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Low Risk

Gum Disease and Experience with HIV+ person

Hi. I seriously need help right now. I was diagnosed with Periodontal disease (Gum Problem) and from that moment i stopped doing Blowjob to someone without condom. However there are times when i kissed a guy but normally its just smooching (without tongue, normally its lip to lip but on a numerous level). I have experience a lot of oral sex wherein i am the insertive partner, if sometimes i do blowjob i make sure they are wearing condom. I never do anal fun (NEVER) because i am very much aware that it has a high risk of acquring the virus. even with condom because i normally get paranoid very easily.

One day i met this guy from gay app. I had a swollen gums at the back of my molar. I kissed him and again without tongue because i know that i have a swollen gums and i dont know if i have cuts in my mouth. He gave me a blowjob without protection and he just jerked off until finish. I just suck his nipples to also help him cum faster. After awhile he admitted he is HIV positive. And now im slowly dying with fear and anxiety, i couldnt sleep or eat. please help me i need giudance.

1. Do i need testing with this incident?
2. With so many insertive oral sex that i did, did i put my self on risk?
3. Could i get infected with if we only did smooching without tongue? Could my gum disease be a factor even if its just lip to lip on a numerous level?

Please help me.....

made a mistake with a weird guy

Hi. today i met with a guy i met on online. He told me to stop by his house.
i went to his place. he started touching my penis. it was awkward because he was in a such a rush.
we went upstair to his room and he started to massage my dick, all of the sudden he told me to fuck him.
i said i do not do that. he insisted and sat down on my dick , of course i was wearing a condom.

then we tryied different position but i did not feel my dick never entered because i was little bit limp or flassid
due to the frustration of having a hard time to stick it in to his butt.

he sucked me with condom, i also sucked him with a condom
but he never finished. and i finished myself with the condom on

do i have to go and get tested for HIV?
i am just concerned about it , because he later texted me asking if i have poppers
so, i knew right there that he is not reliable, and maybe do others drugs
do you think i put myself at risk.?

i brought the condom to my house, and tested it, filled with tub water in the bathroom and it was perfectly intact no damage on it. do you think i have to go and get tested?

Clinic Called.

Hi there, so i received a call yesterday telling me that i have 'Been exposed to HIV and Chlamydia' from a clinic in Vancouver. I immediately arranged to go and get tested. When there, they did full spectrum tests including, i assume an RNA test (10-12 days window was given for that test) and a pinprick test. I also took medication for the Chlamydia

Now, because i limit my sexual contact to purely oral sex out of a relationship, I assumed my risk was low to very low to contract HIV from oral alone? Could you clarify the level of risk on that front for me given that
A. it's obvious the person involved has been recently diagnosed, and thereby likely to have a higher viral load (?)
B. they also tested positive for chlamydia, which i understand increases your likelihood to catch another STD, but does it also increase your infectiveness?

I have OCD so this situation creates a great deal of anxiety in me. Im trying my best to manage it and be calm. Just to clarify, my pinprick result from yesterday was negative, i have had no unprotected anal sex or even protected anal sex since my last tests which were window-period proof, and i have ONLY performed oral on maybe 3-4 guys, and received oral from a few more

There is one evening in the club i blacked out for 20 minutes and was thrown out for being too drunk - something that I actually stopped drinking over, but i am extremely doubtful that would have lead to sex inside a club, and i would have known about it, as there would have been someone else ejected with me for such an act.

french kissing and safe? sex

Hello. I am writing from Peru. Please help. I have had three encounters with Transvestite prostitutes. I regret it now. They have the higher index of infection in my country. But look what happened is that I had sexual intercourse with one of them, penetrated with a condom on, for 15 seconds then I pulled out fearing infection. I checked the condom aftewards, it was ok, no cuts. Then I have run into these same sexual workers another 3 other times. BUT in this occasions I have only KISSED them. I didnt dare to go all the way. So I just French Kissed with 3 of them. I am worried because these people have the higher rate of infection in my country, and I french kissed with 3 of them and had protected anal intercourse with one of them.

What do you think?

Thank you!

Get to know medicine for throat infection

I got a throat paining with high fever for three days after a sex with someone who at street i used condoms well safety but i kiss her mouth for a short time so, after a day i was get high fever i had a full blood count it says i having throat inflectional germ, according to that a doctor gave me medicine i was cured well no fever but my throat paining is few and few still at my body i can't speak more time louder than before it is like a paining. Any medicine for this I'm 24 age male from Asian country

bite at hospital

I was a nurse assistant at a hospital and was restraining a schizophrenic patient she bit my arm and it started bleeding in 4 places but doesn't need stitches. I know nothing of her medical history or if she was bleeding in her mouth and i was sent to the er for an hiv test how likely is it that i'll catch something if she had bleeding gums or something??

Open Wounds in Mouth and HIV

I recently had unprotected oral sex with a man. He did not ejaculate in my mouth and only about a tablespoon of precum entered my mouth. I only rinsed with mouthwash beforehand and did not floss before or after I had sex with him. Furthermore, I only brushed my teeth lightly with no blood after sex. I did not see any open sores or boils on his penis. When it is said that 'open wounds' or 'sores' increase the chances of HIV, does that mean chapped lips and gingivitis, or something more along the lines of a deep cut or incision from wisdom tooth extraction? All in all, how at risk am I from HIV?

Risk of Transmission? Do I need testing?


I am a 20 something male. About 5 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex with an HIV+ woman - it lasted less than a minute and then we had penetrative intercourse with a condom on. An hour before having sex with her I shaved my genitals and had some minor shaving cuts and abrasions on the base of the penis that stopped bleeding within minutes and I put deodorant and aftershave on them to sterilize them. The condom covered them when I had it on during sex, but I'm worried that her saliva came into contact during oral sex with where the cuts were. Am I at risk? I took a 4th gen combo blood test and it came out negative at 3 weeks and I have another one at 6 weeks scheduled but going out of my mind with worry...my doctor says I was very low risk and 6 weeks should be conclusive but I can't shake off the anxiety...


Hi there, I had an oral with a girl. I had canker sore on my tongue during the oral sex (3 months from now). I was careful a bit, i just lick the girls vagina and did not swallow the saliva or her cum. After that, I had dihoria for 3 days and then stopped.

But, I am continiously having stomach guggling and diahorreah, not really watery but when i go to the toilet, its gas and bubbles. I am also having mild head ache. I asked the girl and she said her health status is ok. She said she was check and she is ok.

I am confused, is this HIV or some other diseases? Please I need some advices.

Thank you


Hi i had a sex with sex worker last sunday.I had oral sex with her now i am afraid to get infected by HIV.Please help me through this .How mach is the chance that i get infected?what should i do now?Thanks


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