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Low Risk


I had oral sex with a guy, and I tasted precum, but as soon as I tasted it, got it out of my mouth, then maybe another 20 seconds of oral. We then masturbated each other, and at one point there was 'nudging' and I could feel him pressing against my anus, but I stopped him incase he went in, we masturbated again and he ejaculated on my chest.

A few days later I came down with a headache, start of a sore throat and felt hot. I developed a throat infection and went to the doctors, which nicely cleared that up. However, about a week and a half after the oral, I also broke out in a rash. I got tested at 3 weeks for stis and they all came back negative, a week later I had a combo rapid test and both parts came back negative.

Are the tests at 3/4 weeks a good indication? I know oral has a low risk of transmission, but still.

Cunnilingus on a woman with a few cuts on ther vaginal lips

I recently had a protected sex with a woman. (with a condom on) The problem is that before the actual intercourse, I performed 5-6 minute cunnilingus on her. I spotted several small cuts (or scratches) on her inner lips and I asked her about them. She told me her skin is sensitive, and she got them doing some laser hair removal. I didn't think much of it, and continued on. Now, I'm getting worried. Is there any chance that I'll get infected? Should I get some type of test?

Better safe than sorry

i would like to thank the people who help answers these questions, this is very useful.
Okay, so my co-worker and i had protected sex a couple of weeks ago. But during sex he ejaculated and kept going with the same codom. I then told him to take it off and put on a new one, which he did. I dont know him for that long to know if he has hiv or not. What are the chances of me getting hiv and should i get tested ?

Had protected sex but having doubt

Two days before, i had a sex with a sex worker. She enclosed my penis with double condom. She had a oral sex with condom only. I inserted my penis inside her vagina, he done a hand job for me after that, i got ejaculated, but i am not sure his vaginal fluids came out from his vagina or not. It recommended for me to take test for HIV?

i got aids or not

i sex with prositute in 4week ago. i use condom bt the condom is broken in side not in end. i sex with only one time. i got aids or not? if any chance me which medicine is used to cure. please sir replay me imidiatly. and please tel what the primary symptom. and please give the medicine name also please. and dont tel go and take a test because i have only 22 so i go to take a test mean that news will publish to all my relation im un married so please tell the medicine im not able attend the test you will tell the medicine. suppose i will atten the test that result is positive of hiv mean i will go to suside please tell the medicine name.

Requied urgent help....!!! 11 week hiv test with symptoms

Any possibility is there my post exposure (79th day) 11th week elisa (4th gen ag-ab) negative will turn positive at 12 th week ( 84 / 87 th day ) test ....??
My risk is protected sex with unknown status women and had some 5 minutes unprotected rubbing on her vagina without penetration but my foreskin was pulled back during that time...since I had ars symptoms (fever for one night on my 29 th day post exposure) and some other symptoms faced on following days without fever..
Plz advice

Oral HIV Transmission

I had unprotected oral sex with an HIV+ male. I am a male as well. There was no ejacualate except for precum. I had std testing done and we both tested negative for any stds. I did oraquick oral swab tests and they came back negative within 2 weeks. I also had a negative fingerprick test at 21 days. Should I still be worried about getting a positive test result?

Condom, masturbation

Hi guys

I almost certain that you get this sort of a questions on a daily basis, I hope you don't mind one more ;-)

I seems that general conseus is, if condom is used for vaginal intercourse correctly, chance of hiv infection is virtually non existatnt.

My question is: if after penetration lady takes of the condom, and starts masturbating me, bearing in mind that she got some vaginal fluids on her hands, could this pose risk of infection? I gues what I am curious about is, if you have infected fluid on your hands, couldn't you push any hiv particles into foreskin or glans deep enough, whilst stroking the penis, for it to cause infection?

And second question is: 10 after above mentioned scenario, I had Ab/Ag DUO test done and the result was negative. How good of an indication is this? I know that the likelihood of antibodies being present this early is very low, but what about the p24 antigen? Can it be detected after 10 days? I realise that every guideline ins still sticking to the 12 weeks for the conclusive results, which I will do, but I am asking for an indication, to help with the anxiety

Thanks guys!

can hiv late seroconversion occur on me?

I had sex with csw two times at a night 6.5 months ago.I had used condoms.But I don't think that I used it correctly and consistently.Because it is my first experiences on sex.At 50 day post exposure,I tested negative for hiv duo ultra test and at 4.5 months post exposure I tested negative for a rapid test.But now I am worried that I had pre existing immunodeficiency disorder or not.How can I know if I had pre existing immunodeficiency?Many hiv specialists say that immunodeficiency disorder can cause late seroconversion.I had often cough if I eat ices and repeatative sneezing and runny nose even if the weather is a little cold since childhood.I also had ENT problems now.Are they preexisting immunodeficiency symptoms?But I never had recurrent illness or rushes or other infections.Now I feel very anxious,worry and have stress.I am almost dying because of my anxiety.Do I trust my negative results?Do I have pre existing immunodeficiency?Do I have late serocoversion after 6 month post exposure because of pre- existing immunodeficiency?Do I need to retest?But I am so afraid of turning negative to positive when I retest.Please give me advices.God will bless on your kindness.

Safer sex with worker


I had protected sex with a sex worker.

I wore a condom and it did not break.

I have no sti's and have been tested.

Should I worry about HIV and get tested?


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