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Low Risk

condom broken?

I have a doubt please clarrify..Imagine the condom which I am (a male)using had broken(some kind of small hole may be because of blowjob by the infected girl) while sex and I put my pennis without noticing the hole,into her vagina for a while and had taken out before i got ejaculation.
So in this case,Is HIV Transmitted??is there a chance of body fluids transmission possible from infected girl to uninfected man if the man didnt ejaculate..
Note:here the man jus put the pennis into the vagina and had taken it before the sperms got released.

Should I go for a retest?

I was involved in a heterosexual experience in October, 2013. We had protected intercourse which was preceded by unprotected oral foreplay. I the foreplay I sucked on him. There was lots of precum involved but he didn't ejaculate in my mouth. 32 days after this days I got an antibody test done which came out non- reactive. Should I stop worrying or should I go for a retest in another 2 weeks?

Hiv risk from scratch by fingernail

Am I at risk?
During sex (wore condom) the woman reached around to my groin and accidentally cut me with her fingernail.
After intercourse I noticed a little cut that was bleeding.
The cut was in my groin on the leg side underwear line.
Am I at risk if her vaginal fluid touched got into my cut?

Elisa test is negative but symptoms

Hello Dear,

I am 24 years old gay young man. First of all, I would like to thank you for this helpline. I have encountered with a man who is a friend of my friends 14th September. Then I had protected anal sex once but it took only 2-3 minutes then he got it out. Unfortunately, my genital organ that was shaved like an hour ago was so sensitive but there was no blood. It was only so sensitive when he touched it. That's why I'm so afraid of. I don't know if I can get hiv viruses by this way. Oral sex was mutual, not so long though. And we both ejaculated on our on bellies. And I have got a boyfriend from the day 30 September. We've been having sex but all protected, only twice I had short oral sex with him. I asked him also if he tested hiv recently. He said yes like 4 months ago.

On 23th October like almost 6 six weeks later,
- swollen lymph nodes in my both left and right side of neck and also in groin.
-Some itching especially in the nights that was because of mange illness.
-I can see some swollen tonsil when I look into my mouth.
-Cold sore in my mouth for almost 5 days and tiny ulcer on the roof of the mouth.
-Headache ( not severe)

Finally, I went to the hospital for some STD tests. On 48nd day after I had sex with that guy, ELİSA anti-hiv test came negative and also syphilis was negative too. There was no problem in my blood test. I went to a very well-known urologist and he said that I need to get rid of HİV cause my lymph nodes are not connected with hiv virus. But I'm so anxious, because I've got joint and muscle pains too for a week now. I've been under strees for almost two months. I'm thinking of hiv every single moment, even if I'm having fun with my friends.

I don't know what to do, I could be destroying my body with either being under stress or thinking of hiv all the time. I can't even be happy with my boyfriend that I thought he might be my only soulmate who understands me very well.

My questions are as follows;

1) I am Negative in ELISA test when tested on 48nd day but still got the symptoms. Does the elisa test result change after 6 weeks even if I haven't got any serious health disease?

2) I took antibiotic just before testing hiv. Does it affect anti-hiv test?

3) Is there high chances I have STD?

4) I have no fever, fatigue, diarrhea, sore throat, cough, flu. Is it a good point in this process?

Pleas help to answer by your experiences. I am in extreme stress and struggling really hard to fix it. Thanks a lot in advance. Yours sincerely.

Unprotected oral sex

I had Unprotected oral sex and after 3 days i am sneezing and i have runny nose, should i be worried?

HIV fluid on Intertrigo- risk?

So I had protected sex however it wasn't until after the event that I noticed I had the beginnings of Intertrigo in my groin.
Had vaginal fluid gotten onto it during intercourse, is there a risk of transmission this way?

Anxious about my "exposure"

Good day.

I have been very troubled lately. Last July I tried something new and I decided to join a gay dating site. I chatted with people there but I don't do meet-ups 'coz I know how risky it is. But then one day I chatted with someone whom I think is decent and professional enough for me to at least give the guy I chance. We decided to have a meet-up. He was nice and charming. I didn't expect to someone like that on a dating site. We became really good friends. Then one night, out of lust I guess, we did it.

The oral sex was unprotected and the anal ( I was the bottom ) was protected. He even fingered me. I promised myself that it will not happen again but we did again.. twice. The second one was only mutual masturbation and he fingered me again. The third one was another unprotected oral sex.

After all the fun I suddenly got worried when a friend asked me one day: "ARE YOU SURE HE IS CLEAN?" Thoughts came into my mind. WHAT IF HE IS NOT CLEAN? I immediately asked him about his past sex life but he didn't oblige to go into detail. I got so paranoid that I researched facts about HIV. I really got more nervous when I recently got a cold [ 10 weeks after the first experience, 8 weeks after the second one, and 4 days after the third one ], ( runny nose, sneezing, mild fever [38.2]). The fever lasted for only a day since I took paracetamol to cool down my fever but my runny nose lasted for almost a week. 2 weeks before that I got some sort of cough with phlegm with wheezing ( I have history of asthma but it remained dormant for years now and I was wondering why it recurred just now..) and runny nose also.

I was requesting him to take an HIV test for me but he is hesitant because of his busy schedule.

As I read articles, online forums, and other websites dedicated to HIV [ since I am intensively searching the net about HIV for months now!], my case was just a low risk exposure. But I am still worried because before the fingering he continuously rubbed his penis against my anus (unprotected) and I am afraid that some of his pre-ejaculate entered inside my anus during the fingering. I am so PARANOID RIGHT NOW 'coz I am not used to this. I just wanna try something new and I never hooked up with ANYONE before him.

Do you think my case was a reason for high concern though there was no unprotected anal sex involved?

Is common cold and those other things I am experiencing in the past few days a typical sign of HIV?

Can asthma reoccur during ARS?

I am planning to have an HIV as soon as I am finish with my window period. As of now, I just want to vent out what I feel. I have never been so ANXIOUS and down in my life before this happened and I regret that I put myself in this type of situation.

Thank you.

Oral Sex

I am a 44 year old gay male. I do not do anal sex at all, but do oral sex. I performed oral sex on a guy , there was no ejaculation at all, but I found out he was HIV positive,. I have started worrying about this.

ARS symptoms - anxious about HIV+


my exposure was on the 22nd October 2013. Unfortunately the doctor at the hospital denied PEP when I asked for it.

I started to experience diarrhoe, pain in joints and muscles on day 7 after exposure. At this stage I wasn't sure if they might come from the antibiotics the told me to take to cure a possible Chlamydia/Gonorrhea infection. On day 8 my right lymph node near my grain was swollen and unbelievable painful. I decided to get a test (HIV PCR) on day 16 after exposure. Maybe too early but symptoms where hard to explain for me. I got a negative test result back.

On day 20 after exposure the left lymph node near my groin became swollen as well. Then two days the lymph nodes (axiliar) started to react with inflammation. A burning pain, swollen and painful. On day 25 after exposure I could sense it is less painful to touch my lymph nodes (groin and axiliar). Unfortunately the lymph nodes hollow of both kees were swollen and painful. Today is day28 after exposure and all lymph nodes are still slighty swollen. The most painful lymph nodes are still at the hollow of my knees. I can't stand longer than five minutes. In addition my legs are burning like hell. I can't sleep longer than six hours although I was used to sleep much longer. Nightsweats from time to time, some chills last week and a sore throat.

Surprisingly I had no fever yet. Good or bad sign? I don't know....

Well regarding my exposure- making a long story short: a sex worker with lots of red rash mostly on her breast and back and an ulcus or herpes simplex infection at their lip, unprotected oral sex while I am 90% sure I had an open herpes genitalis wound at my penis, 50% sure that we had protected anal & vaginal sex. Just to clarify: We had oral (unprotected) sex and vaginal and anal sex (hopefully protected). I can't tell anymore if the condom were allright after I had some trouble inserting my penis into her anus.

Accordingly to my symptoms: What is your experience when it comes to lymph nodes swollen and painful all over the body. My HIV PCR result useless because I went to early for the test and swollen lymph nodes occured after my HIV PCR was taken?

In addition I think I am infected with Syphilis. A black dot at my penis which wasn't there yesterday. It doesn't look good :( Due to the lymph nodes I was tested on Syphilis on Tuesday and have to wait for the result.

Should I get tested now again for HIV with an antigen test or should i wait till week 6 (after exposure)?

Any comment appreciated. Thanks in advance!

6 week Rapid blood test and now itchy all over body

I had a protected anal sex and unprotected bj( both insertive) 7weeks ago, after experiencing suspicious symtoms like fever and diarrhea after 2 weeks from that I took a test on the 4th week and 6th week, both shown negative. When I think I shall wait for another retest on 12th week as a conclusive one I started to experience itchiness all over my body from scalp to toe. As this is bothering with reading up online and know that most positive patient have dry and itchy skin issue.

Should I go retest again soon or shall I wait for 12 week still?


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