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Low Risk

Follow up question on risk

A thank you to Greg for answering my question "Please Advise Me On Potential Risks And Whether I Need To Test" nov 17th.
Just to specify:
At no time was my penis inserted into her vagina without a condom on.

During the frottage, the woman had rubbed her vulva on my scrotum and my shaft. As far as I'm aware, it did not penetrate her, however as I was using my hand to masturbate at the same time, I was worried that perhaps during the event some of vaginal fluid may have been rubbed near/into my urethra.

After intercourse, she carefully rolled the condom off with a tissue and used tissue to clean off the fluids on my penis. Again, worried that fluid could've been rubbed near/into my urethra.

The cut was small no more than 1-1.5 cm. about 90 mind after seeing her, I got home and noticed the cut had a big drop of blood coming from it. The fissure I've been told is nothing to worry about.

Thank you taking time to answer my questions.
I practiced safe sex, but am worried about alternate routes of transmission.

Rapid home tests by Jal innovation


What's the validity of the Jal Innovation HIV home tests?

I tested 5 weeks with a duo test and again at 7 weeks with a Jal home test.

I plan to test again with a antibody test at 12 weeks.

Would the negative results I obtained from the two previous tests be a good indicator? Will it likely change?

The Jal tests seem legit and so does the company and they have FDA, CE and SFDA certificates.


It does state with their test to test at 30 and 60 days then follow up with a doctor.

Btw my exposure was protected sex and unprotected oral on a woman....so low risk?

Testing specifically


Would having protected intercourse with a csw(no breakage of the condom) along with receiving protected oral and giving unprotected cunninglingus warrant specific HIV testing for that occasion as all is low risk?

I test every 12 months and always use condoms.

I did perform unprotected oral on the lady but from what I've read it's low risk as there are afew cases but that's with people with existing Sti or poor health and oral health. I don't have any infections myself and my general health and oral health is good.

Should I be concerned specifically for HIV?

I'm really stressed.

Thank you

Can a csw be trusted with hiv quick test and duo test negative?plz answer.i'm in shock!

I'm male,26.I had protected vaginal sex with a csw and I didn't do any oral or vaginal sex.i'm so terrified and call the prostitute again.I ask her everything about her past history and let her do hiv quick and hiv duo ultra test.Both came back negative.I just want to verify her present status and keep my mind clear.So my questions are 1.What are my risk of HIV?2.Can I trust for that result?plz kindly reply me.

HIV risk


On 15 November, I have a protected vaginal course and unprotected oral sex I.e. receiving blow job from a sex worker in Malaysia.

Do you think this as high risk of hiv? If I were to get tested, when should I get tested assuming the test is a combo test? Is it okay to do the test in 2 weeks time I.e. 29 November?



Hi, I had a protected sex with Ukraine csw on last 4th of Nov, during the intercourse she was on top of me and stopped to change my condom as she came fast on me,I wondered why but she answered for more safety, 5days later I got a pain in my balls and during urination,after browsing the internet, I got that it might be a symptoms for stds, and accordingly it's too easy to pass hiv through any std if she is + hiv, please specify my risk degree, Icant sleep and can't touch my wife.

ARS and hiv test

Hi dear, I had protected vaginal sex with csw on September 9 and then October 5. I had genital warts even before that( May be almost 5 months). But around October 16 I developed a ulcer kind of thing on my testicles. I went to my doctor on October18 and he put the podophyllin on my warts which made it look like they are almost gone. But then in couple of days I started reading some of the stuff about hiv online which made me feel like I had all hiv symptoms back pain, sore neck, sore throat (no pain while eating) Tingling, blurry vision, really itchy skin and some rashes shows after I start scratching the itchy areas which comes and goes away in some hours, dry lips, some joint pains, burning and some kind of shooting pains all over my body( stayed only for couple of days) and some hair folliculitis on my body. All of these symptoms showed after 17 days of last exposure on October 5. I didn't get any fever or any persistent headaches. 
I got tested twice for hiv through cmia test( p24 antigen- hiv1-2 antibodies) at 16 days and 28 days of possible exposure which came back negative. I also got tested for Hep b and Hep c which is negative.
But for last four days(nov 12) I had some stomach pain too. Which I thought it was because of stool problems but last night it got really worst and I took a Tylenol at night time and then I took a tablet (stool softener) which I got over the counter. But I still have the pain in my right side of stomach.
1) I did my hiv testing with cmia. Are they accurate enough at 16 and 28 days of exposure?? As my doctor told me that these tests are accurate and I shouldn't worry about it.
2) I had two protected vaginal sex first sep9 and then oct 5 with different csw's. So timing period for my test is:
September 9 possible exposure 
A) first test on October 21 which is 41 days after.
B)second test November 2 which is 54 days after.
October 5 possible exposure
A) first test oct21 which is after 16 days.
B) second test which is 28 days after.
I heard that p24 is usually detectable around first four weeks so my question is that my test results are even as accurate for first exposure on sep 9 as well the second exposure. 
3) I'm not sure about my stomach pain but what i found online is that it can be appendicitis. So wondering is it a ars symptom or can hiv cause appendicitis that fast. Adding some more info earlier this year I had stomach pain too and the doctors just gave me some kind of syrup to drink only once and told me to stay away from spicy an junk food.
4) do I need any more of hiv testing? 
I am really anxious right now. Your answers will make a big difference. Thank you.


Hi. I broke up a fight. Some of the fighters blood went on my shirt. A minute after I separated them I wiped my nose/face with my sleeve which might have had some blood on sleeve. If HIV blood was on my long sleeve from one of the fighters and I wiped my nose/mouth/eye after 20-30 seconds with my sleeve am I at risk of HIV?


I had oral sex with a guy, and I tasted precum, but as soon as I tasted it, got it out of my mouth, then maybe another 20 seconds of oral. We then masturbated each other, and at one point there was 'nudging' and I could feel him pressing against my anus, but I stopped him incase he went in, we masturbated again and he ejaculated on my chest.

A few days later I came down with a headache, start of a sore throat and felt hot. I developed a throat infection and went to the doctors, which nicely cleared that up. However, about a week and a half after the oral, I also broke out in a rash. I got tested at 3 weeks for stis and they all came back negative, a week later I had a combo rapid test and both parts came back negative.

Are the tests at 3/4 weeks a good indication? I know oral has a low risk of transmission, but still.

Cunnilingus on a woman with a few cuts on ther vaginal lips

I recently had a protected sex with a woman. (with a condom on) The problem is that before the actual intercourse, I performed 5-6 minute cunnilingus on her. I spotted several small cuts (or scratches) on her inner lips and I asked her about them. She told me her skin is sensitive, and she got them doing some laser hair removal. I didn't think much of it, and continued on. Now, I'm getting worried. Is there any chance that I'll get infected? Should I get some type of test?


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