to finishing he pulled out and finished in the condom. I was not sure of his HIV status and so I was worried and when to a place where they do HIV testing using the Oraquick advance HIV-1/2 oral swab i got tested on 3/8/16 just a little over 6 mouths after the encounter the test was negative. I'm still worried the test may have been wrong. I have not done anything with any one sins then.
1.Also should I get retested?
2.Do I need to be worried about symptoms now?
3.What was my risk?
4.Is there a chance the test was wrong?

condom broke

had sex with a sex worker which is hiv negative and the condom accidentally broke and i ejaculated inside her .
experienced flu like symptoms and and many associated symptoms like headache, lightheadedness and nightsweat

tested using rapid hiv test 5 months and it show negative
do i still need to check up ?


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