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Hope you can help me.

I feel like I am over reacting but I'm hoping you can give me an answer to calm me down.

Recently I meet up with 2 guys from tinder (different times).

The first guy I met rubbed his penis between my cheeks. What I'm worried about is if he may have had precum which would have landed on my anus. Also, he wanted me to put the head of my penis on his anus, but I never inserted. I also fingered him for less than a minute. Does that pose a risk for me?

With the second guy, we both gave each other hand jobs. At one point, he played with his penis and then came back to mine. If he had precum on his hand and then grabbed my penis, is that a concern?


PLEASE help and advise with regards to the below exposure. I would be sincerely and deeply grateful.

1) I finger pricked myself with a lancet device to check my blood glucose. I am not a diabetic, but still like to occasionally check my blood glucose just to stay informed about my blood sugar levels. After 24 hours (1 day) of this finger prick test, I had an exposure with a commercial sex worker whom I fingered, in her vagina with the SAME finger to pleasure her which I had pricked 24 hours ago. This was the ONLY type of exposure I had with her (fingering her to pleasure her) . Please advise :

A) what are my chances of contracting HIV ?


B) whether I should get tested for HIV ?

2) For non diabetic people, how long (minutes? hours? days ?) does the finger pricked with lancet take to heal (I mean that finger prick hole to close again and become a barrier for any infection or virus like HIV to go through) ?

Anxiously awaiting your reply to the above two questions. God bless. Thank you so very much.

Question regarding OraQuick and chances of contracting HIV from being in contact with vaginal fluid

Hello! I would first like to thank you all for the amazing work you are doing for the people, I have been going through vast array of informations on this website and found all of them very helpful.

I hate to admit it but, I had a sexual encounter with a sex worker exactly 8 weeks and two days ago. During the session, we had protected vaginal sex for about five minutes, she rimmed me for about a minute after, gave me unprotected oral sex, then I fingered her and masturbated my penis with some vaginal fluids present on my hand (I am circumsized, but my inner foreskin is still exposed as it was done when I was 16). What mentally destroyed me about this incident is that during the following month, I have had recurrent mouth ulcers.

I understand that use of condom during vaginal sex with fairly effective and that unprotected oral sex is negligible risk. However, I have been having trouble finding information regarding having vaginal fluid on hand and then touching penis, and receiving rimming. Are there any risk in these activities?

Also, I have taken OraQuick tests at 3 and 6 weeks post exposure, which came back negative. Is this result accurate or do you recommend that I retest at 8 weeks or 12 weeks?

Thank you.


A very concerned man in Florida.

kissing french style

how many cases have been reported for hiv because of blood transmission through french kissing. please reply i have a sore in my mouth which is not bleeding. is there any possibility to get me infected if the person had bleeding and is mixed with the saliva and also i would like to mention i had chapped and dry lips with small holes with no active bleeding, but there is blood if it is pressed. is there any possibility because i kissed two strangers in the pub.

risk of hiv infection from hair cutting

Hello guys
I am from Vietnam and I have questions to ask
.Today i go to get a haircut. During the haircut, the barber was cut into his hand and bleed. However, that person did not bandage and continued to cut my hair.
Whether in the barber shop, that blood sticks to scratches or wounds when my cut does hiv transmission ?
and I went for a blood test and the doctor did not replace gloves when taking blood for me. did i on the risk?
Thanks very much

HIV risk from love bite

Dear HIV Helpline,

Last week, I went for a massage at an erotic massage parlour and gave the masseuse a love bite. I am not sure if I bit her hard enough for her to bleed (I did not see blood but it was dimly lit), and I had a small ulcer (not bleeding) on my inner lower lip.

Aside from that, I very momentarily lightly kissed her lip to lip and she ended the session with an unprotected hand job.

Given this scenario, am I at risk of contracting HIV IF the masseuse is positive? Thank you so much and I really hope to hear from you.

Anal fingering with a cut in finger

Hello friends!
ha 3 weeks ago I had a sexual encounter where I used condoms all the time. What worried me was that I had inserted my finger into his anus and only then realized that there was a superficial cut (attached to the cap of a long neck bottle) without bleeding. I would like to know about the risk of contracting HIV.

I thank you for your attention!

Blackhead remover is risky?

Sorry about my english, I am not a native english speaker
I went to a facial and the esthetician used a comedone exctractor to remove my blackheads. I dont know if it was sterelized and if I bleed, and I am very worried now. Do I need to be tested for hepatitis or hiv? Is there any risk of these transmissions?

Dirty hands with hiv touched mouth


Is it possible that if my hands had hiv blood on it and touched mouth one second later I can get hiv?

Worried thanks

Extremly worried about strip club encounter.

I was fingering a stripper and I had cuts on my finger however I'm not sure if they were bleeding or not. I also was sucking on her tit and I'm not aware if anything came out of her nipple or not. I'm super worried about this.


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