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Hiv from fingering

Please help and asses my hiv risk from this fingering act. I had a finger pricked for a blood test with a lancet. About six hours later, I was with a CSW and I fingered her with the same finger forgetting that it was pricked with a lancet. She told me that she is clean and showed me a recent hiv negative test result just two days before from a reputable hospital.

Am I at risk in case she have new infection still in window period.

Many thanks for your help

Hiv through underwears, very worried

Can someone get hiv with underwears on. I had a regrettable incident two days ago with a CSW. I took her to my apartment but did not have a condom. So we agreed not to have sex. However, during the foreplay, she was completely nude and I had only my boxer on. I gave her some grinding and some stokes with my boxers on. Don't think I penetrated her as I had my underwear on. She was not really very wet but am worried if some of her vaginal fluid with hiv may have passed through the underwear and infect me.

We did a hiv test later and she was negative. What if she is in the window period.
Am I at risk here and do I need testing for this. I always do complete STD test yearly.

Thanks so much.

Wound Skinned Over



I was giving an oral to a person whose hiv status I do not know about. Actually it cannot be considered as an oral sex. Because I took his penis into my mouth only for few seconds. Mostly I gave him a handjob. After this, 10 minutes later I was at home and realized that I had had an wound in my mouth sized only a point. It was very small and it was not bleeding, it was like I previously bited it accidentally in my sleep and it was cicatrised. Is it still risky? The man did not come into my mouth, as I said before I took the penis only for few seconds. I did not think there was precum, either.

Thank you so much.

I look forward to answer.

Confused Help Me

I am a Male.I had an exposure with a male 28 day before I post this question. I used a condom.He gave me Oral Sex.Then I tried to penetrate him with the same condom.But there was no actual penetration.My penis never enters his anus.My Question is what does it mean by anal fluid? Is this always present outside the anus? when I toched his anus with finger, it felt like something watery.Does this put me at a risk of contracting HIV? I also fingered his anus.Now I'm at 28th day mark and going for a rapid antibody test.How accurate is a rapid test after 28 days? Please Help me.Thank You In Advance

KTV experience finger to penis

I was at a KTV lounge earlier this week. A working lady put her hands into my pants and used her fingernails to scratch the urethra or "opening" portion of the head of my penis.

If there was fresh blood on her finger/finger nail. Is it possible for me to be infected?

Touching Urine of someone with HIV


I may just be paranoid but I'd like to be reassured either way. I work in healthcare and was carrying a bedpan of urine of a person who is HIV positive. There wasn't any visible blood in it that I can recall. I can't remember if her viral load was undetectable but I know it was very low or very well controlled. I don't recall getting any urine on my hands but I scratched an insect bite on my neck afterwards so if I did have a small drop of urine on my hands it could have come into contact with some broken skin. Can you tell me if there is any risk at all of transmission, even if it's tiny? Thanks.

Hiv risk through semen

Hello sir..long days before,i met with an stranger who is 15-20 years older than me.we had a good chat and we become friend,infact he have cheated me to have sexual pleasure with me.ond day we have meeting in his house.he started rubbing his penis with my penis.as he belongs to muslim relegion,he do not have foreskin on his penis..first,he rubbed with pre-cum on his penis,such that the pre-cum on his penis touched the head of my penis..i too got pre-cum.now the mixture of his and my pre-cum was on my penis.after that,he started masterbation,after he ejaculates,the semen also touches my penis..even i have studied that hiv virus cannot live outside of the body,this activity happens in instant..i have no cuts or abrassions on my penis.now assuming that stranger as hiv positive,my questions are 1)his pre-cum mixed with my precum on my penis can transmit hiv from him.. 2)or his semen that touches the urethra opening in my penis can transmit hiv.. 3)what is the possibility of his pre-cum or his semen can go inside of my urethra opening..is this possible.plz answer me clearly,i beg u..i am very anxious,i have sleepless nights.another thing i want to mention is this incident dates back 3 years before.thank you.

genital contact

Hi , two night ago I went to massage for handjob, but in the middle of the massage the lady sit on my lap and her vaginal rub with my penis for twice and I stopped her. No penentration So can it expose to the hiv? As I read from site, foreskin has the possibility to transmit virus if there are some vaginal fluids

HIV transmission possible this way?

Wanted to know the risk of massaging vaginal fluids (with hands) on the lining of the arse. The massage wasn't deep. It was just on the lining of the arse. Does this even transmit HIV?


Hi team

I am male and I had unprotected oral sex with a girl. She performed on me. Then I had protected intercourse with her.
Two weeks after that, I have constant feeling of nausea and dizziness. I panic that I might have contracted hiv. Pl help.



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