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Low Risk

5 week rapid hiv test

Hello I want to first say thnk you for this website it helps alot. A little over 6 weeks ago on sept 17th I had protected intercourse with a stripper but unprotected oral going both ways. This has been the main concern for me. My symptoms were mild only loss of appetite and a lil weight loss with a few night sweats. I got the clearview complete test 5 weeks exactly after the possible exposure it came out negative. Is it too early? Also I just started feeling muscle aches 6 weeks after can tht be hiv related or is tht a symptom I would of felt earlier

please help ,really worried

Hello there,

I recently had sex with a women that I don't have any knowledge of her HIV status. We had protected vaginal sex and she then later performed oral sex on me with a condom on. After that we started deep kissing each other ( french kissing).
Because we had vaginal sex with a condom and then she sucked my penis ( with condom still on ) , is there any chance that after sucking my penis with the condom still on that she might have gotten vaginal fluids from the condom in her mouth. And she started deep kissing me with her mouth shortly after she sucked my penis.

So my final question is : Is there any chance that her vaginal fluids she gotten in her mouth right after sucking my penis ( that we had vaginal sex with ) , have gotten in my mouth ? and is there any chance that I could have contracted HIV from her vaginal fluids in my mouth like that?

HIV Worry

I had sex 5 days ago with a sex worker overseas at a strip club. She started by touching my penis with her bare hands, then put the condom on with her hands and mounted me. After 10 minutes of different positions, I lost my erection. Both her and I jerked my penis with our hands, so I am sure there was vaginal fluid on our bare hands. Then, she removed the condom, wiped my penis off with a wet soapy washcloth that was made available in the room, then grabbed my penis with her hands to jerk it again. Then she put her mouth on my penis and sucked it quickly for 5 seconds, used her hands again, and repeated sucking for short intervals switching between hands and sucking, until I eventually ejaculated.I am concerned over the possible exposure to vaginal fluid, as well as the unprotected blowjob. What are my chances of being infected with HIV? How long should I wait until being tested?Thanks


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