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Low Risk

Pep started 48hrs but having all ARS symptoms from day 1

From 16 days I'm struggling with fever between 98.3 - 99.5F, night sweating. Seems like I'm infected with HIV or other STD disease.
I used 1 condom for oral and vaginal with CSW, my bad as this was my first time and at the end it was loose.
After 2days I consulted a doctor and did complete blood work. He prescribed me to take Truvada 1tab and Raltegravir 2tabs daily as PEP safer side because of my anxiety.

Fever 98.3 - 99.5
Tounge taste changed
Exess Saliva
Night Sweating

Blood test results after 2 days of exposure :-
HSV 1 IGG AB HERPSELECT ---> 0.15 Negative
HSV 2 IGG AB HERPSELECT ---> 0.05 Negative
HSV 1/2 AB (IGM) W/RFL(S) --->Negative
HIV 1/2 AG/AB, 4th Gen RFL ---> Nonreactive

C. Trachomatiis RNA, TMA --> Not detected
N. Gonorrhoeae RNA, TMA --> Not Detected
RPR (Monitor) W/REFL Titer --> Nonreactive

I'm now waiting for my blood culture results. But do you guys think that PEP is working in my case?


Dear sir four month ago i have a sex with HIV infected girl and she suck my penis and in my penis i found rashes
is there any chances of HIV transmition.


I had a protected sex with a unknown girl for the first time ...after a month i saw rash in my body is that a symptom of HIV

Unsure About Current Symptoms

Hell and thank you for all help,

At about the end of April I had preformed oral on a stranger I had met online. I do not know his status and have no way of contacting him a asking. I recently started to develop flu-like symptoms I was really worried was the result of an infection so I went to get tested about three days ago from this post. I had a sore throat, fatigue, my head was feeling really funny and I had little to no desire to eat. I also had found a lump on my groin that I believe to be my lymph node. My test came back negative but with further research I found it was possible that I was going through Seroconversion(Conversion Sickness) at the time and my test had proved a false negative. Everywhere I go they all tell me that I should wait about another three months for 100 accuracy. I'm so scared that I have HIV. Is there anything these symptoms might mean any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

transmission through jock itch

Thank you for providing this service. I do have a question and am a bit worried. I had protected sex recently and right after I noticed that I had jock itch (fungal infection) in my groin right next to my scrotum. It was beefy red, inflammed and had some areas of broken skin and what appeared to be small areas of blood. If the woman was HIV+, what is my risk of becoming infected if her vaginal fluid during sex came into contact with my jock itch? Thank you for your help.

HIV RNA Test Reliability at 13-14 Days


I had unprotected oral sex with a person of unknown HIV status about three weeks ago (both giving and receiving). One week after exposure, I had a 4th generation test that came back negative. 13-14 days after exposure I had a HIV 1 RNA, QN PCR test with sensitivity to <20 (copies/mL) that came back Not Detected.

At three weeks, I am now feeling a bit off -- slight fever, body aches, red blotchy palms, some unexplained rashes on my arm.

Can I take any comfort in my HIV RNA test?

Also, I want to get tested again soon (the anxiety is killing me). Should I take a 4th Generation test, or try to take another HIV RNA test?

Unprotected Oral sex

A month ago I performed unprotected oral on this guy that I met online, we did not have anal sex and he didnt cum in my mouth. However, right at 4 weeks, the 28th day,about an hour or 2, after my dinner I started to vomit and had diarrhea(watery tools). I felt better in the morning but then I went to the hospital and got injection. I am fully recovered in about 3 days.
My question is am I at risk of contracting hiv? Are the vomit and diarrhea I experienced were the symptoms?

Acute HIV, fluid contacts

Hello. First, I want to thank you in advance for your help.

Eleven days ago I had a meeting with a shemale sex worker where I was the insertive partner. It was no more than 1 minute of PROTECTED anal sex and I didn't ejaculate inside her, I have finished masturbating myself (with the same condom I have used in anal sex). We used based water lub and latex condom.

I'm sure the condom was intact because I ejaculated on it and my semen was inside.

Four days after sex, my throat started to hurt a bit more (it was already aching a little before sex) and then after two days my ear and head began to ache (the head hurts in the forehead). It also came a ulcer under my tongue.

The sore throat and ear pain stopped in two days, with the use of anti-inflammatory. But now they started again, but now it's the other ear that ache, and came another ulcer under my tongue.

Now I'm afraid it's ARS symptoms.

I would like to know if some of these situations had some risk:

1) The condom slipped a little, but not out of my penis. The head of the penis was always covered. It was a risk?

2) Mouth kiss. I had sore throat and have gingivitis, which sometimes bleeds. Not sure if it was bleeding a little at kiss moment. It was a risk?

3) I finished masturbating myself, but didn't remove the condom to ejaculate. In my hands and fingers had some anal secretion/fluids mixed with water lub (that was on condom). The problem is that I have hangnail active in almost all my hand fingers, which bleed easily when the skin is pulled, could it be a risk?

I was confident that had safe sex until I started to get sick.

Thankyou again.

HIV Risk

I called an escort from backpage, she seems pretty ok, I asked her if she had any STDs inluding HIV and she said no.

Before the actual intercourse she gave me a SKYN condom(Polyisoprene), I put it, I fingered her vagina for some time with my fingers, then I had sex with her only one time, once finished I checked the condom, it was intact and semen inside it.

What are my chances of getting HIV or any other STDs from this encounter.


On may 29 2016 i had a one time protected vaginal sex with prostiture(female) in india(hyderabad).
1. On 19th day i had a pcr rna test,result was negative.
2. on 32 day i had p24 antigen test for HIV(1&2) and after next day i had hiv1&2 antibody test,reuslt was negative.
3. On 46 day i had HIV1&2 Elisa test the reulst was negaive.
Now i am confident that,hiv-1 can be eliminated by above test reports
Now i am worrying about hiv-2,is there any chance still hiv-2 hidden in my body.


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