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HIV - exposure question

I had a handjob 17 weeks ago from someone and I didn't know her status. I touched her vagina and immediately touched my penis, sucked her nipples/

I had multiple RNA and 4th gen tests out of anxiety and all were negative. I am having lot of symptoms since my exposure like pain in armpits be hindears in the thighs. Is there a chance that I got infected with all my negative results?

Is there chance for the virus levels to be very low to be detected by these tests at 16 weeks

14th day - HIV-1 RNA Qualitative - Negative
29th day - HIV-1 RNA Qualitative - Negative
29th day - HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx -- Non Reactive
35th day - HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx -- Non Reactive
42th day - 10 test panel+HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx -- Negative and Non Reactive
49th day - HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx -- Non Reactive
49th day - HIV-1 RNA Qualitative - Negative
56th day - HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx -- Non Reactive
63th day - HIV-1 RNA Qualitative - Negative
63th day - HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx -- Non Reactive
70th day - HIV-1 RNA Qualitative - Negative
70th day - HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx -- Non Reactive
105th day - HIV-1 RNA Qualitative - Negative
105th day - HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx -- Non Reactive
Week 16 - HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx -- Non Reactive

Nervous about Frottage and Oral Sex at a Massage

First, I would like to thank you very much in the case my post is read and answered by your great team and also apologize for being so bad at English as I come from an Asian country.
So here's my case: about 19 days ago I went for a hot Massage service and as I was in the bathtub (there are some water filled in the bath), the girl did slide up on me and did some frottage and I was not sure if my tip of the penis had contacted her vaginal fluid or not as I was in the blind spot and everything was so wet (i believe i had no pain or scratches on my penis that night as i felt no pain on it). Then she finished with a Blowjob later on the massage bed. I was really worried about it and go for a quick test and be prescribed with PEP by a doctor with the first dose at hour 66th after the case. So it is now my 17th day with PEP and I'm still using it strictly but a few days around i got the worse sore throat ever with a lot of pain on my left neck and shoulder and I'm even more scared as it was so alike with the early symptoms of the infection (I however haven't caught any fever yet). Although I had came back to meet the girl that night and ask for her HIV status and she said she was negative but refused to provide evidence so it did not mean much to me.
So here are my questions:
1. How risky was my case to be exposed to HIV (wet frottage in the bath and a blowjob) as I have been so worried with my extreme sore throat and muscle aches on my left upper part.
2. Can PEP really help much with a possible exposure at hour 66th so close to the deadline 72 hours.
3. Are my symptoms showing that my immune system is being affected by the virus?
I would be so thankful if my questions can be helped soon. Sincerely.


I had unprotected oral sex on my penis with a CSW. she sucked my penis. After 13 hours post exposure i went to the Clinic and i was given PEP. The following day i looked for the CSW and took her for the following HIV and STD screening and the results were as follows:

1. HIV I/II determine antibody test-Non reactive
2. HIV I/II (duo) Serum test- Non reactive
3. Symphilis- Non reactive
4. HBsAg-Negative
5.AntiHCV (rapid)- Non reactive

We will be going for gonorrhea and Chlamydia test soon.

Am i at Risk of contracting HIV from receiving unprotected oral sex on my penis? Should i continue with PEP or since the HIV results came back negative and since it was oral sex i received should i stop PEP treatment? Am on day four of PEP treatment.

Do I have any risk of HIV from the situation below??

I went for a massage today. There I fingered the lady during the massage and she also put her finger on her clitoris. Then she used that hand without cleaning it to put the condom on me. Is there any risk of HIV from that. I have noticed afterward that my fingers have some dry skin. I have also cleaned a penis with a wipe with the same hand. I have just taken a protected oral. Am I at risk?????

received oral from gay man have developed what appears to be hairy leukoplakia 45 days

Please Help I received oral from a gay man 48 days ago,no visible blood from him and no visible marks on my penis,at about the thirty day mark i started getting a white covering on my tongue (top of tongue)the white turns to the color of whatever I eat if i scrape it off it still leaves white fuzzy looking spots all over my tongue,at the 40 day mark i tested NEG for STD's at the 45 day mark i tested NEG for hiv with the pin stick fast blood test at the health Dept,my Dr thinks the white coating is fungial,I'm afaird it Hairy Leukoplakia,could the Hairy Leukoplakia show up in only 30 days,(most sites say it may be the first sign you get in hiv) I'm so scared most sites say if your first sign is Hairy Leukoplakia the outcome is not going to be good 20 months survival time,please advise thats the first time in my life I've done something like this I'm in my early 60's

Shaving blind that my HIV positive friend used

On morning, I used my friend's used shaving stick for my armpits, there were no visible blood on the blade and I didn't cut my self because I didn't feel like I did. Few weeks later I got to know she's positive and have been on drugs since 2018, my mind went back to that shaving scenario and I test for HIV 1&2 negative, 47 days later I did the p24+ antibody test for HIV 1&2 and it was nonreactive, spoken with some doctors and they said I have less than 1% of being infected this way.

I have been very worried and read that the virus dies once it comes in contact with air. Please help


i got a blowjob from a crackhead without a condom what is the risk of hiv?


does oral sex transmit hiv

mutual masturbation and receiving oral sex

I have a doubt regarding mutual masturbation. It is possible to become infected with hiv if during mutual masturbation some preseminal liquid contacts sensible areas of the partner´s pennis such as urethra, inner foreskin or glans?. And what about receiving unprotected oral sex.

Risk from blood, help me

I have learned that hiv is spread primarily through sexual contact, sharing of injecting drugs, needles, and from mother to child. Is this true or not?
I dont sex, don't used injecting drugs, needles
However I wonder if there are cuts and bleeding on my skin, I touch other people's blood or if there is blood falling on my wound, will I be exposed to hiv exposure.
And if I share items like bowls, bowls, chopsticks, spoons immediately after someone else uses it and is bloody, there's a risk of yes or no.


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