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receiving oral sex from a sex worker

I had an unprotected oral sex from a sex worker a week ago, after that I have been on stress that I cant explain I cannot concentrate anything else, have I been infected HIV or not, what am I supposed to do now? I feel like I wanna kill my self


Hello i am hussy ..i am very scared of this now ...i have only one question ..a sex worker gave me a unprotected blowjob at december 5 2013 ..after 3 month exposure i did a rapid blood test in a health care and result came negative ..after that i saw a mouth alcer in my mouth and i was scared ,cox it is an symptoms of hiv again i went after 4 month it came negative ..i did an test after 5 month and six month also all came negative ..mouth alcer cause me regular..question is does the regular mouth alcer effect the test ..or am i positive and because of the alcers it is not shown in 3,4,5,6 month tests??...sorry i am not good at english but i am very concern of this ...during this period i only did a hand job with a girl i seems it is not a risk...i have asked once to the health care that after 3 month exposure if the alcer is cox of hiv.. wil the test detects positive they said yes if you have an symptoms of hiv the test will detect positive.. is that true...?

HIV receiving oral sex

about 40 days ago, I received oral sex using a condom from a prostitute in the red light district in amsterdam and as I remember the condom didn't break, but Im not 100% sure of it. Im still nervous about the possibility to catch HIV or any other STD, it's necessary to do a test for HIV? I think i had a few symptoms like fatigue and headaches but im not really sure they are because of the HIV. is it common getting HIV by receiving oral sex using a condom? should I be worried?

help plz HIV test

A middle-aged woman, put my penis in your mouth and since then I have a severe and persistent inflation lymph genome have experienced.
After a one year and two months, P24 and antibody test and RT-PCR was negative .....
--- Is that a new phenotype is caused by this virus in my body and commercially available test kits, to not detect it?
--- It is said in many articles that the virus hiv sometimes, up to three years in hiding, the body lives.
If I have these details, the antibody is produced in my body or does not produce?
--- Is there a new type of HIV virus, the most common laboratory tests valid, not recognized?
Thank you

Hello! 4 activities - exposure/ risk?

I have 4 worries with different women and I'm unsure whether they are risks or do I need a test.

1. A woman spat on my penis a few times and masturbated herself and then used the same hand to masturbate me. Her hands would've been covered in her own secretions.

2. Another woman used her hand and got on top of me and we sort of simulated sex. Instead of her privates her hand held my penis. However she did rub her privates on my scrotum and on my shaft too.

3. I got fingered in the bottom and I fingered her vagina. Had a little cut , not sure of there were any on hers.

4. Gotta hand job from a woman with a bandaid. Halfway through she removed it. Worried if the vigorous activity could've made her bleed.

With 3 of these activities, my biggest fear is her secretions got into my urethra/ peehole.

Thankyou for you advice in regards to my rinks and the need for testing or not.

Commercial Sex Worker

Hello,4 days ago me and a freind was in turkey and we were really drunk and we decided to order a commercial sex worker..We asked a taxi driver if he knew one and he drove us to her.When we meet here she looked really tierd.We went into a room and she did putted on condoms on bought of us,nonne of us could get erection so she sucked with the condom on and wanked for 1 minute,she also took the penis at her vagina but not inside for 10 seconds. I am really worried because i cant go 1 minute without thinking about it,thanks for answer..

So scared, please answer me

Hi please answer me! In the last few months I have had only making out and mutual masturbation with 3 different guys. I wasn't worried but now I'm certain that there were some times when they had precum on their hands (never full ejaculate) and then touched my penis and the tip of my penis.. What if it went into my urethra?? Can't that infect me?? Please reply. I called a HIV hotline here in Canada and they said not to worry but I need another opinion.

Could I be infected?

I have a question. About a week ago I received oral sex from a guy whose hiv status I'm unaware of. It only lasted less than a minute. But I had a small scab on my penis that was caused from me masturbating myself with no lubricant a few weeks prior, and I'm really worried that the scan could have caused hiv to enter my body. And I'm really worried and scared that I could be infected. Could someone please give me some answers

Fingering cut on finger tip

Hello. I am really worried because 6 weeks ago I fingered a Sex Masseuse for a couple of minutes. I would´t be worried except that when I arrived home, 2 hours later, I found I had a 5 mm cut (a bit wider than a paper split cut) because it hurt a little bit when I touched my pillow (it was like a paper cut , but a bit wider). When I saw it I got really scared. I thought HIV could have been transmitted into my bloodstream. When I saw it, the cut was not bleeding. I don´t remember when I had it, if it was the day before or 3 hours before the fingering. It was deep enough to see like the red layer of the skin. I poured some medical alcohol 96 degrees to try to proof if it was free enough to let the virus in. When I poured it it didn´t hurt / sting. It thought to me it was already healing, but I am not sure. 2 days later a began to form (it was deep enough to form a scab but moment of exposure it wasn´t yet formed). Now, 2 weeks later it´s completely regenerated (you can´t notice I had a cut). Have I had a risky exposure to HIV? Do you think I should get tested? 4 days after exposure I began with a mild sore throat and afterwards I had some coughing for 3, 4 days. I have been very stressed since the incident and a bit anxious. On day 13 I started with some nausea that remained for 15-20 days with some acid stomach.Not vomiting, bus a bit nausea that comes and goes during the days.
1.Could it be the onset of HIV symptoms?
2. If for instance, the cut was opened during the fingering and bleeda a little bit, did I have any hiv exposure?
Thank you very much.

Possible HIV Infection

I am concerned of a recent HIV infection due to symptoms that have developed with my body. They mirror those of early signs of HIV infection. My possible exposure was from a massage parlor where I inserted a finger into the masseuses vagina. I am also concerned that she provided me with a hand job with the same hand that may have come into contact with her vaginal fluid.

My first test was for all STD's including an HIV antibody at three 1/2 weeks after exposure. All came back negative.

My second test was an HIV 1/0/2 antibody test & HIV-1 RNA Qualitative at week 5 after exposure. All came back negative.

My third test was an HIV 1/0/2 antibody test, HIV-1 RNA Qualitative & HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx at week 6. All came back negative.

What is the accuracy of all these tests in general and at the six week window? The anxiety is killing me and me be possibly leading to some of my symptoms.

Thank you so much for your help!


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