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Used two condoms, no full penetration and no ejaculation. HIV Possible??

Hello sir,
My name is pratap tiwari. 3 months ago, I had sex with a sex worker. She made me wear two condoms and asked to penetrate. But fortunately, I was not fully aroused due to some kind of fear and my penis was not erected. I tried 3 to 4 times to enter it in her vagina but could not succeed. Then I removed my penis from her vagina and thrown both the condoms. That's the story. I did not have any ejaculation during the time and don't know if there was a pre-cum or not as I was not aroused. According to my memory there was no condom breakage. In last three months I did not have even fever or cold like diseases. Could it be dangerous? I just wanted to ask it for my mental peace.

Thanks Aidvancouver

fresh paper cut

Hi I gave a hand job to my new boyfriend..after I was washing my hand from his semen I realized I had a deep fresh non bleeding paper cut on my index finger out of no where....what are risks? I don't know when I got this cut but I know it was fresh since it looked red but it wasn't bleeding and also not even painful...please help

Used two condoms, niethier penetrated nor ejaculated. Am worried

3 months ago I had sex with a sex worker with unknown status. I used two condoms but due to some kind of fear, my penis was not completely tight that's why I could not enter my penis in the vagina.I just rubbed it on the vagina. I was not sexually active at that time because of fear. This did not lead me to ejaculate. I don't know about pre-cum. In last 3 months, I never had any physical problem like cold, fever. I'm just asking it for my mental peace. Should I need to worry about hiv??

Please help. Thanks.

Band-Aid + Handjob = HIV risk?

Many greetings!
I went to an adult massage parlor where i received a handjob from a lovely african woman.
However, i noticed she had a band-aid on during the massage and handjob.
Midway she had to leave the room, and upon return im not sure if she'd replaced it or removed it.
As it was clearly a cut needing a band aid, im worried that i may have been exposed to blood in my urethra as there was vigorous rubbing of my glans and tip, not just my shaft.
With a band aid is this a risk? Perhaps the oil made it too soggy?
What if she removed the band aid altogether???
Do i need to test for this? How about for HIV-2 as she was from africa?

Thankyou. I feel horrible to ask these questions as she and i got along very well and i would like to see her again...but my paranoia has got the best of me.

Received anilingus from a partner with a cut on his nose


I received anilingus (rim job) from a partner. Afterwards I noticed he had a cut on the bottom of his nose. If his cut came in contact with my anus during the sex act what is the risk of HIV transmission, assuming he is positive?

HIV risk through Cut,Sore and rash:


First of all i wanted to thank you guys for the service you have been doing.

My question is i know that transmission through cuts,sores and rash is negligible.how deep should the cut be for the transmission to happen. I heard from many medical professional that the cut should be deep enough and should need stitches and should be actively bleeding. is that true?

I have a rash in my outer arm ,if some drops of blood touched and i immediately rubbed it , then what is my risk?
I read in this site that rash doesnt establish any blood connection with blood vessel...even the oozing rash? i didn have any oozhing rash but a normal ring type..

Thanks a lot .

chance to get hiv

2 months ago I was talking with a homeless man, and he accidentally spat on my face. I did not wipe off immediately, it was on my face 1-2 minutes or more. I don't know that his  saliva had blood or not, but if had, and I had micro wounds (because my skin was very dry) on my skin, then it was a risk situation, or I'm too paranoid? (I  wiped off this with my finger)
And this homeless man touched my hair, and immediately after I touched too right there where he did. If his hand was bloody and I have micro wounds on my finger (because my skin was very dry), then it was a risk situation, or I'm too paranoid again?
Can I get HIV If I have micro wounds or dry skin?
Is it true that HIV die immediately after leave the body? Then a bloody spit is innocuous?
What if I had open bloody wound and it met his bloody salvia just I did not notice it? Or what if his bloody saliva went in my mounth where I had maybe a lot of wound?
Sorry for my silly questions, but I'm very afraid from HIV.
And sorry for my bad english too.

Receiving Oral and Mutual Masturbation

Hello Sir,
I'm 17 year old male from India.I engaged in some sexual relationships with many men.My risk was receiving oral sex and mutual Masturbation. I tested HIV 9 weeks after the last possible exposure. The test was rapid (SD Bioline).It came back negative. Now I experience some symptoms including chest pain and throat infection.Is this symptoms are related to ARS? Am I at a risk of HIV? I am really scared.Do I need further testing? Does my test turn positive at 12 week? Help me
Thank You In Advance

STIs and HIV test accurate and reliable?

Hi, I was contacted with a girl with unknown HIV status 8 months ago.

We didn't have sex/intercourse - just 'fingering' (into her vaginal and found vaginal discharge on my finger) and french kissing.

However, I was having flu-like illness like high fever (39C), headache and diarrhoea at the 4th weeks after that incident which many articles and websites stated those were HIV infected symptoms. Therefore, I went to test several time including all STIs and it cames out NON-REACTIVE.

Here are my test:

ELISA test at 6 months (25 weeks post exposure) - non-reactive
CMIA test at 7 months (28 weeks) - non-reactive
syphilis serology (modified VDRL) (28 weeks) - non reactive
herpes simplex type II lgG - negative
Chlamydia lgG - negative
Anti-HCV (EIA/MEIA Method) - negative

It was so happened that I had those symptoms at 2-6 weeks period after exposure which makes me worried so much. I couldn't figure out any reason for these symptoms to happen. I wish it was a coincidence but hardly for me to except.

My question are:

1) Is this HIV test with ELISA and CMIA at 7 months post exposure conclusive enough?

2) For Std profile, the clinic told me that they only do blood test for all std profile and my result is very accurate. But as I know, urine test is needed to test Chlamydia in order to get a very conclusive result. Any advice for my result?

3) Is there any possible to obtain Chlamydia and Gonorrhea through 'fingering' and kissing?

4) if symptoms developed as stated 2-6 weeks post exposure, is it for sure caused by HIV infection?

Hopefully you could provide me a professional and convinced advise. Thanks.

Bleeding cut on head

I cut my head and it was bleeding so I went to the bathroom to get something to hold against it. I wiped the cut with a towel to wipe the blood away then held it against the cut to stop the blood.
After I found out the towel I used was actually a floor mat - used to stand on in the bathroom. The fact that people have been standing on the mat with their shoes on and I used the same mat on my bleeding cut is worrying me.
Is there any risk of HIV here from dried blood traces that may have been carried in on people's shoes?
What about other blood viruses such as hep c or b?
Shall I see a doctor about this? The cut itself doesn't need to be looked at but I am worried at the dirty towel I pressed against it.


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