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Low Risk

Worried dad


Thanks for your great work continuously!
Recently we went out with my friend and he was holding my baby daughter's hand while walking. Suddenly he found that he got a cut of around 1cm on his finger and it was gushing some blood. He didn't know how he got cut as it was not painful. Seconds later we found that our baby daughter's hand got some of the blood on it as he was holding her hand. We checked and we didn't see any big cuts or wound on baby's hand. However while we were looking for wet tissue to clean her little hand she sucked her finger and not sure if she got in touch with the blood into her mouth.

Can HIV be transmitted this way, like touching some blood or possibly into the mouth?

Any testing needed?

Thanks for your answer!

Placed my hand in a sharps bin full of HIV+ bloody pipette tips


I am extremely worried about my problem to the stage that I can barley leave the house. Three weeks ago I placed my hand into a sharps bin containing pipette tips full of blood from HIV patients. I was wearing a medical glove and I did not feel anything puncture my skin however I am very anxious. What is my chance of HIV transmission???


i had a complete protected sex( but the sex worker licked the inner side of the condom before wearing it on me) and after one month i took test for sti's like hiv, chlamydia, gonnorea and syphilis and all came as negative and now its my third month and my friends took me to nude strip club and a girl was seducing me to come for lap dance and she started rubbing her breast on my face and she took my face close to her genital. there can be a possibility to touch her genital. so will i be infected by any sti's .should i go for any tests again. if i have already had an sti like herpes( no blisters so far) is there a possibility for me to get infected by hiv.. please reply me as soon as possible.
is there any tests for herpes if there are no blisters. is test for syphilis after one month is considered to be final.. should i take test for warts and hepatitis. please im panicking.

Could I have contracted HIV - Desperate for answers

Hi Guys,

I am a male of 28 years.

I am afraid I have been extremely foolish and I am now very worried that i have contracted HIV. Basically, just over 4 weeks ago I had an encounter with a sex worker. ( very stupid i know ) I received unprotected oral sex and protected sex. Within 10 hours i developed a tingling penis and over the following days sore testicles. 3 days had passed and i had a STD check and hiv check at my local clinic and they all came back negative, however, my doctor prescribed me with cefuroxime for peace of mind and to be on the safe side. I completed the course and within a few days the testicular pain had gone, although i was advised to have another test a week later, I did this 9-10 days after my encounter, i was again tested for STDs and HIV (blood sample) and the test results were again negative. However in the last 6 days (since i last had intercourse) my sore testicles have returned and i have had constant headaches all day, leterally from about an hour of waking up to when i fall asleep. I must say i feel somewhat down and slightly fatigued and occasionally nauseous, I also have joint pain, although i have always suffered from this, headaches on the other hand i rarely get.my groin also is rather tender and i have these shooting warm pains there too. I also have some occasional tingling in my hand. I have read many conflicting reports online about the possibility of geting hiv via oral sex and i would like some clarification. I am worried and i have been unable to concentrate due to the worry, i am concerned for my family and feel as though i have let everybody down including myslef! now each and every pain or niggle or even tingle and itch is leading me to worry further. I guess i would like to know the likelyhood of me contracting hiv in this manner and if i should have further tests, should i leave it until the 6 week period has passed and have another test? Could it be possible i have caught something else, i am desperate for answers as i think i am driving myslef mad, my doctor is great but unfortunetly he is not trained specifically in this subject. Please please help, i am such a fool for doing this, i realise it all my fault but i need some help as am so scared right now. Do the symptoms i have described sound similar to you especially the headaches. I appreciate you are busy and have many people to respond to, but i really would love a response. I am sorry to be a pain and sorry for any bad spelling as i am wrting this in a panic as i have extreme anxiety over this. Thank you kindly in advance for any response. Much love to all!

Cunninlingus+ canker sore+ burnt tongue

I performed masturbation and light oral on a woman (licked clitoris and lips - I didn't penetrate her canal with tongue).
However as I at the time had a canker sore and a burnt peely mouth (roof of mouth) I am a little concerned of transmission.
Also, she was performing protected oral and masturbation on my self. I may have used the same hand that I used to masturbate her when cleaning my penis with a tissue afterwards. Can this be a risk?
Also, for future reference, if taking off a condom and vaginal fluid gets on my penis tip is this also a risk?
Sorry for my questions but I want to make sure I'm using safe sex practices.

Is it ARS ?

Recently i had protected sex with sex worker but she gave me blowjob without condom. After three weeks i got muscle pain , mild headack, runny nose, indigestion, stomach pain, and black stools. I'm so woried about contracting hiv. Is this are early symptoms of hiv. My immunity is always less than others. Please help me.

Reliability of HIV testing

Hi All,

First of all, I'm not in United States of America or Canada, I'm living now in Rwanda(Africa) for work. I did a mistake 10 weeks ago for fun and met a Girl in the bar, after we're Drunk she invited me to her place and after we had only fucking(with condom), I go inside of her for less than 2mins and fingering but only a little and realized that I have warts and it bleeds a day before it happened. During those 10mo. I'm so worried like never before and check all the symptoms specially Herpes but I think its just nothing though I experienced some Bumps in my lips but when I checked in the Internet, I found out that's only a Fordyce Spot, Herpes 1 and 2 but when I checked again its just a pimples but not in my genital area only in between the thigh.
I decided to check yesterday @8am in the Lab called Bio Medical Clinic, they took some blood and told me to comeback to take the result past 12pm. When I got my result it shows NEGATIVE!

Now, my question as follows:
1. Am I infected basing on what I explained?
2. How reliable is the Result in that Lab?
3. Is there a possibility that it will change the result if I will go in these upcoming months?
4. Is it possible that the Symptoms will come after 3 or 6months?

Thank you!


I was involved in asexual relationship with a woman of unknown HIV status 3 different times using a condom.however the third time we had sex the condom got broken,three weeks later I developed headache,fever,fatigue,flu-like symptoms,cough an itchy skin and some night sweats.two weeks later I developed red dots on my hands and I feel the flu and now swollen lymph nodes which have lasted 3 weeks.I have had an HIV antibody rapid lab test after 8 weeks and the results were negative.could these be signs i have contracted the virus as I wait to test 12 weeks post exposure.

dry lips and lips touching the vagina

i went to a strip club for the first time and unfortunately the vagina of stripper was touched by my mouth and mouth had dry lips and there was a small cut of 1mm- 2mm(noticeably no bleeding). is there any possibilty for me to get hiv if she is an infected person.also she touched her tongue and with saliva in her hand she touched her nipples and then she touched my mouth is there any possibility for me to get hiv if she is infected.

Convinced oral gave me HIV


I have HSV2 which could have increased my slim chance of giving a blowjob and getting HIV. There was no cum in my mouth but a significant amount of precum. More than usual. I also had a slightly raw lip from biting off dry skin on it earlier that day. Since then I have developed small rashes on my thighs, back and chest. Also I have had a swollen lymph node in my neck for a month now. I have had mouth ulcers which subsided. I have oral thrush, not diagnosed but a white tongue which scrapes off. I also have had derriera for 2 weeks now (just soft stools, first it was full blown). Does this warrant testing? All I have done was unprotected oral.


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