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Low Risk

mutual masturbation penis cut

I have sexual contact with a lady about 5 weeks ago. We did not have intercourse. Instead, we only did mutual masturbation. first I finger her then I went to restroom to wash my hand with soap. When I come back to the room, she grab my penis for maybe a few seconds. Then I decide to masturbate myself so I went to restroom to wash my hand again with soap just to make sure my hand is clean. A day later (more then 24 hours) when i went home, i found a little pimple thing with the same skin color on my penis. Then two hours later, i don't see the pimple anymore but i see a cut with a drop of blood coming out. (my major concern is - what if I already have the cut during the exposure) Five weeks later, the similar pimple come back on a different area of my penis, I suspect that may be a genital herpes. and I had some maybe rash on the face the past week and diarrhea the last couple of days. so what is my risk for HIV? I really appreciate your advise. thank you.

After having sex is there any posibility to know immediately whether i have HIV Positive or not?

Hi, Recently i had a sex with sex worker for two times in an half an hour. I was Used the Condom, I am sure(99%) it was not broken but when i am doing sex of second time at some point little drop of blood were there on the condom. It was her little drops. later i have changed the condom. I wear the condom properly but during sex its come out from my Dick. Now my doubts are

1) If she had HIV+ is there any chances that will inject into my body?

2) When i ask her 3 times she told that after the sex she got her periods.

3) When i ask her about her HIV+ She told that She don't have HIV..But Little bit doubts are There

4) After having the sex is there any possibility to know the HIV Status whether positive or Negative?

HIV From Oral Sex Bleeding Gums

I was with a friend of mine and we had unprotected oral sex. I was the one receiving. One or two of my gums were bleeding, very little blood, just a small red dot, more pinkish, on the napkin. He did not ejaculate, but there was a little bit of pre sum. At the end, he told me that he was on descovy and showed me his most recent lab report (less than a month earlier) with was less than 20/undetectable, and the RNA, PCR, ULTRA were also undetectable. Am I at risk? Like I said, the blood was very little and I read here that blood must be heavy to transmit. Thanks

Open Sore on Scrotal Area

afternoon. I has sex with a lady who o later confirmed was HIV positive. I used a condom however, I have some healing sores on my scrotum. immediately after sex I went to wash up with soap and water. however, I noticed the soapy water running through the sore. am I at risk of infection?

Does HIV spread through washed syringe not needle?

I went to hospital to consult the doctor for headache, there I noticed the doctor has not injected me with the new syringe but he removed the needle alone then sucked the syringe with water then dropped the water out after that as usual he absorbed the medicine then injected into me.

Performing Oral Sex, HIV Risk?

I had unprotected oral sex with a positive man. Mainly he was a receiver, the action was quite intense. Also I did rimming. He ejaculated on the body (not mouth). I noticed a bit of pre-cum on his penis during the action. My gums are not bleeding, I never saw any sores in my mouth or blood while brushing my teeth. I am not aware having any STi (and what if I have?). He claimed that he was on treatment. Please evaluate my risk. Thank you.

Unprotected oral sex

I am a male, and met with a man few days ago. I do not know his HIV status. We gave oral sex to each other without using condom. Neither of us ejaculated in the other's mouth but I could feel his pre-cum in my mouth. Most of the time after I brush my teeth, I can see my teeth are bleeding. What is my risk to get HIV from this? Do I need an HIV test? Thanks!

Is it possible after 14 years?

Hi, I´m from Brazil. Sorry about my lame english. you may not believe what happen to me.

I justa found out that an old girlfriend that I had 14 years ago has HIV.

After I found out I´ve got really scared.

Now I´m feeling some fever and having some rashes on my body.

Before I do my hiv test (I´m going to do sooner) I did my CBC test. and... everything was completely normal: red blood cells, white blood cell, platelets. everything.

I have 2 doubts for you guys:

1 - Is it possible to have HIV for 14 years without treatment and my CBC is still completely normal? shouldn´t I be anemic, at least?

2 - I used to wear a condom with her, but I used to do cuniligus on her. what are the odds that I have become HIV+ on that time?

oral sex anxiety

hello doctor, i had oral sex with 5 different women at 5 occasions no intercourse done but while receiving oral sex i had no condom and there was no visible blood in any of these womens mouth stupid as may sound i chekced all of em before the activity . after a big research like us idiots do after committing it.after my last exposure even after 1 month i have no swollen lymphs after the exposures never had fever i had tonsils and some throat infection which was not that bad but a normal one now due to the climatic changes in my region am having tonsils again no fever even my mates at work are also sick with flu fever and all what is the chance that i have been in contact with hiv as am worried as hell

Multiple tests but still unsure


Kudos to your good work.

I had sex with an unknown person on 10 Dec 2015, During sex, condom broke and I might have exposed my penis to a high risk. I have got myself checked four times and the results are as below
CMIA: 9 Jan (after 29 days)- 0.29, Nonreactive
Elisa 3rg gen 12 Feb (after about 60 days) - Negative
CMIA: 24 Feb (after 76 days) - 0.21, Nonreactive
CMIA: 15 Mar (after 95 days) - 0.1, Nonreactive

I have not had any risk exposure (stayed away from sex) since 12 Dec. I understand different forums (CDC etc.) recommend testing at 6 months. Should I still be worried and retest again?


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