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HIV transmission possible this way?

Wanted to know the risk of massaging vaginal fluids (with hands) on the lining of the arse. The massage wasn't deep. It was just on the lining of the arse. Does this even transmit HIV?


Hi team

I am male and I had unprotected oral sex with a girl. She performed on me. Then I had protected intercourse with her.
Two weeks after that, I have constant feeling of nausea and dizziness. I panic that I might have contracted hiv. Pl help.


HIV needles at work place


During my first few months of work at a restaurant, I have been stupid enough to use my hands(covered with about 3 paper towels) to push down on garbage bins. One day, a coworker told me that quite a bit of people do heroine in the washrooms because he has found needles on the floor and in the garbage bins many times before. After hearing that I obviously stopped using my hands to push down on the bins. What are the chances that I might have been poked by a HIV needle without knowing about it during my first few months of work?

Negative result after 6 months but still worried

Good Day and thank you providing a great help!
I had an exposure with the lady with unknown HIV status last April 2013 and it was a protected sex but i got worried since a suck her nipples and tastes something different. After the exposure I ask the girl if she is on breastfeeding and she confirmed that the liquid that i sucked on her breast is a breast milk. Since then i get worried although it was a low risks. After 6 months i got tested with HIV in canada and the result was negative. I was worried again since after a year (last April 2014), it looks like i'm having a sinus infection. I went to the doctor and he give a Nasal flow but until now most of the time i'm having a blocked nose especially in the morning.
1. Do you think is related with HIV?
2. Do you think there is something wrong with my HIV test?
3. Can i forget now this incident and forget about HIV since i was tested negative after 6 months or need to test again.

I don't have any possible exposure after that incident.

Looking for your response and help!

Mr Dodson HIV Risk

. Yesterday I had sex with a random girl whom I met at a bar. I did use a condom and I fingered this girl as well. But earlier in the day I had trimmed by finger nails very short, to the point that one of my fingernails was aching. After I have had sex and fingered this girl I noticed a gap/cut near the tip of my finger where the skin meets the nail ( the point where I trimmed my nails earlier). I was wondering if I had and hiv risk and Is this high or low risk situation? Do we have mucous membranes in our fingers or under our fingernails that can facilitate infection?Should I consult a doctor and discuss PEP?

RE: Rimming?

Hi sorry, just to make sure incase I wasn't too clear with my question..
So performing analingus would be a negligable risk even with a small amount of blood from the receiver's anus present?
Like I said, I didn't taste any blood so it's not likely I came into contact with any, but I'm asking just incase.
And there would need to be a significant amount of blood from him, going into my mouth, and I would need an actively bleeding wound in order for transmission to take place, correct?
Because otherwise, the blood is swallowed into the digestive tract and the virus would be destroyed..?
Thanks again, just wanna make sure I got my facts right :)


Dear ,
I read all your answers in the forum, I note that you are relaxing the patient , please help me through providing scientific facts for my case even if not good which I am ready to face the truth.
I am a man has single exposure as unprotected oral sex with commercial sex worker girl.
1 ) HIV
After 3 weeks : P24 and Total antibodies HIV1&HIV2 = 0.15 = nonreactive
After 6 weeks : P24 and Total antibodies HIV1&HIV2 = 0.18 = nonreactive
After 8 weeks : P24 and Total antibodies HIV1&HIV2 = 0.68 = nonreactive
At 90 days : P24 and Total antibodies HIV1&HIV2 = 0.88 = nonreactive

Is it possible that my body showing more antibodies by passing time due to increasing the value of the test above ?
Is those tests conclusive ? or I have to test again at 6 months ?
May I continue my normal life with my wife ?

2 ) HBV
After 3 weeks : PCR = Negative
After 8 weeks : HB.sAg = nonreactive
At 90 days : HB.sAg = nonreactive

Is those tests conclusive ?

3 ) HCV
After 3 weeks : PCR = Negative
After 8 weeks : HCV Ab = nonreactive
At 90 days : HCV Ab = nonreactive

Is those tests conclusive ?

4 ) HSV-2
After 2 weeks : HSV-2 IgG = 0.33 = nonreactive ( No Symptoms )
After 8 weeks : HSV-2 IgG = 0.35 = nonreactive ( No Symptoms )
At 90 days : HSV-2 IgG = 0.38 = nonreactive ( No Symptoms )

Is it possible that my body showing more antibodies by passing time due to increasing the value of the test above ?
Is those tests conclusive ? Do I need more tests at 16 weeks ?

5 ) Syphilis
After 1 week : Without any symptoms, I took ( 3 ) tablets of Doxycycline 100 all together daily on the same time for 15 days as advised in (pFizer) company guide for treating syphilis.
After 8 weeks : VDRL = nonreactive ( No Symptoms )
At 90 days : VDRL = nonreactive ( No Symptoms )

Is those tests with proposed treatment conclusive ?

6 ) Gonorrhea and Chlamydia
After 7 weeks : Without any symptoms, I took one single dose of Ceftriaxone 0.5 IM in addition to on single dose of Azithromycin 1 g

Can we consider Gonorrhea and Chlamydia ruled out ? Do I need any tests ?

7 ) HPV
I am not sexually active person and this accident was rare in my life, Is it possible that I got HPV through this single exposure ( Unprotected oral sex : mouth to penis ) ?

Feces on broken skin

If you have contact with feces on broken skin. Is there an hiv risk?

Fingering and rimming

Hi, I rimmed a guy after/while I was fingering him, I didn't fully insert my tongue into his anus, but I guess obviously I did somewhat.
If the fingering made him bleed, would there have to be enough so that I would be aware of it in order to pass HIV?
I read that there have been no recorded cases of transmission from rimming, does this elevate any risk for me? Thanks.

Patsy further qn on HIV risk


Hi this was my previous question and answer.
I hope you don't mind me replying as I have some questions to ask.

You mentioned that it is of no risk of HIV even though we both had cuts. But what if both of our cuts were bleeding out a little and we held hands, and the cuts touched each other, while holding hands. Is there a risk of HIV in that case? I don't think that my whole hand was full of blood, neither was his.

Please help me? Thank you so much


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