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Dear Sir/Ma'am
I was operated on 14-June-2016 for gall stone disease. Before operation one person came to trim hairs from my stomach and genital parts. He was using a hair trimmer. Accidentally he made a minor cut on my lower abdomen (there was no bleeding initially). After a few minutes I went to bath room and wash that cut with water and squeezed the cut to get blood out of it and again wash the wound. After two or three days the wound/cut healed.
Now after one month I developed some pich type random rashes on some parts like forearms lower legs and thigh. I am also feeling pinch like pain in my groin area with mild fever. I tested for HIV 1 and HIV 2 antibodies two days ago and the result was negative.
Please throw some light can I get HIV infection through above described process.
With Regards.

Can Hiv be transmitted through blood splatter ?

Yesterday I interrupted a fight and got in contact with a man whose nose started bleeding. I handed him a tissue and tried not to get in contact with the blood but a few minutes later I realised I had a blood stain on my shirt as well as a few splatters on my arm, hand and face. (the splatters on my face were very small like two millimetres). I washed my face and hands, but I'm a little bit hypochondriac and now I'm scared there might have been a risk of transmission.

Can HIV be spread through infected razor blades which left red scratches around the neck and partially popped pimples?

I am posting here because I have lost my peace of mind since last week and am facing contradictory opinions in various forums. Please help me out. So a few days ago I went for a shave in a nearby salon. I am from India, the salons here not very clean but this one was okay. Now every time I go for a shave I check if the barber if using news blades, I forgot that day. He started shaving and felt slight pain on my partially popped pimple. He then opened the drawer and brought out a new blade (He was using a straight razor). I asked him if he had been shaving me so far with an old blade. He said NO. But I am not convinced. After I went home I noticed that there was a red scratch around my neck and the partially popped pimples. There was no visible blood but still I felt sick to my stomach thinking about this. Now assuming the person who shaved before me was HIV+ and his infected blood came in contact with the blade with which I was later shaved I have the following questions -

1) I was given a shave approximately 40/50 seconds after the earlier guy. Does HIV survive for 1 minute in open air? I didn't notice if the earlier blade was in open air, kept in a jar of water (Which I think was not), or washed. In that case does HIV virus go away after a wash and does it survive if kept in a small jar of water.

2) There was no visible blood on my face except for some red scratches around my neck and partially popped pimples. The thing that I am worried about is the fact that may be the cut was so small that i didn't notice/see. I washed my face and re examined it after 1 hour but found to traces of blood/cut except for those red scratches I mentioned earlier. I am worried that may be the cut disappeared within this 1 hour because I thoroughly washed my face.

3) The next day I popped open my partially popped pimple to see if there was blood and found some puss and some red material, which looks like blood. Will this action of mine pose a problem?

Please help me out. I am student and have mane entrance exams in the next month. I am loosing sleep over this issue and can't study. I am constantly thinking that my life has been cut short due to my stupidity. I am in extreme mental anguish. Please answer my queries ASAP. Thank You.

HIV possible from razor?

Recently I was needing to shave my beard and I pulled a razor out from my drawer in my bathroom. During shaving, I accidentally nicked myself a few times, and I didn't think about it much at first. However, I had my brother over a few days ago and I found out he may have used one of the razors from the same drawer to shave. I don't personally know his HIV status, but say if he were to have HIV, used this blade, accidentally cut himself, stupidly put the blade back, and I had used it and nicked myself, what would be the chance of me contracting HIV (or any STDs in general, for that matter)? I know I sound paranoid, but I'm losing sleep over it and would like to know what my risk is. If I'm not at risk, then what makes this a different and lower risk than "sharing needles"? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

HIV through Cut


I had an encounter with a gentleman with whom we discussed his status and mine (both negative) and I pick at my thumbs, but had a band aid over it. During lunch, the band aid came off, and after, we made out in the car and I touched his penis and may have gotten precum on my thumb, then he did do filatio to me, but did not for long. I got test tested with the 4th generation test 8 weeks and 1 day after to which it came back negative. What is the likelihood of HIV transmitting, and should I get tested again?

Hand job anus play

Hello I am a transgender who has not been sexually active. Well I met someone one craigslist late at night and acted a little dumb. Now I am just wanting reassurance if I should be worried or not. I don't know the man just met him once he was nice. We met in my car and talked for awhile and I ended up giving him a hand job, while I was doing that to him he played with my anus a little fingered it some but really didn't really stick it in very much if he did he stuck it in pretty shallow but played with it enough to that it hurt for a few days. Before he was able to cum I got scared and stopped but I did have a lot of precum on my hands. He was cool with me stopping and he left and that was all. I also do test my sugar with my hands but that was more than 12 hours before. Should I be worried about any std especially HIV giving him that hand jog or him fingering my anus a little? We did not kiss on the mouths at all or do anything else. No sex was involved in anyway just a handjob and my anus being fingered a little. Please help this transgender calm down.

Fingering with pre-cum

I was fingered by a guy who had some pre-cum on his fingers. What are the risks of getting hiv from this kind of activity? Thank you.

Ejaculate While Docking - What are the risks?

I'm looking for some advice about an encounter I had with another male. It's the only sexual experience I've had with another male. The other guy claims he has only ever had oral with another male and advised me he was free from any form of std. Apart from what they said I don't know their sexual health history.

During our meet the other guy had his foreskin over the head of my penis, I played with his penis until he ejaculated while his foreskin was still over my penis, so the head of my penis (possibly inside it too) was covered in the guys ejaculate. I removed my penis for a minute then we 'docked' again until I ejaculated.

I have to admit I enjoyed the experience but do wish it was with someone I knew rather than a random guy I know nothing about.

Would it be possible to find out what the possibilities of hiv transmission if the other male was infected? Or other std's that may have been present?

unprotected not completed sex without insertion

hi ,

please advise me i had big mistake to hire a call girl in dubai at 30th of april 2016 .
i had 2 hiv antibodies tests negative at day 48 and 55 .. i believe it is not the fourth generation test ..

i also tested hiv p24 antigen negative in day 55 ..(also not the 4th generation )

i didnt insert into her , i only recieved blowjob , i fingered her in he back bottom , there was alot of surface contacts without condum and without insertion ( vagainal surface contacts without insertion ) .. alot of kisses and hugs and i recieved oral sex for more than 20 minutes ...

i had some symptomes , like neck lymph pain ( still with me ) , tempreture up to 38.5 ( lasted for 14 days and now gone ) , some red spots on my chest and stomach with small white heads ( now gone )

i got some analysis found that i am EBV +, CMV + , HSV-1 &2 + ,

yesterday i tested hiv i&ii Ag&Ab and teh result came negative ( this was after 63 days from the exposure and i dont know if it is 4th generation or not )

please advise as i am living in a nightmare

Do I need to get tested?


I need your help and guidance. I am a gay guy and last week, I met a guy where we had some fun. It was mainly deep kissing, genital rubbing, body play and he sucked me for maximum 5-7 sec because I am not into it. After that I asked him not to do it and we kissed and made body love (there was no anal sex). I don't know his HIV status though he said he is clean. I met him today again(only met) where he said that he is clean and i should not be worried about it. I am feeling itchy skin though with a few pimples. Is there any concern for me and should I get tested for this? I am very much freaking out now. Need your guidance.


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