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Low Risk

Condom, masturbation

Hi guys

I almost certain that you get this sort of a questions on a daily basis, I hope you don't mind one more ;-)

I seems that general conseus is, if condom is used for vaginal intercourse correctly, chance of hiv infection is virtually non existatnt.

My question is: if after penetration lady takes of the condom, and starts masturbating me, bearing in mind that she got some vaginal fluids on her hands, could this pose risk of infection? I gues what I am curious about is, if you have infected fluid on your hands, couldn't you push any hiv particles into foreskin or glans deep enough, whilst stroking the penis, for it to cause infection?

And second question is: 10 after above mentioned scenario, I had Ab/Ag DUO test done and the result was negative. How good of an indication is this? I know that the likelihood of antibodies being present this early is very low, but what about the p24 antigen? Can it be detected after 10 days? I realise that every guideline ins still sticking to the 12 weeks for the conclusive results, which I will do, but I am asking for an indication, to help with the anxiety

Thanks guys!

can hiv late seroconversion occur on me?

I had sex with csw two times at a night 6.5 months ago.I had used condoms.But I don't think that I used it correctly and consistently.Because it is my first experiences on sex.At 50 day post exposure,I tested negative for hiv duo ultra test and at 4.5 months post exposure I tested negative for a rapid test.But now I am worried that I had pre existing immunodeficiency disorder or not.How can I know if I had pre existing immunodeficiency?Many hiv specialists say that immunodeficiency disorder can cause late seroconversion.I had often cough if I eat ices and repeatative sneezing and runny nose even if the weather is a little cold since childhood.I also had ENT problems now.Are they preexisting immunodeficiency symptoms?But I never had recurrent illness or rushes or other infections.Now I feel very anxious,worry and have stress.I am almost dying because of my anxiety.Do I trust my negative results?Do I have pre existing immunodeficiency?Do I have late serocoversion after 6 month post exposure because of pre- existing immunodeficiency?Do I need to retest?But I am so afraid of turning negative to positive when I retest.Please give me advices.God will bless on your kindness.

Safer sex with worker


I had protected sex with a sex worker.

I wore a condom and it did not break.

I have no sti's and have been tested.

Should I worry about HIV and get tested?

One time oral


Would one time brief unprotected cunninglingus with a sex worker constitute HIV testing specifically?

I do not have any sores in my mouth or recent dental work and the worker wasnt bleeding or anything like that.

I may have had slight cut on far left side of my mouth but was not recent or bleeding.

I did get tested for sti's and HIV (4th duo test) all came back negative.

I plan to get another test at 6 weeks for HIV.

Should I test anymore or just follow
yearly test?

Should I be worried?

Further testing necessary?

Had protected vaginal intercourse with CSW from Czech Republic the 3rd week of April '13. Around the end of June '13 started feeling fatigue, joint and muscle aches that progressed to muscle weakness and fasciculations for 2 months. No fever, rash or sore throat present. Symptoms slowly disappeared later.

At exactly 90 days from encounter with CSW, did a 3rd gen Elisa immunoassay, full hepatitis B workup, complete blood count and blood chemistry. HIV and Hep B came back negative and bloodwork all ok.

I'm a very fit and healthy 39 y.o. male. I never had such severe symptoms of fatigue, muscle weakness and fasciculations. I'd like to know if this can be attributed to HIV seroconversion illness (although the symptoms appeared almost 60 days after possible infection) and if I need to do another HIV test at 6 months past possible time of infection.

Although I feel ok now, I'm worried because there's no explanation for my past symptoms other than stress according to the doctors that ordered the bloodwork. One said It would be extremely unlikely I wouldn't have developed HIV antibodies at 90 days, but recommended to repeat test at 180 days just to be sure. Test used was Beckman Coulter 3rd gen chemiluminescence immunoassay.

Many thanks for your advice


hi I'm 24 male i have sex before 40 days using safe sex but i don't think my condom is punctured ... but i afraid that i am infected with HIV after seeing some sites am worried about it ... i got some cut on my back middle of my ass and got another wound between my testis and upper leg

HiV transmission

i had protected sex using latex condom 5 days ago with a sex worker

the sex worker(lady) kissed me for 2,3 seconds on lips, soon after she kissed me i noticed my lips were cracked nd bit bleeding

i instantly rushed to washroom nd washed my lips nd found bit blood

the next morning i wokeup, i had fever , flu nd sore throat

its been 5 days now, i still had little fever bt no sore throat and little flu
but no diarhoea, fatigue or anyother symptom

i m very depressed , please help me nd let me know chances of HIV or any othr STD transmission.


Sucking a finger w/ Anal Mucus

Hello, your website is wonderful, and very informative, and up to date.
I went to a local strip club, and got a dance from a girl who told me she loved anal play and asked if I wanted to see some. So she showed my fingering her anus. She fingered herself then stuck her finger in my mouth. She did this 4 or 5 times. Could I have been infected with HIV from from anal mucus or any small amounts of blood that were on her finger when she stuck it in my mouth? I did have a 2 day old tiny canker sore on the tip of my tongue, and the next day I found another scratch/cold sore in between my upper gums and cheek.
Please let me know how significant my risk was if she was positive.
Thank You

bitten tongue oral sex

Two days ago I got my tongue biten when I eat some food.Yesterday I lick a man's penis. I always avoid penis head and do lick around balls area and I think some pre *** leak, when I licking near his penis head I taste precum. ,at the moment I taste precume I stop and wipe my tongue. 1. I think his little leaked precum already contact with air for a moment 2. My biten tongue sore already 24 hours.but it still pain 3. At the moment I taste it I wipe my tongue From this situation am I at risk and need testing? 

drop of blood

Can you catch hiv by swallowing a drop of blood of someone one else's scab that has been exposed to air?


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