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fingering incident

can fingring someone with hiv get you infected if you have a cut on your finger?

Grinding penis against my anus

Hi, recently I had an encounter with a guy, he fingered me very intensely and my anus got quite irritated after a while so we stopped, he used plenty of saliva to do fingering. Then he started grinding his penis against my anus, he had his underwear on and it lasted only few seconds. It's hard to say if there was any pre-cum since he had his underwear on. About five minutes after I have checked with white paper if there was any blood stains but there wasn't so I suppose even if my anus was irritated there was no blood or cuts but can't rule it out? There was no penetration, his penis touched my anus only through underwear for a very short time. Is it any risk of hiv infection?

VERY REAL SYMPTOMS & NEW HSV after Naked Frottage. HIV Worried

Thanks for your fantastic website and advice. Unfortunately my symptoms are very very worrying after I thought I had a negligible exposure. Please help.
I am 28, male and had a nude body to body massage with a female escort 11-weeks ago. Vigorous frottage occurred with unprotected genital to genital contact and no penetration. She rubbed my front and back. There was massage oil so I can not comment on her vaginal secretions. Afterwards I washed. i became very anxious the next morning (8hrs later) and washed my genitals quite vigorously and unfortunately some soap entered my urethral causing significant pain and burning immediately which persisted for the next 2 weeks. I then developed:

At 4 days: swollen lymph nodes in my groin and right neck lasting 3 weeks
At 10 days: New genital HSV infection (first time) with ulcers around anus. Saw Dr and completed Acyclovir but they recurred as soon as I finished treatment. I am now require ongoing supressive therapy but the vesicles still come and go with itching along with buttock nerve pain up to now (11 weeks)
At 11 days: fever lasting one night with night sweats lasting 2 nights. 2 small oral ulcers which later cleared up.
At weeks 2-3: General fatigue which lasted 1 week
At 5 weeks: severe oral thrush (complete white tongue) confirmed by Dr. Completed 2 courses of Nystatin followed by a course of Amphotericin lozenges. Still no improvement at all currently.
At 5 weeks: a few very dark purple macules and unbelievably itchy along left forearm - these lasted 1 week and left small scars.
At 6 weeks - new rash - multiple small pimple like spots occasionally white or red covering my face upper chest, afew on my arms and sides of my feet. Some itchy some not itchy. New spots are still appearing daily now.
At 8 weeks normal stools but now covered in white spores/spots. Still ongoing
At 8 weeks: total 3kg weight loss. Pants and belts are loose. People have commented. Eating normal appetite however
At weeks 10 drenching nights sweats daily. I am sleeping topless in very cold room. Needing to change bed linen daily. Terrible insomnia waking at 3am every night and cant get back to sleep. Averaging 4hrs sleep per night. This is still ongoing over a week.

I am usually perfectly healthy and I am very worried about HIV especially now that I have persisting HSV on and off for 3months now, oral thrush for weeks still and drenching night sweats.

1. I thought frottage was negligible risk. Is this true? Some website even say no risk but I am suffering so so much with real signs.
2. Would my urethral burning with soap 8hrs after exposure increase my risk (damaged mucosa)? Is there a chance I could have washed some remaining virus down my urethral at this time.
3.I heard that air exposure does NOT kill HIV. Air just dries the fluid containing HIV and it slowly becomes inactive over several hours. Is this true?
4. What is my likely HIV risk with all these symptoms

I am completely freaking out as I was shocked to get Herpes which has required over 2months of Acyclovir. Now all my symptoms/signs are pointing to HIV and I am scared to get the 3month test. Each day seems to get worse.
Please Help!!

used sex toy hiv risk

Hi there! last night my friend used my sex toy. after 12 hours i washed it by water and soap but did not use it.
4 hours later i washed it again by warm water and soap and alcohol 70% and use it.
if my friend have hiv, is there any risk?

HIV Risk face-vaginal contact

Hello, I apologize and will try to make the details as least graphic as possible.

Long story short, I received protected oral from a sex worker. But my concern is that at some point, she sort of sat on my face for a couple of seconds (nude). She then kept insisting I lick her vagina but I was too afraid of HIV, so I only kissed her inner thighs a couple of times, and then I kissed her a single time on the exterior part of her vaginal lips, most likely (I can't remember exactly) just very near her vagina, actually. With my lips tightly closed, and feeling no fluid touch my lips. I never once stuck out my tongue.

Still, I'm a bit afraid of having been exposed to HIV.
1. Would her sitting on my face and receiving a single, closed lip kiss on only the outside surface of the vagina (or possibly very near) count as cunnilingus? If so would it be a risk to test over and worry about?

2. I don't recall anything wrong with my mouth, other than slightly chapped lips. Would this be an adequate barrier? Sometimes when I brush too hard I bleed a little.

Thank you for your help!

Semen/Cum Exposed to Air

I just want to confirm that semen/pre cum exposed to air does not pose a risk for transmission. I recently had protected sex with a guy …twice. I am concerned about the risk of precum and semen from his hands touching the condom while putting it on for the second go around.
Sorry if my questions sound absurd. I have extreme anxiety.

unprotected oral sex with

Hello, first of all thanks for reading this. I had a massage (with vegetable oil) and a prostate massage with an active escort today. She stick one finger in my Anas and sucked my nipple. Some light kissing too. Am I at risk? I have a slight cut on my thumb before I went to her. I always play with my hands and have skin tear off sometimes. She also gave me oral sex without protection. Shall I talk to a doctor of taking Post-exposure prophylaxis? How expensive this is? I’m under no health insurance coverage. Many thanks in advance. Living in NYC, called a hotline, who refused to prescribe me anything. I, however would rather take it before too late. Thanks for the Doctors, experts and friends here.

HIV Risk of "Docking" with a Large Amount of "Pre-cum"

I recently had a sexual encounter with a cisgender man (I am also a cisgender man) of unknown HIV status. I am negative and not on prep currently. We did NOT have anal intercourse. However, we did engage in "docking." Both uncircumsized. There was a large amount of precum from him and he was also using this as lubricant as he was rubbing/jerking off both penises together during the non-docking/mutual masturbation. Just wondering about the potential risk for HIV transmission if said individual was positive and not with an undetectable viral load--the reason I ask is because of the amount of precum and wondering about my urethra and whether any could get in and potentially pass on HIV. New to this activity and likely won't do it again with guys and thanks for your help. His penis was also quite large and I was wondering whether this fact--including the penis going into the throat--carries a greater risk for oral sex without a condom.

I Pray We'll Be Ready

i fingered a girl and forgot i had a blister on my finger

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia from blowjob

I received blowjob from a CSW around a month ago. The blowjob act was unprotected. However, there was no cunnilingus or penetrative sex involved. I know that transmission of HIV in such a case is quite unlikely, however, I am concerned about other STIs, more specifically Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. What I know is that the symptoms for both of them usually appear approximately within 10 days of contracting the infection, for males. Since, it has been more than a month now and I have not experienced any symptoms, except for some rashes around the genital area, which I think is not a classical symptom of these STIs, I wanted to ask:

1. What are chances of contracting Gonorrhea/Chlamydia through unprotected blowjob, with no other type of sex involved?

2. Since these infections are usually treatable with antibiotics, I wanted to ask that what happens if these infections remain untreated for around 6 months or a year? Are these infections treatable a year after contracting them?

3. Considering that no other specific disease is present, can a CBC or urinalysis somehow indicate the presence of these infections?



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