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Low Risk

Tip of penis might have gone inside anus

First of all, thank you for this helpful resource of information about HIV.

What happened to me is that this morning I was fooling around with this guy and he started rubbing his penis against my anus. He started pushing it like if he wanted his penis to go inside, I panicked and took his thing away from my anus. This happened several times. I was so dilated that maybe the tip of his penis went into my anus. At first I thought that I would've felt pain if it had certainly gotten in (which I did not feel) but then again I was so dilated I fear the tip went in and I did not notice. Could this happen? Am I at great risk of contracting HIV?

Thank you very much !


hello. i had a protected sex with a prostitute about a month ago. i finished off with my hand after taking off the condom. in about an hour or so i had an unprotected sex with my wife. i still had vaginal fluids from the prostitute on my pubis before my second act and i felt that my pubis was still wet. after 2-3 days my wife started having itching in her vagina and anus area and in the next day she had a massive hives allergy all over her body. recently she had a diarreah.
Can you please answer me, if i infected my wife and/or myself with hiv?

Risk of exposure ? Urgent Question

About 5 months ago I had an annual check completed which was negative. Recently while at university I hooked up with a girl at a party. We had protected sex for about 5min then I used my fingers on her vagina penetrating in and out for about 10min. I see that I have small cuts from dry cracked hands from the dry winter weather. If she had HIV was is that chances her vaginal fluid went into my small cuts and affected me ?

It's been 5 weeks since and I got another HIV test done. Will get results soon.

Is 5 weeks a good predictor and what are the chances ?

Thanks and appreciate the info

regarding hiv infection

i had a protected sex (double condom mistakenly) with a sex worker. but im quite sure the condom didnt break. as i was into her for 2 to 3 minutes and i didnt cum. i had a hiv test on the 30th day after sexual intercourse and it came as negative. will there be any possibility in change of results after 3 months. i also wanted to say the girl let her tongue into the condom before wearing it on my penis.. will that saliva present in the condom infect me...im sure i didnt have any cut in my penis.. will that drop of saliva goes into my pee hole get me infected. please reply as soon as possible..

menstrual blood present

I still have concern about amount of menstrual blood that has to be present to infect with hiv. My previous question was that I had sexual relations and female was menstruating after 2 minutes I stopped. Then I took off condom with a lot of blood present decides to wash my hands and finished by masturbating myself. The question would be how much blood has to be present outside of body to infect during masturbation and does it have to go in through urethra or can it infect if you are uncircumsized in cut or abrassions in penus.
thank you

regarding hiv infection

i had sex continously two days with two different people and on the second day alone i used a double condom just for few minutes, but i didnt cum and im quite sure that it didnt break. is there any possibility for me to get infected. whats yeast infection in the penis?

Afraid that my Cum leaked from the condom

Hi. I had sex with a lady of unknown status and I used a condom. After a minute, I noticed some pre-cum (not so plenty) inside the condom. At this point, I pulled out, took off the condom and placed it on the chair. After about 10 minutes, I tried to check the condom, but didnt see the pre-cum anymore. I checked the chair, but it wasnt wet, and i didnt notice cum on the floor either. But, I saw extremely tiny bubbles lined up by the side of the condom close to the tip. Could the pre-cum have leaked as I didnt wear the condom according to the methods described, or could it have been the lady's vaginal fluid? What is my risk of contracting HIV? Did the condom break or could the pre-cum have dried up in that short time? There is some harmattan and I have a sore throat. Am I seroconverting? Thanks

3 questions, Please help!

Thankyou for taking time to look at my questions.
1) if I withdrew and saw ejaculate in condom, is it safe to assume there was no failure?

2) in mutual masturbation, if the woman uses her vaginal fluid on her hands and then proceeds to stimulate the male, is this a risk? As urethra is being exposed to fluids?

3) I've seen a lot of debate on Hiv antibody/antigen testing and definitive/ conclusive results.
In Australia, I've been told that this type of test is 99% conclusive at 6 weeks, and 100% conclusive in 12 weeks. Is the test at 6 weeks good enough to move on?

Thankyou again for taking the time to review my questions.
It is muchly appreciated.

Confused about low risk


I know receiving oral is a negligible risk meaning so small as to be of no concern and that giving oral is low risk aswell as condom protective sex being low risk.

Why are protective condom sex and giving oral both classes as low risk?

Is they are both low risk, is it basically worry free to perform either?

I know there can be minor risks with condom breakage and with oral very very specific circumstances that can cause infection ( pre exsisting sti in the throat, poor oral health and poor overall health).

Are they both in the same risk level category?

Thanks you in advance for your reply.

Advice please on condoms

I had protected sex however as I pulled out the condom had slipped a little (head was still covered and I could see ejaculate in the teat so I'm assuming no failure??.)
Is it possible for a condom to break yet retain ejaculate in the teat?
Also, when I took off the condom there was a lot of vaginal fluid on the base of my penis and on the condom. I might of brushed my head with said fluid as I took off the condom.
Am I at risk? Do i need to test? Is a duo good/ conclusive at 6weeks?
Very concerned.
Thankyou for any help.


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