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Negligible oral sex risk

I received unprotected fellatio from a sex worker. Do you recommend I get tested for HIV?

Hiv Doubts Pls Help

**** I went to csw to have sex but I didnt have any kind of sex with her.
Instead having sex I just rubbed my condom protected penis with her vagina for minutes and I ejaculated. In between this time the girl was rubbing her vagina in my lower abdomen that is near to my stomach.
Is their any chance for transmission of hiv ?

In massge parlour again their is no sex . The girl was naked. But I told her to wear underwear and to give body massage. The girl rubbed her vagina in my penis after wearing her underwear. Their is not even an oral sex but she kissed my penis few times. She licked my cheast for few times.
Is their any chance for transmission of hiv ?


Today during an autopsy I was handling a decomposing individual's hands, he was NOT cut open. Unknown if individual was HIV/ Hepatitis positive. Some skin slipped and sloughed off hand as I was handling, and a drop of unknown bodily fluid went under my face shield in into my eye. I immediately told the supervisor, and washed out my eye in the eye wash station for 20 mins and took out contacts. I have a follow up appointment soon, and have been told by many that the risk of developing HIV/ Hepatitis B or C is extremely small, especially since it wasn't likely blood that went into my eye. I would like a second opinion, as I will not know for a good 6 months for sure until all blood tests are done if I have or have not developed it. Thank you. Again, the decedent didn't have a history of HIV/ Hepatitis, but still treating it worst case scenario.

Eyaculation over a partially closed lip injury

Good morning.
Yesterday I was having sex and the other person eyaculated and the semen accidentally touched my lip on an almost cured (but not completely) lip sore (looking similar to a dry herpes injury on my lip, it wasn't bleeding but it was sensible due to all the kissing).
Could this semen - injury contact, though briefly since I removed it with my hand, be a potential HIV infection cause?
I don't know if I should go to get the emergency HIV treatment or not

Risk of Having HIV on being rubbed by someone penis on my anus.

I have anal a month before with my friend. He tends to insert his penis in my anal but never inserted. He only rubbed his penis on my opening of anal. Is there any chance of getting infected of HIV

Does contact with vaginal fluid transmit HIV?

I had visited a Strip club last week in NYC. I had a private dance with a lady. I fingered here for a while and then she licked my fingers after that. I kissed here after this.

I am afraid if this will transmit HIV (if the lady was HIV positive). Is there a risk that you see in this?
Kindly help me.

ELISA twice reactive 1 year apart


I'm a 28 male who lives in a low risk HIV area.

About a year ago I had a HIV test done (I needed it for surgery) and I was told that the test result was "inconclusive". I didn't know much about HIV and HIV testing at the time and obviously I was worried. After asking a lot of questions the doctor told me that the administered test (ELISA) was reactive to the HIV antibodies and that we needed to do more tests to confirm the result. We took 2 more blood samples and ran 2 more tests (Western Blot and PCR). Fortunately both tests came back negative (no bands present and no proviral DNA was detected) which resulted in a HIV negative status.

One week ago I had another ELISA done along with standard STD tests (STD tests came back negative). This time the result also came back as "reactive" and we had to take more blood samples for Western Blot and PCR (still waiting for the results).

During the year between the tests I only had sex (vaginal, some of it unprotected) with one woman who was my girlfriend at the time and who as far as I know is HIV negative. Our last sexual encounter was 2 months ago.

Is it unheard-of for someone to be "reactive" to 2 separate ELISA tests 2 year apart? If so, and my results comeback again negative (fingers crossed) then what are my options for future testing? As you may imagine this is very stressful for me and for if some reason ELISA is sensitive to my blood are there any other tests that can be used for routine screenings?


use of double condoms for oral sex


Few days back, I had oral sex with a girl. Initially, I was using only one condom for oral, later on I decided to use the second one on top of first one. The session went on for 15-20 minutes with breaks in between and I finally ejaculated inside the condoms. I saw that there was no leakage when I removed the condoms and disposed it off. I am worried so much now because off late I saw so many posts says double condoms leads to tear or holes in condom due to friction. Am I at risk of STD or HIV. Please help me this was my first oral and i never had sex before with anyone.

HIV from recieving oral sex

Hi, I am a 17 year old who received unprotected oral sex from a street worker. I asked her if she was clean and she said yes. after the encounter I started to get stressed out as I thought I may have contracted HIV. 3 days after the encounter I felt feverish and very stressed. I suffered from a sore throat mild fever and headache. 6 days after the encounter and I've got a red early cold sore like mark on my lower lip. I am really scared please help.

tattoo needle prick and fish pedicure

i am worried sick because a couple of months back i did a tattoo on a friend but im not sure if the needle pricked me if the needle perhaps pricked me but i didnt feel it or bleed would i be at risk of catching hiv? My next incident is i went to a salon where they do fish pedicures and my friend said that i can catch hiv from the fish if i had a cut on my foot which i did which was due to scratching in between my toes lets say if someone before me also had open wounds would i catch hiv from this incident thank you so much in advance for your answer and input you guys put a lot of ease to people minds an i greatly appreciate what you'll do


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