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Low Risk

hiv testing at one month

you guys are really helping out many. i had a protected sex with a sex worker and i got myself tested after one month and it came as negative. i didnt know whether the condom broke as i was scared and i didnt cum. i used double condom by mistake.. can the broken condom be felt . noticeably there was no tear. is there any possibility for the vaginal fluids to enter the condom from the bottom of it and get in to my pee hole and get me infected.. also i would mention that i had only partial erection. in order to avoid the condom not to slip and get into her vagina she was holding the penis(with the condom on it).. help me please..really worried.

Needle stick injury

I received a needle stick injury at work from a patient who had been raped 2 weeks prior. The needle stick was a small gauge IV that had been in the patient, and it poked me superficially on the top side of my thumb, it did not draw blood right away but oozed after a minute. The patients HIV antibody from that day came back negative but she was admitted with an ovarian abscess and had a fever ( which improved with antibiotics) and nausea but could that have been masking acute seroconversion? I was put on a basic 5 day PEP ( as per my request), they caused me to have flu like symptoms and 6 days after exposure I had a cold and my mouth feels like it's dry and burning. Could I be going through acute seroconversion? And how high is my risk? My doctors don't seem to think I need follow up but I demanded it

please help i am very anxious and worried

i am from india. recently i visited a sex worker. it was my first time. i used two condoms during sex. it was my mistake. after i ejaculated i checked my condom. i saw white watery fluid outside the condom. i touched it and it looks like semen. but i dont know my condom is leaked or not. but after 5 day i experianced stomach pain and weakness. after 2 weaks i experianced night sweat for one day and muscle pain. is i am infected with hiv. please help.

Fight happened and risk of HIV transmission?

Is there any HIV risk if a bleeding cut comes into contact with another bleeding cut? They were not profusely bleeding. I was involved in a fight where we punched each other and there was blood on our cuts, which we acquired during the fight. I did not know the man's HIV status and I do not know who he was. Some of his blood might have landed on my bleeding cut. Is there any risk of HIV transmission? Do help me analyze my situation as I am very worried. Do I need to go for a HIV test?

Kissing, bite, fresh cut

i was in a club, little bit druknk and i staerted kissing radnom guy whose hiv status i dont know, and while we were kissing he accidently bited my toungue and it hurted like someone poked my tougue with a needle, and i guess at that poing it was bleeding a little bit, but we continued kissing, after about 5-10 minutes i went to bathroom to see if my toungue is bleeding and i could see a little bit of blood but after i looked at it for like 10 seconds. after that i sopped kisisng him ... when i got home 30 minutes later i couldn't see any blood going out of the spot where he bited me, but i know that cuts in mouth heal quickly, so im scared because the cut was made while we were kissing and at that point it was fresh. at how big risk i am for acquiring hiv? im really stressed over the whole situation...

Protected Sex - Worried HIV 2013

Hi, From 2011 to 2013 , I had protected sex ( condom used ) with 4 different people. During 2011 , I had a sex with one girl at strip bar using condom and had sex with 3 girls at strip club using condom in 2013. I'm getting married and worried whether HIV could have been infected as i don't know the status of those girls whom i consider they too take care of health like us. Please advise.

Oral Sex - when to get tested

I am curious about what a good testing window would be:

I had oral sex with someone I went on a date with 2.5 weeks ago. My question is two fold:
(1) I was the one performing oral sex (there was no cum, but he may have had precum on his penis) - what is the risk factors not just of HIV but of other STDs? Before anything we both discussed that we were both negative and did not have any other STDs.
(2) What is the best testing window for HIV? I always read that it is three months - other people say 4-6 weeks? I am not sure when I should go for my rapid test.

Thank you!

HIV Transmission

Hi ,

I had a protected sex ( Condom used) with 5 different persons in the last 2.5 years. However , I have given my blood samples for test for which results would be arrived next week. Can you advice HIV is possible in this case.

Thanks, Concerned

Is my condom tore

i had visited a sex worker. I had protected sex using two condoms. After the ejaculation i found that their is a white watery fluid outside the tip of condom. Is my condom broke tore or it has hole?. After two weeks i had stomach problems, nausea and night sweats. I'm so worried about hiv infection i'll never ever do that again please help me.

Biggest mistake of my life


I'm rather worried and depressed.

I got extremely drunk one night and saw a sex worker and had protected sex.

The whole incident was protected and the sex worker assured me she was clean and recently tested and routinely tests and she is negative for everything. Also the condom did not break.

Have I put myself at risk for HIV?

I recently got tested for HIV and hep b before this incident as I play semi pro contact sports, I also get sti checks every year and have been negative.

My concern is that this incident happened whilst my wife and I were separated almost divorced and we are now back together and are trying to work things out. I haven't told her yet as I fear it will destroy any chance of us working threw it and we also have a baby son....plus it happen whilst we were broken up, so it wasn't cheating.

Do I need to test for this incident or is my regular test okay?

Also can I have protected sex with my wife now or do I have to wait till my next test?

I'm worried as I don't want to risk my wife or my son.

Thank you, I rationally know that I wasn't at risk as a condom is the best protection and having sex with a sex worker is no more of a risk than if I were to have it with someone who isn't a sex worker. But overall I know I had no risk as it was protected and did not break so therefore the HIV virus wouldn't be able to get into my blood stream if there was any infection at all....I just need to hear it from someone else.

So thank you, please put my mind at ease.


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