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Low Risk

Had sex in Nigeria(high HIV rate) and am running crazy

Hi. I am a worker from Nigeria and had sex with a sex worker and fingered her for some time before the sex. I also sucked her nipples and I have small cuts(non-bleeding but not fully healed) on my lips from biting them. She then wore a condom for me, but she has sharp nails. After this, we had sex and i did not notice a condom break even though i did not cum before removing it (some tiny cum that i noticed inside the condom had vanished when i checked after some time). Again she wore another condom, rather violently, and we had sex, but i did not notice any breakage and i also saw the cum on top of my dick rather than at the tip. In spite of this, I am still scared. Do I have any risk of HIV? Also, if a condom breaks, is it a tiny hole or a big break? My mind keeps on telling me that the condom broke and that I will have HIV. Am I at risk from fingering her?I feel sad as I cheated on my wife. Please your help is needed for my mental state. Thank you

Oral sex - HIV....

Hi well wishers,

I was once had a unprotected oral sex with a man whose status is unknown but he is sexually active and has lot of unprotected sex including unprotected anal sex. I sucked him. Precum involved without ejaculation

This happened in Feb 2012 and i got all ARS symptoms listed including the flu in next few weeks. I was tensed and convinced i got HIV.

Then I took test on Jan 2013. ELISA and Western Blot. Both came negative. I also took other test like syphilis, HBV and HCV all came back negative.

But the problem is I get repeated raised red blotch rash at different locations in my body which comes and goes and itches. Some times even leave a permanent dark spot on my skin.

I am confused now...
1. whether I am infected with HIV.
2. My test results are wrong
3. I didn't have produced the anti bodies during the test.

I also wish to add that I am not sexually active after that incident. I never involved in sex after that oral sex incident. That is my only exposure till date.

What should I do. I fear to take another test as I am again convinced I am infected with HIV.

Pls help me.

hiv combined test after 6 weeks

Hello !

Greetings from Poland. At the beggining I want to thank you for a great job you are doing here. I am 28 year old male and have a risk situation (oral sex) with person which hiv status is not know to me. In our country there is a 12 weeks window period for hiv test but i've read French official report where they have a 6 weeks window period for hiv combined elisa test ag+ab. This tests are the same in European Union so I take it granted that 12 weeks is only because who procedures. Only for person after pep the old period remains. My question are:

1. On your site I've read that few thing can longer window period I understand that this 6 weeks window takes them into consideration ?

2. On the another post there was mentioned about some underlying conditions which can longer window period. I understand that must be when someone have a pre-existing immunity disorder and that person would know about it ?

3. In the summary can you give me a list of things which can longer the window period because i'am little confused about that.

Many thanks.

query on HIV


I had sex with a sex worker on 18th Nov, and the condom was ruptured during the vagina sex, however, I pulled out my penis at the same moment and I changed to other condom and did the sex. and after sex I washed with soap.

Now I am having sore throat from last 3 days, is there any chances of HIV inefection, as I read on internet that soar throat is a early symptom of HIV.

Please help me.
Also please let me know which test I can get now, so that I can be assure about the safety from infection.


condom broken?

I have a doubt please clarrify..Imagine the condom which I am (a male)using had broken(some kind of small hole may be because of blowjob by the infected girl) while sex and I put my pennis without noticing the hole,into her vagina for a while and had taken out before i got ejaculation.
So in this case,Is HIV Transmitted??is there a chance of body fluids transmission possible from infected girl to uninfected man if the man didnt ejaculate..
Note:here the man jus put the pennis into the vagina and had taken it before the sperms got released.

Should I go for a retest?

I was involved in a heterosexual experience in October, 2013. We had protected intercourse which was preceded by unprotected oral foreplay. I the foreplay I sucked on him. There was lots of precum involved but he didn't ejaculate in my mouth. 32 days after this days I got an antibody test done which came out non- reactive. Should I stop worrying or should I go for a retest in another 2 weeks?

Hiv risk from scratch by fingernail

Am I at risk?
During sex (wore condom) the woman reached around to my groin and accidentally cut me with her fingernail.
After intercourse I noticed a little cut that was bleeding.
The cut was in my groin on the leg side underwear line.
Am I at risk if her vaginal fluid touched got into my cut?

Elisa test is negative but symptoms

Hello Dear,

I am 24 years old gay young man. First of all, I would like to thank you for this helpline. I have encountered with a man who is a friend of my friends 14th September. Then I had protected anal sex once but it took only 2-3 minutes then he got it out. Unfortunately, my genital organ that was shaved like an hour ago was so sensitive but there was no blood. It was only so sensitive when he touched it. That's why I'm so afraid of. I don't know if I can get hiv viruses by this way. Oral sex was mutual, not so long though. And we both ejaculated on our on bellies. And I have got a boyfriend from the day 30 September. We've been having sex but all protected, only twice I had short oral sex with him. I asked him also if he tested hiv recently. He said yes like 4 months ago.

On 23th October like almost 6 six weeks later,
- swollen lymph nodes in my both left and right side of neck and also in groin.
-Some itching especially in the nights that was because of mange illness.
-I can see some swollen tonsil when I look into my mouth.
-Cold sore in my mouth for almost 5 days and tiny ulcer on the roof of the mouth.
-Headache ( not severe)

Finally, I went to the hospital for some STD tests. On 48nd day after I had sex with that guy, ELİSA anti-hiv test came negative and also syphilis was negative too. There was no problem in my blood test. I went to a very well-known urologist and he said that I need to get rid of HİV cause my lymph nodes are not connected with hiv virus. But I'm so anxious, because I've got joint and muscle pains too for a week now. I've been under strees for almost two months. I'm thinking of hiv every single moment, even if I'm having fun with my friends.

I don't know what to do, I could be destroying my body with either being under stress or thinking of hiv all the time. I can't even be happy with my boyfriend that I thought he might be my only soulmate who understands me very well.

My questions are as follows;

1) I am Negative in ELISA test when tested on 48nd day but still got the symptoms. Does the elisa test result change after 6 weeks even if I haven't got any serious health disease?

2) I took antibiotic just before testing hiv. Does it affect anti-hiv test?

3) Is there high chances I have STD?

4) I have no fever, fatigue, diarrhea, sore throat, cough, flu. Is it a good point in this process?

Pleas help to answer by your experiences. I am in extreme stress and struggling really hard to fix it. Thanks a lot in advance. Yours sincerely.

Unprotected oral sex

I had Unprotected oral sex and after 3 days i am sneezing and i have runny nose, should i be worried?

HIV fluid on Intertrigo- risk?

So I had protected sex however it wasn't until after the event that I noticed I had the beginnings of Intertrigo in my groin.
Had vaginal fluid gotten onto it during intercourse, is there a risk of transmission this way?


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