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Receiving Oral and Mutual Masturbation

Hello Sir,
I'm 17 year old male from India.I engaged in some sexual relationships with many men.My risk was receiving oral sex and mutual Masturbation. I tested HIV 9 weeks after the last possible exposure. The test was rapid (SD Bioline).It came back negative. Now I experience some symptoms including chest pain and throat infection.Is this symptoms are related to ARS? Am I at a risk of HIV? I am really scared.Do I need further testing? Does my test turn positive at 12 week? Help me
Thank You In Advance

STIs and HIV test accurate and reliable?

Hi, I was contacted with a girl with unknown HIV status 8 months ago.

We didn't have sex/intercourse - just 'fingering' (into her vaginal and found vaginal discharge on my finger) and french kissing.

However, I was having flu-like illness like high fever (39C), headache and diarrhoea at the 4th weeks after that incident which many articles and websites stated those were HIV infected symptoms. Therefore, I went to test several time including all STIs and it cames out NON-REACTIVE.

Here are my test:

ELISA test at 6 months (25 weeks post exposure) - non-reactive
CMIA test at 7 months (28 weeks) - non-reactive
syphilis serology (modified VDRL) (28 weeks) - non reactive
herpes simplex type II lgG - negative
Chlamydia lgG - negative
Anti-HCV (EIA/MEIA Method) - negative

It was so happened that I had those symptoms at 2-6 weeks period after exposure which makes me worried so much. I couldn't figure out any reason for these symptoms to happen. I wish it was a coincidence but hardly for me to except.

My question are:

1) Is this HIV test with ELISA and CMIA at 7 months post exposure conclusive enough?

2) For Std profile, the clinic told me that they only do blood test for all std profile and my result is very accurate. But as I know, urine test is needed to test Chlamydia in order to get a very conclusive result. Any advice for my result?

3) Is there any possible to obtain Chlamydia and Gonorrhea through 'fingering' and kissing?

4) if symptoms developed as stated 2-6 weeks post exposure, is it for sure caused by HIV infection?

Hopefully you could provide me a professional and convinced advise. Thanks.

Bleeding cut on head

I cut my head and it was bleeding so I went to the bathroom to get something to hold against it. I wiped the cut with a towel to wipe the blood away then held it against the cut to stop the blood.
After I found out the towel I used was actually a floor mat - used to stand on in the bathroom. The fact that people have been standing on the mat with their shoes on and I used the same mat on my bleeding cut is worrying me.
Is there any risk of HIV here from dried blood traces that may have been carried in on people's shoes?
What about other blood viruses such as hep c or b?
Shall I see a doctor about this? The cut itself doesn't need to be looked at but I am worried at the dirty towel I pressed against it.

Rubbing vagina with painful cuticle/hangnail

I rubbed my fingers on a CSW vagina region. I did not fully insert them however I got ALOT of her fluids on them. We did not have sex, we just masturbated each other.
In the shower I may have touched my penis tip with the same hand I'm not sure.
After the event I noticed I had a bit of hard skin ( near but not next to) and red little cut under it on one of the fingers I'd used.

Assuming she's positive, gave I put myself at risk? My goal was safe -no - need - to - worry - sexual encounter and now fear I've put myself at extreme risk.

Please advise me, I cannot see my doc until at least a week.

Genital apposition- hiv risk?

Nude genital apposition. Is this a risk for hiv and do I need testing?
I believe there was no penetration.

Bitting and sucking skin

I did some bitting and skin sucking with a HIV positive guy (didn't know until after). Will i infected by HIV? I didn't notice any broken skin or blood. And with tongue kissing, would it transmit HIV if i have unnoticeable sore throat?
Thanks a lot! Looking forward to hear from you so that i can ease myself out....
I would never be so stupid again. Never gonna drink again ever....

Oral sex transmission

Hi I received oral from a man a couple weeks ago and after he told me he was poz. I notice after I had friction marks maybe from masturbation or being sucked on. I'm nervous I could have contacted HIV. He only blew me for a minute or 2. I'm really paranoid right now.

condom put on wrong at first

Hi...thanks a lot for answering my question.. I had a situation a few days ago that I did mutual masturbation with a guy in a way that he rubbed his penis on me genital( I'm a virgin and he respected that) and I asked him to put a condom on to do that which he did but the problem is when he put it on at first it was the wrong way and didn't roll down he then used the same condom in the correct side...after that I touch the penis a little bit and then we started...my question is would the precum on the condom be a risk for pregnancy and hiv..or would hiv die soon in that case specially because I touched it

Possible false negative HIV RNA test results

I received a negative hiv rna test result as well as a negative hiv ag/ab 4th generation test result at 13.5 days after possible exposure to hiv. I then took a rapid hiv antibody only test at 20 days after exposure which was also negative. The exposure was receiving oral sex with ejaculation from a female masseuse and afterwards I realized I had 1 or 2 tiny cuts near the head of my penis due to dry skin chafing. I have had multiple symptoms of hiv at the 1-3 week time after this exposure including a small rash of flat red dots on upper left arm that only lasted for 2 hours but came back 2 more times in a weeks time for roughly 2 hours at a time, sore throat, cough, fatigue, diarrhea, and I think oral thrush. My concern is that I was on the antibiotic augmentin for another infection for the 7 days prior to the day I had my blood taken for the rna and 4th generation hiv tests(so days 7-13 after the exposure). Could the augmentin I had just finished taking affect the results of these tests and give false negative results?

Fingering (insertive) with pulled hangnail, antibody test at 4 weeks

Hi, I really found this website is very helpful for those people (like me) are in an extremely worried situation.

Here is my stupid incident:
On April 3, I pulled out a hangnail on my middle finger in the afternoon, it caused a wound and bled a little bit.
around 7 or 8 hours later, I inserted this finger into a girl's vagina (meet online) for less than 1 minute, then I pulled out my finger and checked if there was any blood on the wound, there was no. I didn't wash my finger until I got home (30 minutes later), and I checked my finger after I got home. I didn't see any blood around the nail, and I couldn't even see the wound (maybe under the nail? I don't know. But I'm sure it bled a bit in the afternoon).
On May 6 (4 weeks), I got a HIV antibody test at BC biomedical lab, it came back negative.

after I started worry, I asked the girl about her HIV status, it seems that she didn't want to talk about anything about sexual transmission diseases, I offered her to go test with me, and she refused, said she doesn't care. This freaking me out more!

So here are my concerns...:
1. So many experts say fingering is no risk even with cut. But what if there is a wound like the one I had (by pulling hangnail, not a cut), only 7 or 8 hours old, and bled a little bit. Is this kind of wound able to seal off in 7 or 8 hours?

2. how accurate is the antibody test at 4 weeks (32 days)?

3. If I need to take future test, where could I find a place to take the 4th generation test? I asked the nurse in BC biomedical lab to give me a 4th generation test, but she said they just take the blood sample and send it to the lab, they don't know what method the lab use.

Thank you very much for your help.



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