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Low Risk

usage of condoms

im really depressed. i had sex with a sex worker a 45 days ago in united kingdom. i was scared and i did'nt cum, but still i was into her for 2 to 3 minutes and i heard that spermicidal lubricated and made condoms possess a risk of transmitting hiv infection.. she was the one who had condoms and i dont know what type she used..will i have any chance of infection if it was a spermicidal lubricated and manufactured condom. i only know it was a rubber condom.. sorry if the question sounds very silly. but im really scared.. i took the hiv blood test after one month and it came as negative. please reply me as soon as possible. and sorry for asking this kind of question. im asking this question because she looked as if she was she was infected.

Not sure if condom broke (at 21 days post exposure)

Hi. I had sex with a sex worker, and am unsure about the expiration of the condom that I used. She put it on for me, and I fear that her nails may have pierced the tip of the condom. We had sex for about 1-2 minutes, and I noticed little pre-cum in the condom, after which I stopped and rolled out the condom, then dropping it on the chair. After 10 minutes, I did not notice the pre-cum anymore. I fear that there is a tiny hole in the condom that I couldn't see, although i did not notice any spills on the floor or the chair (I was drunk so I didn't check the tip of the condom). I replaced the condom, and then we continued for about 10 minutes after which I released cum, and it did not leak. I developed a sore throat after 1 week, though there was harmattan, but I have had no other symptoms since then, except the occassional tiredness which is probably due to waking up early and coming in late due to work. It is 21 days now, and I want to go and test. I am scared that the condoms may have expired, and put me at risk. I am also scared that I may test positive if the condom was expired and had microscopic holes. Please help me in this situation. Thanks

Is there any Risk ???

I had sex with a sex worker and i put condom on while having sex.. and after sex i also filled out water in it and there was no leaking in condom.. So is there any risk of getting some disease.. and i also fingered that girl by wearing a glove on my hand.. So i want to know is there any risk of getting any disease and any testing required ??

Answers will be appreciated.

need help please

hello.first of all i want to thank you because this site is very useful and informative.i have a few questions.
1.my exposure are protected vaginal,protected oral,deep french kiss,1 week laceration on hand.after sex i checked the condom with fill the water inside it and theres no leakage.but i forgot my hand hv laceration it may touch the vaginal fluids.during the deep kiss i didnt taste any blood.my scrotum just recover from fungal infection week before.theres no open cut or sores.for above concern i mention what is the risk of hiv?
2.the day after sex i start develop a symptoms such as dry mouth,shivering,lose stool,muscle pain,few rash on chest lose 4kg of weight and it last until week 5.i hv elisa test 2week after exposure it is non rective.but hsv-1 positive.but the doctor said theres nothing to worry.then i have hiv ag/ab test at 6week n 2day after exposure.it is non reactive.the doctor said i didnt have hiv and told me to move on.no need to test anymore.
3.after 6 week i didnt experience any symptoms and after the exposure i didnt hv any fever.the doctor said the symptoms before were due to stress.
could you please give me your point of view.i hv 3 papers more to complete my study and it seem like i will never to complete it if i have hiv..
thank you..may god bless you all.

HIV transmission risk and reliability of test results

I presume I had a possible exposure after giving oral to a man who ejaculated in my mouth (I had throat inflammation at that time). A week after this, I started developing some symptoms which could be indicative of ARS. I tested HIV negative with PCR test 2 weeks after the exposure and then also negative with antibodies (or perhaps combo/duo, not certain) 6 weeks after the exposure.
How high was my risk to get HIV from the intercourse, and how conclusive/definitive are the results of my tests? Also, should I test for Hep C, given that the symptoms persist? (I am vaccinated against Hep A and B)
Thanks a lot for your advice!

expired condom and PCR RNA

Hi. Thanks for the good work. I had sex with a lady of unknowm status, but i am not sure if the condom was expired. I read of a guy in the local newspaper who had sex with condom but still contracted the HIV virus. I asked a friend to buy another condom from the same buyer that i bought the condom from so that i can check the expiry dates, and he told me that the condom he bought will expire by may 2014 and so i assume that since they are most likely from the same pack, it was not expired. I am scared of microscopic holes in the condom due to possible expiration. I feel a lot of guilt and am messing up at work. I want to take the PCR RNA(not sure if it is pooled) test as i am 15 days post-exposure.I am to paranoid to wait for an ELISA. the lady seemed very worried about the HIV as she was highly insistent that we use a condom. I feel as though she is also scared of contracting the virus. Please help address all my concerns. Thanks

Not Sure if Condom Broke

Hi. I had sex with a lady, but after the sex, i did not notice any cum pouring out of the condom. In spite of this, I am scared of microscopic holes in the condom probably due to poor manufacturing here in Africa. Also, I had sex with another lady, but completely unrolled the condom before putting it on. After the sex, the condom appeared intact, and i did not notice any cum leaking. What is my risk of contracting HIV in both cases. I am a bit scared. Thanks

Need clarification on Tridot

I had sex with a sex worker last month (10th November). She used her hands to wear condoms on my penis and after that she came top to me and gone through the sex. As she was top to me while removing my pennis from her vagina the condoms get sticked on her vagina and the fluids (Serum) split over the hair near by my pennis. I have gone through two tridot test (For HIV I and HIV II) on 2nd and 31st day after the sex and it was negative. Could you please advise whether I should go for Western blot test. I am very scared and not able to concentrate on my daily work.

Syndrome of HIV

I had a protected sex with a prostitute three days ago. Ever since then, I have been sleeping 9-10 hours a day and still feeling tired after waking up. I have been feeling tired throughout the days and hard to concentrate. I have also noticed my lymph nodes are swelling. Can this be a sign of my body acting up on the HIV virus. Isn't it usually take 2-4 weeks for body to react to HIV virus?

Here are my possible encounters with the prostitute that I think could have transmitted HIV to me:
1. She used her hand to wash my penis and anus before and after the intercourse.
2. Her vagina fluid on my pubic hair got flush to the tip of my penis during shower.
3. She used tissue paper to remove the condom after sex, the tissue paper might have touched the tip of my penis.

Thanks for your help!


Hi, i am a male. weeks ago i got some sort of warts around my penis (basically on my underbelly). my dermatologist said it is HPV and started treatment. i got tested for HIV couple of time after that and they were all negative.
But yesterday i had Protected vaginal sex with a sex worker (unknown HIV status, but she said she get tested every 3 month, i dont believe her). now i have found out having warts (HPV) could increase risk of getting HIV.
now i wanted to ask you
1. what do you think is the risk of getting HIV considering i had protected vaginal sex (condom was used properly and didn't break) and there is no warts on my penis itself and other few warts around were not bleeding or open. i am worried that her vaginal fluid has weten (touched) my warts some how.
2. do you think if PEP is needed (assuming i get answer before 72 hours). i checked Canadian guidelines for PEP online and it seems like my doctor or emergency rooms will not give me PEP for this case! what do you think?
3. where can i do the new (4th generation, duo, p24,...) HIV test in Toronto for early diagnosis? it's really hard to wait 6-12 weeks.



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