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Low Risk

I gave Oral Sex! Help!!

Hello, my name is Dee and recently about 9 weeks ago, I had sex with this guy. We had sex 2 times in 3 weeks. Before we had sex, I always gave him oral. He NEVER ejaculated in my mouth, but I am nervous!! Please help!
I also touched his sperm with the tip of my fingers. Please!! I am so scared!

using double condoms mistakenly

i had sex with a sex worker which was protected sex( double condom mistakenly), but i did'nt cum and as far as i know the condom did'nt break as there was no much friction involved and i was just into her 2 minutes and as i was scared i didnt do it. is there any possibility for me to get infected if my partner had hiv.

Very concerned and anxious


I have Abit of a silly question but I'm rather anxious and stressed as I suffer from anxiety and just need to know that I have an irrational fear and I wasn't exposed to HIV.

I recently in two months had two protected sexual encounters....one with a sex worker and one with lady I met in a bar.

Both encounters were 100% protected and with the sex worker it was in Melbourne Australia whom she said she gets tested very regularly and it's also the law in Melbourne to be tested and show a certificate to your employer and have on file....she also mentioned that she has a daughter and makes sure she tests so regularly for her own health and her daughters plus her most recent negative test was a week before out encounter.

Anyways I have a young son and I'm a single father so this is why I have the concern as I don't want to have anything and pass it onto him.

I get tested regularly every year and have come back negative for everything everytime.....my most recent test was a week before my encounters.

With my two above encounters having more than one encounter does it increase the risk even though they are protected?

Also with the sex worker I know it's just an occupation but due to the volume of partners they have, does that increase my risk or is it the same low risk as anyone else as it was protected?

Also with the term low risk being for protected sex....is it deemed low risk as there can be human error and breakage of the condom?

So if there was no breakage and the condom was used correctly as in my case does that deem my risk as in No risk?

Do I need testing in 3 months to make sure or can my yearly test be okay and I can continue to date?....obviously with continued use of protection or should I abstain from
Sexual encounters till my next test result?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure that I did everything right and that I wasn't exposed or at risk for HIV.

I know there is a possibility of other sti's and they concern me but HIV concerns me the most as it's incurable.

Once again thank you

oral sex with a heroine addict

I have been dating this guy who is great and treats me right but he has a past that he is still struggling with. He shoots heroin.. not asof llately though he has only had one relapse in three months. Anyway I told him I would never have unprotected sex with him because I'm scared abd unsure of his cleanliness. He says he is clean and was smart about it but i mean if he were that smart he wouldn't have done it to start. Anyway last night we got sexual more than usual and I briefly gave him oral sex. I didn't lick the tip I stuck to the shaft as much as possible but while he got excited he moved and his penis touched the back of my throat two times. I stopped right after abd spit and he did not ejaculate. My throat feels a little funny today and I know that has nothing to do with hiv I'm just worried that it may have been inflamed at the time. Can i get hiv this way? I'm freaking out. I know relations with him are risky to begin with but i made that decision and to be best protected as i could.
Please all judgement aside, what are my chances?
Thank you so much!

Newish relationship


I've recently started a new relationship with a girl.

We are using condoms all the time and before our relationship started afew months ago I had just tested myself as per my yearly routine and I was negative.

I get tested routinely as when I was single I did visit sex workers regularly but I was always a safe sex user as were the workers.

On that note I have just found out that my new love interest worked as a sex worker previously.....I'm willing to ignore it and move forward with her as it's no real issue as she doesn't do it anymore.

Anyway I want to know if she did have HIV would I have been at risk? We always use protection.

Do I need to worry or stress?

We are getting her tested in 2 months as she only recently stopped work about 1.5 months ago and we have only been together for a

I'm sort of stressing and worried.

The condom never failed at all.....so was I at risk at all or can I relax and just continue my yearly testing?

Single father worries


I'm alittle concerned.

I got an unprotected handjob from a csw followed by protected sex with no condom breakage or slipping from memory....I was Abit drunk but I do remember a condom being put on me and taken off after I ejaculated plus the lady said that she got tested last week and she's clean and a mother herself....she also said that she has to get tested regularly or the brothel won't let her work without a medical certificate and she always uses condoms.

I get tested regularly for sti's roughly every 6 months.

Should I test specifically for this occasion? Was I at risk at HIV acquisition?

Or can I just follow my regular testing routine?

I'm concerned as I'm a father and tend to cut my hands rather frequently due to my job and I don't want to get my son infected from a cut on my hand.

I need your help pleaaaaaase

I need your help please.
After 68 days of my last protected vaginal sex/ unprotected oral sex with a stripper in South west of Asia , I developed flu -like symptoms including high fever, cough and sweat all the time due to the high fever. These syptoms lasted for 5 days exactly to the day 73 .In the day 71( after exactly 10 weeks) I did hiv combo test and came back negative. I also did 2 other combo tests one of them conducted after 5 weeks of the exposure and the other after 8 weeks of exposure and both came back negative.
Could you please answer my questiins:
1) is it possible for aars not to be present until the 10th week like my situation described above?
2) if my syptoms mentioned above ( after 68 days) were due to hiv ; then my 71 combo test would be positive .right?

Xmas stupidity


I stupidly went to a csw and I got a handjob without a condom then had protected intercourse with a condom. There was no breakage of the condom.

Was I at risk for HIV?

Do I need to test specifically for this case or is my 6 monthly routine test okay?

Require a test or not for HIV

I had a sex in Amserdam on my trip there with a Sex Worker. I do not know about the status of the worker, whether she was positive or not. The Sexual encounter lasted for 5-10 minutes and everything was done with a condom. The oral sex was also done with a condom and the vaginal sex was also with a Condom.

I am facing sore throat and a bit feverish after 2 weeks and doubting whether this is HIV or not. It can be due to cold weather as I am outside and susceptible to cold. Please suggest the probability and the nearest time frame when should I get myself tested. Also, this was my first sexual encounter and have never shared needles with anyone (not having drugs).

Please clear my doubts and suggest a time to get tested.


Hi, and thank you for all you do. My exposure was protected vaginal sex and deep kissing after the guy I was with got punched in the mouth and was bleeding. It has been 4 months since the exposure and I have repeatedly tested negative with rapid antibody testing ( one of many at 3.5 months) I am experiencing night sweats on and off, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, and discomfort in my throat which persists since the incident. Are my results considered conclusive even after continuously experiencing these symptoms? Do I need to test at 6 months? I'm so scared, thank you for your time.


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