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Scared of HIV Infection and Need Advice!


A week ago I hooked up with another guy while intoxicated. This is what we did and please give me your advice on my risk of contracting HIV. I am currently having cold like symptoms including cough and sore throat a week after the hookup. He told me that he tested a week prior and had a rapid HIV blood test and it came back negative. That night we kissed all night, played with eachother penis for a short period of time (did not ejaculate or precum), he gave me oral for about 5 seconds but because I didnt feel comfortable with it, he stopped (there was no precum). There was no anal sex whatsoever. The next morning I ejaculated myself onto his body. He did not cum at all during our hookup. I have become very OCD about getting HIV and am so worried that somehow I have contracted HIV. I am very certain he and I both did not have any cuts or sores on our mouths or genitals. Please give me your advice about if you think there was any risk involved. Thanks

Worried Alot

Sir A week ago me and my friend were masturbrating watching porn, aftersomtimes he was above to cum and he did n his cum fell on the head of my penis (very little) .So after that he was still uncontrollable ANd grabbed my penis n he started giving me a blowjob .So i Have two questions First,Do i get HIV for his cum falling or my penis head ?Second, Do i get HIV Because he gave me the blowjob ? Please help me with answers As soon as possible .


Okay so me and my ex had sex with a condom last october. It was my first time ever. We started kissing and taking each others clothes off, I was wonding if he rubs his penis on the outer part of my virgina he never went in but i was wondering what are the risks? can you get HIV that way?

Infection from Fingering

I have a question regarding HIV transmission from fingering a vagina with a cut on a finger. I fingered a CSW for a couple of minutes with what I deemed a fairly deep cut maybe 4mm deep - more than just superficial but did not require stitches. It was a day or two old and was not bleeding at the time. Is there any reason that I need to get tested because of this?

transvaginal scan

Hello i had a transvaginal scan 3 days ago , and im freaking out because i saw blood on the end of the probe ,, a small smudge, I was in the maternity emergency room which was very quiet , there was no one b4 me , and the hospital is in a quiet part of France south west ,, I spoke to the nurse for maybe 10mins and then he went to get another nurse to get her opinion and decided to do the scan, I didnt have time to say that there was blood on it ,, i didnt realize it was the same equipment, they did put a condom on the probe and gel , but im worried the blood was near the end and worried the condom may have not covered it , i was bleeding heavy after birth 2 weeks b4 ,, and i had unhealed stitches im so worried i might have caught a virus like hiv or hep b etc ,, please help , i when to a doctor how said that there was more chance of winning the lottery then having caught anything ? i dont know how long hiv lives equipment like that , i so worried as im breast feeding, iv continued for the moment but im not sure its a good idea ,, and today i have a ear ache and sore throat , 3 days after ,, please can anyone give me any advise on if it is even possible that i could have hiv this way? thanks

Unprotected oral sex with a prostitute

Hi, I received unprotected oral from a street prostitute, for maybe 20 seconds while barely erect before I told her to stop, and I am wondering what the risks are associated with contracting HIV in the event that she is HIV positive. I have read that the oral health of the person performing oral sex will have an impact on the risk. My concern is that she had very bad teeth because of the drugs she was taking, and so I am wondering if this would mean that there is a legitimate danger. I did not notice any obvious blood on my penis or around her mouth, however I did not thoroughly check, and it was kind of dark.

If you could let me know whether or not i should get checked it would be greatly appreciated. This happened over a year ago and I was never worried because I was under the impression that all types of oral sex were safe when it comes to HIV because of enzymes in our saliva, but reading online I see conflicting opinions from doctors. I have not engaged in any risky sexual activity since.Thank you.

Worried About HIV From Semen On Anus Area Cut


I am very worried since two days about my encounter with a 60 year old gay man. I am a gay man too from India. I met this old man whose HIV status is unknown in my area. He kissed me a lot all over my body. Then he placed his penis around my groin area, and rubbed his head. Then I turned around and he placed the tip of is penis around my anus area and rubbed all over the back of my testis, groin etc. He then ejaculated on the floor. We did not have any anal penetration or oral stuff. What freaks me out is that I have several cuts, rashes and bruises around my groin, anus area and under my testis near the anus. I am very worried as I keep thinking about the situation where some of his precum, semen might have directly fallen into my small cuts, wounds on my anus and groin area although I saw him ejaculate a lot on the floor not into my body. But still I am a lot more worried. So I would like to know what are my risk in case a small portion on his precum, semen might have directly came into contact into the wounds, cuts on my anus and testis area? What are the chances of contacting HIV? Do I need to test over this situation?

Please help. Expecting your reply as I am really going nuts thinking about the whole encounter.


Touched anus with penis/ but not penetration

I`m a male and After 1 year i saw this guy again which we talk sometimes, but i don't know his status.. i was over his house and we started "playing" and more like kisses, and hand job and oral which i was the receiver, anyway .. we were all over the bed and he pretended that he was going to penetrate but he didn`t at all, not even rubbing my anus.. he was rubbing against my legs and for the 2nd time my legs were wide open and when he moved his "position" he kind touched like for literally 1 or 2 seconds my anus but not penetration.. since my legs were open my anus were kinda a little open but there was not penetration. I`m concerned very concerned.. if he had some precum on the tip of his penis and when happened this move his Slided or touched for 1,2 seconds if it was a risk of contract Hiv? Thanks Brian

Unprotected oral risks

I recently had unprotected oral sex I.e. I received a blowjob from a person of unknown HIV status. There were no cuts on my penis or in the mouth of the person performing the oral act. I asked her about the status of her health and she said she was clean. I know I shouldn't take anyone's word for the status I'm really anxious since the act. It has been 3 days since the act and upon research I have found risk is negligible. I just wanted to know what is the earliest test I can take for diagnosis. I will get the 12 week test but an early test will really calm my nerves.

HIV from fingering vagina with open cut?

At the end of April I fingered a sex worker in SE Asia with a 3-4 mm deep and 6 mm long cut on my finger. Cut was not bleeding and was 2-3 days old. The cut was almost totally healed over 2 days after the incident.

Is there any need for an HIV test?


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