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Commercial Sex Worker

Hello,4 days ago me and a freind was in turkey and we were really drunk and we decided to order a commercial sex worker..We asked a taxi driver if he knew one and he drove us to her.When we meet here she looked really tierd.We went into a room and she did putted on condoms on bought of us,nonne of us could get erection so she sucked with the condom on and wanked for 1 minute,she also took the penis at her vagina but not inside for 10 seconds. I am really worried because i cant go 1 minute without thinking about it,thanks for answer..

So scared, please answer me

Hi please answer me! In the last few months I have had only making out and mutual masturbation with 3 different guys. I wasn't worried but now I'm certain that there were some times when they had precum on their hands (never full ejaculate) and then touched my penis and the tip of my penis.. What if it went into my urethra?? Can't that infect me?? Please reply. I called a HIV hotline here in Canada and they said not to worry but I need another opinion.

Could I be infected?

I have a question. About a week ago I received oral sex from a guy whose hiv status I'm unaware of. It only lasted less than a minute. But I had a small scab on my penis that was caused from me masturbating myself with no lubricant a few weeks prior, and I'm really worried that the scan could have caused hiv to enter my body. And I'm really worried and scared that I could be infected. Could someone please give me some answers

Fingering cut on finger tip

Hello. I am really worried because 6 weeks ago I fingered a Sex Masseuse for a couple of minutes. I would´t be worried except that when I arrived home, 2 hours later, I found I had a 5 mm cut (a bit wider than a paper split cut) because it hurt a little bit when I touched my pillow (it was like a paper cut , but a bit wider). When I saw it I got really scared. I thought HIV could have been transmitted into my bloodstream. When I saw it, the cut was not bleeding. I don´t remember when I had it, if it was the day before or 3 hours before the fingering. It was deep enough to see like the red layer of the skin. I poured some medical alcohol 96 degrees to try to proof if it was free enough to let the virus in. When I poured it it didn´t hurt / sting. It thought to me it was already healing, but I am not sure. 2 days later a began to form (it was deep enough to form a scab but moment of exposure it wasn´t yet formed). Now, 2 weeks later it´s completely regenerated (you can´t notice I had a cut). Have I had a risky exposure to HIV? Do you think I should get tested? 4 days after exposure I began with a mild sore throat and afterwards I had some coughing for 3, 4 days. I have been very stressed since the incident and a bit anxious. On day 13 I started with some nausea that remained for 15-20 days with some acid stomach.Not vomiting, bus a bit nausea that comes and goes during the days.
1.Could it be the onset of HIV symptoms?
2. If for instance, the cut was opened during the fingering and bleeda a little bit, did I have any hiv exposure?
Thank you very much.

Possible HIV Infection

I am concerned of a recent HIV infection due to symptoms that have developed with my body. They mirror those of early signs of HIV infection. My possible exposure was from a massage parlor where I inserted a finger into the masseuses vagina. I am also concerned that she provided me with a hand job with the same hand that may have come into contact with her vaginal fluid.

My first test was for all STD's including an HIV antibody at three 1/2 weeks after exposure. All came back negative.

My second test was an HIV 1/0/2 antibody test & HIV-1 RNA Qualitative at week 5 after exposure. All came back negative.

My third test was an HIV 1/0/2 antibody test, HIV-1 RNA Qualitative & HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx at week 6. All came back negative.

What is the accuracy of all these tests in general and at the six week window? The anxiety is killing me and me be possibly leading to some of my symptoms.

Thank you so much for your help!

HIV subtypes

thanks for your reply in advance
i had more than 140 Elisa hiv1/2 Elisa HIV. rapid tests , home test kit all came negative more than 210 days after my exposure to an oral sex with a csw, that i found late that she had blood in her mouth. and on day 138 of exposure i had a Pcr rna hiv Quantitative taqman probe the result came as next:
less than 16 iu/ml. the patient is under detection limit of the kit
1 to 640 = negative
640 to 1000= low titre
1000 to 5000 moderate titre
more than 5000 to 71000 high titre
more than 71000 very high
on day 140 of exposure, i had HIV COBAS AB/negative
on day 215 of exposure, i went to the hospital and had an Elisa Total test that i got the result Negative after 1 day.
and on day days 220, 221, 222, 223 i had unigold and Chembio hiv1/2 ab test 4 times all came negative.
what i am facing:
i lost more than 5 kgs since then ( 7 months )-weak feeling, tingling under my jaw, recently dry cough, red follicle on chest ( they are drying a now after a month, but i have few pieces in different places, nowadays headache. )
white tongue ( since 1 month of exposure till now, but it is getting better ) some tinglings in mouth, and in throat area, like when i wake up can not swallow good, i feel like hard swallow in the right side of throat ...

my questions
1: am i infected with HIV or any other subtype?
2: does Elisa 3rd gen read hiv O and rare strains?
3: feeling this tired feeling did not leave me for long time, why do you think?
4: made my last Elisa 3 tests in a Chinese government Hospital, my exposure was in China too, the 3 last Elisa total results ( negative ) at 7 months mark... i don't know if Elisa can find rare types or not.

i am so worried, please, help
thanks, God bless you

touching shaft

Hi, some days ago, i went to a gay sauna, and use the glory hole. A guy, before sucking my penis, touched and rubbed the tip of it, right in the urethra channel. I am worried because I noticed than before me, he was having some action with other guy. There could be a risk if he has semen or pre cum in his hand from the other guy?

Handjob with bleeding cut on testicle

Hi Aids Vancouver Team,

Thanks for taking the time to read my question and assess my risk. Basically the story is I went for a full body massage and the lady massaged my penis and my testicles with oil. Afterwards I received a handjob from her and I also fingered her. My finger didn't went in all the way though. After that we went to shower together and that sums up the incident.

So later, I went home and when I took off my underwear, I was shocked to see blood stains on my underwear. I quickly checked my private area for any signs of cuts and I think I saw a small cut on the skin of my testicle. Or maybe it is a pimple that burst or whatsoever. The cut is not fully dried up yet and when I squeezed, there is still blood coming out. It is just a very very small cut but it still bleeds when squeezed. What I suspect is probably she had scratched my testicle while doing the massaging.

Reason being she used her nails and did some teasing to my testicles and I suspect the scratch happened during that time. Or maybe like I mentioned earlier, it is a pimple and her nail accidentally scratched it and burst it. Nonetheless, I don't know when did the cut actually happened and my question is let's say, she scratched it while massaging my testicles and didn't notice it due to the wound being too small, and she went on to continue with the private part massage and the handjob with the bleeding already happening,

1) Do I have any risk of hiv or std due to the blood and cut being present in the whole process?

2) Do I need any testing for this particular incident?

3) Lastly, is fingering someone a hiv/std risk too?

All the above questions assuming she is a hiv positive.

Thank you for your time and looking forward to your reply.

Mr. Worried

Orel sex

Please help me as I am very nervous. I had sex with a HIV Infected lady two week ago. I did lick,suck and bite her nipple twice, she too lick and suck my penis long time. I am so concerned and confuse about this case. Since i have been all the time careful to have a safe sex and also so scared to take a test. Please tell me if it is possible to get infested HIV through the described condition?

confused with test results 3

Hi, see the very last test which i had was a screening test which came reactive hy cmia and non - reactive by immunofiltration, hence the labs says indeterminate. I did not do a western blot again as my last western blot was negative. The lab suggested to do a hiv pcr to confirm. The exposures which i mentioned are the only ones which i had. I only had relation with my wife off late and that too with protection. Erin said that i do not have anything and no need to worry.

- is it possible to have repeated false positive after having a negative western blot 10 weeks after receiving an unprotected blowjob.
- i have gone ahead and done a hiv rna pcr and awaiting its results. What can i expect ?.

I really want to finish off this whole issue and never want to get into it again. Kindly help.


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