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unprotected oral sex

Kindly, can you explain to me what are the chances of contracting HIV and other STD through unprotected received oral by a ladyboy, I did finger her ass and I ejaculate over her body by rubbing penis over the penis ,also what are the risks of fingering. I am so worried and stressed out,
pls, tell me what are my risks of my behavior and thank you so much for the great help.

Scared that I caught an STD

Hi, so I hooked up with someone from a gay app. They gave me oral sex, a rather rough handjob, and tried to insert my penis into their anus. When they tried to insert my penis into their anus, it did make contact, but there was no penetration. After the encouter, I noticed that my penis was really sore (kind of like a burning sensation), and my mouth had some dry red patches in the corner. I have been feeling a little ill, but I have also been extremely anxious about contracting an STD from this encounter. Should I get tested?

Confused about an answer...urgent!!!!

"A paper cut that slices through many layers of the skin may lead directly to your bloodstream." says David to someone . Is that true? It is possible for HIV + blood contact with this kind of small cut to access in your bloodstream???
What if I had this kind of cut and I touched someone fresh blood? What if i touched someone with a same cut, paper cut like that David definition, and I have a same one? I handshake with a HIV + person and he also have small cuts like me, paper cuts.... please ...HELP

HIV risk, HIV + person confirmed, please help

Please help, I tried to help a HIV + person to take something heavy and we both cut in almost (1 second apart ) same time in a sharp plastic thing. And it was me after him....
I don't know his viral level or if he takes any drugs.
The cuts were on both with blood but small, like bigger than paper cuts.
Do I need test?
Thank you for your help

unprotected oral sex , and sex without insertion

hi ,

please advise me i had big mistake to hire a call girl in dubai at 30th of april 2016 .
i had 2 hiv antibodies tests negative at day 48 and 55 .. i believe it is not the fourth generation test ..
i also tested hiv p24 antigen negative in day 55 ..(also not the 4th generation )

the test name is :
HIV I&II Abs Negative ( after 48 days )
HIV I&II Abs Negative ( after 55 days, means one month and 23 days )
HIV-1 Antigen (P24) ( Qualitative ), Serium immunobolt ( not detected ) after 1 month and 23 days at the same day of the second antibodies test but in another lab

i am not sure if those test are 4th generation , and most probably that they are only 3rd generation .
the antigen and the antibodies tests were at the same day but in two different labs so it is not combi-test

i didnt insert into her , i only recieved deep blowjob as she was crazy , i fingered her in ASSS , there was alot of surface contacts without condum outside her vagina and without insertion .. alot of deep kisses and hugs ...

i had some symptomes , like neck lymph pain ( still with me ) , tempreture up to 38.5 ( lasted for 14 days and now gone ) , some red spots on my chest and stomach with small white heads ( now gone )

please advise as i am living in a nightmare

my results are enough ? .. or what i have to do to be sure ?


Transmission of hiv through sharp aluminum then cuts you

I was working a project with aluminum, having to cut certain areas of the aluminum which was creating Knicks. The person who was helping me cut themselves. I got them a bandaid, but we continued working the aluminum object. Not ready thinking that we were pass the object back and forth with blood on it. And Possibly cutting my hands with the same point that cut the other person. Is it possible to get hiv through having a cut created or touch by an existing one object with blood on it?

Transmission risk from fingering

Approximately 4 weeks ago I fingered a very promiscuous girl. She's told me that she does not have any STD's, but never tested. That freaked me out. I don't recall having any cuts, sores, abrasions on that finger. And I fingered her just for a second.
I tested negative in May, as part of my routine check-up. Do I need to get tested again prior to this 'accident', or I'm being too paranoid about it?

can i get hiv from oral activities?

**** I am 30 year old male.I want to know can i get infected from oral activities like deep kissing(after brushing my teeth),hickeys and vaginal fluid on my finger.I know this are low risk activities but still i am very much concerned.I did some blood test (Tri-dot, Elisa and P24 Hiv Duo) after 9 weeks of exposure. All came out as negative. My question is should i retest at 13th week or the results are conclusive?

Only Hand Job


appreciate you for the vital infos.

as repeatedly quoted by you that below offers high chance of acquiring AIDS
(i) HIV transmits through bodily fluids(semen, vaginal fluid, anal fluid, rectal fluid, breast milk, blood, pre-cum)
(ii) high risk unprotected sex activity like vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, exchanging needles,french kissing when the partner has large bleeding injury on the mouth, lip etc that offers direct access to carry high level of HIV to another person's blood stream through Vagina,anus, penis, urethra, open injury's on mouth.

Currently do not have any injuries on my penis or anus or testicles etc

my question is ,

(1) wearing condom and if i get only hand job (not blow job or oral sex) & fingering on my penis, testicles etc from a sex worker but not allowing her to insert her fingers into my anus, hope this activity will not transmit HIV ? please clarify
(2) the skin on the penis, testicles etc are very soft and delicate so such softness or sensitiveness gives any chance to get HIV?
(3) Taking bath with a sex worker either naked or not and in jacuzzi or pool do not transmit HIV. am i correct?
(4) 6 months before had underdone a surgery on my hip but have removed the stitches 5 months before and the wound is completely cured and am also completely recovered but the scare on the skin which is stitched is still there, yes only the scare, so is this a risk to get AIDS?
(5) also am aware that HIV will not transmit through sweat, saliva(theoretically) or when exposed to AIR/OXYGEN. am i correct?
please advise

Very Worried

Hi, yesterday after I got drunk at a bar,I met a girl of easy virtue and she performed a unprotected oral sex(blowjob) for around 20 seconds .I seriously doubted her health conditions as she looked slightly ill and I am not sure if she had any sores/bleeding inside her mouth .My anxiety started as I had a rise in temperature of my body form two hours after the encounter and still continuing. Please answer my question and thank you very much


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