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Masseuse sat on penis with possible small cut

Hi Helpline,

Thanks for the work you do.

I was in Russia about 10 weeks ago and had a sexual massage with a sex worker.

During massage, the masseuse sat on my penis (did not wear a condom) and slid up and down 3-4 times (I would assume this is docking) - without any penetration. At the time, I did not think much about it, but having had a small cut to the backside of my penis head a few months before, I am beginning to become a bit worried.

I have not experienced any symptoms. However, I had a few ingrown zits over the past week, which I have never had before and my skin is itching a bit now. Cannot see these as symptoms anywhere, but my paranoia is on full alert.

Looking forward to hearing back, thanks.

Dried 3 day blood in condom

about a month ago from an online buying/selling application I bough some condoms and they arrived about 3 days later and on the same day I used one of the condoms and ejaculated in the condom. Even though the condoms looked sealed I am still scared that the person I bought it from might have done something to it. what if this person was HIV positive and he put some of his blood or semen into this condoms and packed it and sent it to me. I know this sounds crazy but I am super worried because few days ago I got this dry little rash thing on my penis shaft which looks a lot like eczema and less like a rash but I am still scared. can someone please tell me if its possible for me to get HIV in this scenario? can dried blood that gets in touch with penis urethra give me hiv?

oral sex without condom


i wanted to ask before almost 2 week i received oral sex from a sex worker women with out condom and i finish on her mouth.
I don t know if she have hiv or if she was having any scars in her mouth.
If she have hiv what is the rick to get hiv?
I have some symptoms : stomach pain,sore throat and pain to swallow,and headache,i am under a big stress at the moment.
Can your help in this please.
Thank you

HIV transmission through receiving oral sex


before 3 weeks i had received oral sex from a prostitute i don't know if she had hiv,but after this 3 week i have stomach pain,and sore throat.
Can you please help me with that.

HIV transmission from penis to skin contact (genitalia-genitalia rubbing)

Thank You so much for helping fellow individuals like myself. You don't know how much of a big change you are causing in other people's lives. My question is very simple and very short, please help me:

So I rubbed my penis with another man's penis ( No exchange of fluids, and I know this is a no risk activity ). Then I rubbed my penis with his arse and area above his hole ( MY PENIS HEAD DID NOT EVEN TOUCH HIS HOLE ). Is there ANY risk of HIV? Can there be HIV on his arse's skin? THERE WAS NO PENETRATION, WHATSOEVER. A week has passed and I see some rash on my chest and have a sore throat ( which are ARS symptoms! ) Do you recommend testing?

Thank You! You guys are my angels

HIV from cigarete

Dear sir,madame

I took a cigarette from a guy ,there was a new cut in his hand an may there was blood on the filter of the cigarete. I put the cigarete immediately in my mouth and I have some cuts on lips.
May I get HIV by this way

Please answer


HIV from a cellphone


Thank you very much for helping me with my question, I really do need your help
Please read carefully

I know this is not a risky situation because I did not actually see the blood droplet, but it keeps staying in my head.

I do not even know how exactly address my question to you, but I will make the question as simple as possible

If there was a drop or two drops of HIV positive blood on a cell phone,
( I know this sounds impossible, but just consider if there was)
and I have used the cellphone for 30 minutes during the night time on the bed
in a air conditioned room ( 26 Celsius , 78.8 Fahrenheit )

and I started masturbate myself
and before starting masturbation, I wore a condom

I am afraid ""if the drop or two drops of blood entered the condom while wearing it"",

I also have touched inner skin of my penis and my penis felt a little sore at the moment
because I had sex for three times during previous night and one time in this morning.
( I am afraid if I had some tears or scratch in inner skin of my penis at the moment)

And I am afraid because I masturbated using the same condom for twice, and I do not remember if I wiped the penis after the masturbation.
I am afraid if there was HIV positive blood, even if it was dried, might cause infection through mucous membrane or receptor cells in my penis.

I am afraid of if the blood was not clotted ( or dried completely ) or even it was already dried, I have read that HIV virus can live up to 6 days in a dried blood.
I am afraid if this is a risky situation.

I know while I am using the phone, if there was blood droplet, I must have noticed by touching them, but I am afraid if I did not notice them.

Thank you very much for reading my question

I cannot explain why I think there was HIV positive blood on the cellphone, but please answer my question in terms of if there was positive blood on the cellphone.

Thank you very much for your help.

Masturbation with Vaginal Fluid on Fingers

Is there a risk masturbating your penis if before you were masturbating somebody that has HIV and it's not on meds? My fingers had a lot of lube (and vaginal fluids), while i did it, and wasn't using condom during the masturbation. I am umcircumcised, so i've read elsewhere that i'm at more risk during an intercourse (mine was protected), but i don't know if that applies also for the masturbation among the fluids, what a fool i was. im really worried.

Getting HIV Blood Into Eyes ( or Mouth, Nose)

Thank you very much for reading my question,

I am currently living with serving in military and I am writing this from South Korea, I came here because I visited your website for several times
and I believe your helpline is the most reliable sources I have ever seen. ( I am sorry for the bad English)

My question is

If a couple drops of blood (one or two drops ) ( HIV positive blood) was dropped to my hand and if I did not notice them

and "after 1 or 2 minutes", I rubbed my eyes "with the hand with HIV positive blood on it" and "directly went to sleep."

In this cases, is there any chances of getting HIV?

I did check several statistic before I came here, it was saying the possibility of getting HIV from blood entering eyes is around 0.1%
but in my cases,

"I directly went to sleep ( closed my eyes for a long time, so I guess there is no air exposure during the sleeping time) "
and it was nighttime, there was no light sources including the light bulb because the switch was turned off (No UV light to destroy HIV viruses )
and the window was closed so I am afraid if there is not enough oxygen to destroy the virus

I am really worried because I rubbed my eyes and directly went to sleep, and I am worried if I did not notice the blood on the hand.

I understand the scenario is nearly impossible, but I am worried because I have never read a case or a statistic regarding rubbing eyes with HIV infected blood and directly went to sleep.

I know threre must be no blood at the time, but I am still thinking about the possibility of getting it from this situation, so I really do need your help

Thank you so much for reading such a long question and I wish you to have a great day, thank you.

Receiving Oral Sex, HIV Risk?

Hi i received the oral sex ( BLOWJOB ) for 2/3 minutes from sexworker TWO WEEKS BACK . i am not sure about her HIV status now i am worried about HIV can u plz tell me what are the risks ...
how much time HIV virus is active outside the human body , do HIV transmitted through saliva , if sex worker is HIV positive still can i get HIV pl tell as i worried and have too much anxiety regarding the same


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