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Low Risk

HIV acquisition through protected sex?

i had sex with several girls but i am sure that i used condom all the time is there any chance of getting hiv

Risk level from performing cunnilingus and genital rubbing


I have performed cunnilingus only on the woman's clitoris for about 1 minute. There was then a lot of non-insertive genital rubbing (vagina on penis) that lasted about 5 minutes. This exposure happened 6 days ago so I still have a long way to go to the 3-month mark for a conclusive test.

What is my risk of contracting HIV? I am extremely concerned to the point I took time off work and feel sick to the stomach everytime I think back on how careless I was. Thank you so much for reading.

I had unprotected oral sex; scared of getting HIV

One day ago since this question posted, I sucked a 20 years old gay man's penis for 3-4 seconds and immediately spat since I didn't like it. I am not sure if there was any precum or semen while I sucked but the penis seemed dry before I put it in my mouth and I didn't put his entire penis in my mouth. After that, I kissed that man passionately with tongue.
I met the man on dating app who says he is HIV negative and in past only had protected anal sex with men but has not gone through any HIV tests since he felt he wasn't needed same.
I'm virgin and have no prior sex experience. Now I'm scared of getting HIV virus. Can you please help me? What shall I do? Many thanks in advance.

HIV transmission through a deep kiss with biting and blood


Could you please estimate the risk of my situation? When I first had (protected) sex with my partner, they told me they were recently screened and did not have any STI. We then had protected sex on multiple occasions. Turned out, my partner was not screened for HIV in a long time, those recent tests did not include it. Although we had protected sex, several times there was deep kissing and biting involved. The bites were quite strong and most likely had broken the skin inside the mouth for both of us. I remember the bites caused a bleeding in my mouth, I am not sure if my partner had any bleeding inside their mouth. Should I get tested for HIV?

Thank you

I am lost

I am from Bangladesh.Have some stupid mistakes in my life and I Am paying heavily for this Episode. #1 October 29,2014 I had protected vaginal sex With a female csw.I also french kissed Her.Later found the girl HIV +.After 5 weeks I Experienced severe flue type illness.Swollen Lymph nodes under jaw and neck, loose Stool, hedeach,severe muscle and joint Pain,rash on both arm. I have tested after 3 Months with 3rd generation rapid test,after 5 Months with 3rd generation elisa, after 6.5 Months with 3rd generation rapid test.All areNegative. Episode #2 November 17 2015 I Was with a female csw.. We were fully Naked.The girl offered me to have Unprotected sex with her.As far as I can Recall I didn't penetrate the girl but my penis Came close to her vagina.Now my mind says If I penetrated the girl without my knowing Though I didn't feel anything. Episode #3 July 16 2017 I had protected oral and protected Vaginal sex with a female csw.Dont know Why? Vaginal part only lasted 10-15 Seconds.The girl seemed a consistent Condom user.No real symptom aftee 1-4 Weeks. Episode 4 # October 17 2017 I had Protected vaginal sex with a csw.She offered Me to have sex without a condom for extra Charge.But she assured me she gets tested Every month. Now you are thinking what's the Real problemActually Im experiencing the Symptom of overt aids.Lose of appetite,Losing Weight,fatigue, dizziness ,swollen lymph Nodes,loose stool,stomach upset,nailFungus,clubbing nail and slight dementia are Making my life hell. I Don't know what to do? Everybody says I didn't learn from my first mistake.So,I have to face the consequence.I am feeling hopeless.I have nobody whom I can share with the situation. I haven't tested for second third and fourth exposure.

Hiv exposure blood to gum contact

I stupidly rubbed coke into someone else’s gums and then I believe afterwards I then did it to myself. What is the risk of transferring their blood into my finger and then rubbing it into my gums and bloodstream. Would this pose a risk of a potential exposure?

Thank you

mutual masturbation penis cut

I have sexual contact with a lady about 5 weeks ago. We did not have intercourse. Instead, we only did mutual masturbation. first I finger her then I went to restroom to wash my hand with soap. When I come back to the room, she grab my penis for maybe a few seconds. Then I decide to masturbate myself so I went to restroom to wash my hand again with soap just to make sure my hand is clean. A day later (more then 24 hours) when i went home, i found a little pimple thing with the same skin color on my penis. Then two hours later, i don't see the pimple anymore but i see a cut with a drop of blood coming out. (my major concern is - what if I already have the cut during the exposure) Five weeks later, the similar pimple come back on a different area of my penis, I suspect that may be a genital herpes. and I had some maybe rash on the face the past week and diarrhea the last couple of days. so what is my risk for HIV? I really appreciate your advise. thank you.

After having sex is there any posibility to know immediately whether i have HIV Positive or not?

Hi, Recently i had a sex with sex worker for two times in an half an hour. I was Used the Condom, I am sure(99%) it was not broken but when i am doing sex of second time at some point little drop of blood were there on the condom. It was her little drops. later i have changed the condom. I wear the condom properly but during sex its come out from my Dick. Now my doubts are

1) If she had HIV+ is there any chances that will inject into my body?

2) When i ask her 3 times she told that after the sex she got her periods.

3) When i ask her about her HIV+ She told that She don't have HIV..But Little bit doubts are There

4) After having the sex is there any possibility to know the HIV Status whether positive or Negative?

HIV From Oral Sex Bleeding Gums

I was with a friend of mine and we had unprotected oral sex. I was the one receiving. One or two of my gums were bleeding, very little blood, just a small red dot, more pinkish, on the napkin. He did not ejaculate, but there was a little bit of pre sum. At the end, he told me that he was on descovy and showed me his most recent lab report (less than a month earlier) with was less than 20/undetectable, and the RNA, PCR, ULTRA were also undetectable. Am I at risk? Like I said, the blood was very little and I read here that blood must be heavy to transmit. Thanks

Open Sore on Scrotal Area

afternoon. I has sex with a lady who o later confirmed was HIV positive. I used a condom however, I have some healing sores on my scrotum. immediately after sex I went to wash up with soap and water. however, I noticed the soapy water running through the sore. am I at risk of infection?


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