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Low Risk

Licking cum from towel.

Hi, as I understand HIV virus dies within seconds after leaving human body. My boyfriend likes to ejacuate his cum on his palms or a dry towel, then put it next to my mouth and askes my lick/taste his cum. It takes around 10 seconds(means his cum exposes to air around 10 seconds), then I will take another 30 sec to lick n eat/clean all the cum residue on his palm/towel.

In this case,

1. do I expose to the risk of HIV infection?(assum no serious bleeding in my mouth), how likely is it?

2. If my boyfriend shoots his cum to a cup of warm water or tea, and ask to drink it within 10-30 sec. Would I expose myself to HIV infection risk?

Thank you so much!

HIV test

I had unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex with a woman. The unprotected oral sex was long and vigorous and she caused a little bit of trauma on the penis. I did a STD test for Chlamydia and gonorrhea at around two weeks and it came back negative. I did a HIV test at around 35 days after possible exposure as well as a Hep A, B and C and syphilis and herpes which all came back negative. My question is, how high would my risk be and how accurate would my tests results be?

risk for hiv

I had sex for 1st time in my life with a csw.i used condom.i am in high stress.no sleep since exposure.took a p24 antigen test on 18th day post exposure.its negative.its 55 days since exposure.i want to test and get confirmatory result.
which test i should take its 2 months now post exposure.?? I cant take stress anymore

Chances of contracting HIV?

Hello, About a month a half ago I gave and received oral sex.. A few days later I felt a little bit sore in my butt and thigh area. Two days ago I gave and received oral sex (to the same person) and the day after I was sore, still am, and now I nauseated and I have diarrhea and I feel a little light headed. Is this just a coincidence? I will be getting tested soon but what are my possibilities of contracting HIV? I was told by him he was clean and gets tested about every six months. To my full knowledge I am clean as well.

ars signs

hi am frank,
i was involved in a sexual encounter virginal with a sex worker with a condom that got broken 3 weeks later i developed a headache, fever, fatigue and flu-like symptoms.after 8 weeks of exposure i tested using an anti-body test and was found negative and now i have swollen lymph nodes around the neck and small red non-itchy spots on my arms which are increased by heat from the sun, i am very worried. could i have contracted the virus?

Received Blow Job & Previous Encounters

You Guys are doing a great job.

I will explain my situation in detail I have had some sexual intercourse like 5 or 6 with CSW before 2010 all were protected and I stopped it as I got married . I went for a medical check up in 2010 & 2013 ( JUNE ) for my visa renewal I was cleared then all went well.

Recently on 24th November 2013 I had been to massage parlor and I received a unprotected blow job from the lady after that incident i was scared I went for a medical check up in India as I am not allowed to check for HIV in the country I live ..

Test Period :

1.After 15 days to my exposure checked in rapid came negative.

2.Then exactly 33rd day after my exposure i did a test ELisa ( Not sure about the generation -Lab technician told 4th )

Serology Test

Anti Hiv 1 & 2 ( Elisa ) - 0.16
Anti HCV - 0.22
HBS AG ( ELisa ) - 0.10

< 1.0 non reactive
> 1.0 Reactive

I Told them to do P24 I am not sure whether they have done it or not KINDLY CONFIRM.

I traveled back to the country i work.So my question is do you recommend me to go again and test or shall i move on with my life .

This incident has made my so worried and i am disturbed kindly help..



i am worried that i might have gotten infected

I was with a lady who I later found out she was hiv pos. I used protection the 3 times we had sex on th same night. What am worried about it's a cut on my finger. I was cut like 6 days before. Is there any chance I could have gotten the disease? I went to the emergency 16 -20 hours later and am on pep still 72 hours are not up but have been taking the meds. Why I am worried is not about the vaginal penetration since I was protected but the cut since I noticed blood on the condom but I think I removed th condom with my hands and my thumb touched it. And to add to I had received unprotected oral. Do you think I could have been infected?

Shared crack pipe with HIV positive person

PLEASE HELP ! 9 days ago I shared a crack pipe for about 4 hours with a HIV positive person. There were no visible cuts on his lips or mine, but the pipe got hot and I am worried about microscopic amounts of blood from microscopic tears in the lips transferring from him to me. Is it common to transfer HIV from cuts like that? Also my gums were a bit swollen the night we smoked and since then have bled when brushing. After 3 days I got swollen lymph nodes only in my neck and now on day nine it is the same. Also I got a blowjob from my girlfriend and ejaculated in her mouth. Is there a large risk for her if I am infected?

hiv testing at one month

you guys are really helping out many. i had a protected sex with a sex worker and i got myself tested after one month and it came as negative. i didnt know whether the condom broke as i was scared and i didnt cum. i used double condom by mistake.. can the broken condom be felt . noticeably there was no tear. is there any possibility for the vaginal fluids to enter the condom from the bottom of it and get in to my pee hole and get me infected.. also i would mention that i had only partial erection. in order to avoid the condom not to slip and get into her vagina she was holding the penis(with the condom on it).. help me please..really worried.

Needle stick injury

I received a needle stick injury at work from a patient who had been raped 2 weeks prior. The needle stick was a small gauge IV that had been in the patient, and it poked me superficially on the top side of my thumb, it did not draw blood right away but oozed after a minute. The patients HIV antibody from that day came back negative but she was admitted with an ovarian abscess and had a fever ( which improved with antibiotics) and nausea but could that have been masking acute seroconversion? I was put on a basic 5 day PEP ( as per my request), they caused me to have flu like symptoms and 6 days after exposure I had a cold and my mouth feels like it's dry and burning. Could I be going through acute seroconversion? And how high is my risk? My doctors don't seem to think I need follow up but I demanded it


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