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Fluids exposure PLZ help

My new boyfriend and I played around with each others privates.
There was a bit of fluid involved from both of us, and i touched his penis head alot and he fingered and rubbed me.
If we had our own fluids on our hands or fingers, can we transmit HIV this way?
We're both awaiting test results and had read masturbation is safe sex...but with our fluids we're both concerned.
Thanks for your advice,
Worried couple.

about anus licking

I have done sex with sex worker with safe but she licked my anus when I putting condom anything problem na pls help

hiv test at41day duo test..

Hi my exposur was unprotected reciving oral sex and protected vaginal sex but when was take out slip up but still cover my pines..after that take out condom i cleand with water my penis..and after three days i got dry throat still i have..i used antibotics for sore throat but no cure..and in these period my doctor give to me hepatits b vacicine my qustion is if i use vacicines and antibotics(pencilin) any dely to hiv accurate resultes and have i to wait for result to long time when is comeing my accurate resuts. i got test at42 duo test and 3rd genration and rapid test all are negative..plz help me

Insertive Oral


I had in december of 2013 a blowjob from a girl who I consider to engage frequently in high risk situations, she is a hooker and talking with her before the incident she told me that 80% of her clients have anal sex , she uses a dildo on them , I assume that people who engage in this kind of practice are in majority at least bissexual, wich means much higher risk I think

The blowjob took about 15 minutes, I didn't come, was a little bit drunk from a couple of beers, two days later I had a dry mouth for about two days as I never had before, couldn't even swallow, had to put water in my mouth from time to time, really strange

A week later had a running nose for a while then got stuffy nose, no flu, fever nothing, took a antibiotic shot prescribed by a doctor, was ok. During the christmas holiday got a strange ulcer on my tonsils, and had a few of then in different places much more frequent than it usually happens with me, about 10 till now, last month I got swollen glands something totally new for me, in my jaw, under and above my ear, four swollen glands in a row in a short period of time, about 15 days

I realize and want to be optimistic about the low risk activity as many forums and sites state about it, a small chance on getting infected with a brief contact, I understand that you don't talk about symptoms probably because as you guys said on other posts it is totally different from one to another, but all this new and chronic symptoms got my attention. I make a regular battery of exams from time to time, last october I did it, all negative including hiv and other std's

What do you think about this incident? could be hiv or other std's ?do I need new tests? feel stupid to put myself on this situation for nothing, knowing that even for a low risk situation on a insertive oral sex but with a high risk background from this girl

The strange thing for me is, I didn't noticed anything strange on my pennis, nothing ulcer, canquer, discharge, nothing, and I didn't had any kind of oral contact with her, cunnilingus, kiss, nothing but I got all these symptoms in my mouth? is it possible, and fast like this?

Thank you for all your help, Edie

Touched vagina with penis for a few seconds

I had sex with a stripper. She gave me a handjob till I had to cum and then when lying over her, my penis head briefly touched her vagina for a couple of seconds. Am I at risk for HIV from -

1) The Handjob activity
2) Rubbing of penis head on vaginal skin (mt foreskin in quite ahead so penis is not exposed until I pull it back significantly.


Hi, recently I have received a handjob from a female massagist. As I know that receiving handjob does not cause HIV transmission at all.

But what make me very worry that before giving the handjob, she had sucked my penis once (yes, just once only), which I told her to stop immediately.

I have requested her to put a condom on my penis before giving that handjob (for the sake of cleaning more easier afterwards), but I am not sure if the condom was on my penis when she sucked my penis.

May I know that if I will be infected HIV or do I need HIV test?

Thanks a lot for your time and answer.

Fingering and Hiv test

I made out with a girl some months back. During making out,there was fingering.The next day I noticed a small cut on the finger.I visited a doctor.She gave me Hepatites C and HIV test.

Well,do I need to go for the test?Is the action risky enough to get tested?

Thank you.

HIV risk or no risk?

I visited an escort. She gave me a blowjob with a condom on. I checked the condom after the blowjob and it did not break( poured water into it). He also gave me a handjob and I checked her hands for cuts but none were present. She used lube or some oil during the handjob. Could the lube be infected with a previous Customers HIV virus? I licked her nipples and sucked on it. I tasted breast milk. 2-3 drops were ingested. Am I risk? Also while doing this, my BARE penis was brushing against her vagina. I do not recall if I penetrated her. However, I am clear that no unprotected sex happened as I was scared of acquiring something from her. My penis was dry so I assumed I didn't penetrate her. Would t be possible to penetrate a girl without having to use your hands to guide ur penis into her vagina? Does penetration require force or much thrust to go in? Or it can be done hands free ? (Sorry I know it sounds dumb but I am a virgin) but at least I remembered that I did not penetrate her, and had no intention on Doing so. Would I have felt it and no doubt hve known that I penetrated her? Please answer my queries. I am anxious!

Cuts And HIV Monday, December 16th HIV Transmission question to post.

Ya know I have seen several different answers on here regarding his transmission through cuts and all the answers vary. Some of you say stuff like what is said in the answer to this post that "paper cuts can slice through various layers of the skin allowing a access to the blood stream" and others say you cannot get HIV through cuts such as paper cuts as they are superficial cuts. What worries me are the different answers so which is the correct answer? I know it's considered "negligible" but why is it No you cannot one post and then the quote above in another post? Are cuts routes of transmission through touching surfaces with wet blood on it???

I had blow job and am freeking out help

Hi I'm from Israel I had 2 month ago an oral sex (reciving blow job) unprotected and I was really good after a month I got a fever and I guess is normal I don't know we'll I used something to open my nose with it. Like I spred in side my nose and I did it 2 times, then after 1 hour I clean my nose with a paper and blood cam down with it like lil bit , so I said to my self what is that then I got scared and I said to my self maybe this is from the guy who gave me blow job could it happen so I said one way to know I went good and looked for aids things like what happen after I got the virous and I red fever a headache and stomc pain and geting tired so I got worried a lot and I didn't know what to do and I did a test blood after 5 weeks and it been nagitave and here in Israel they told me we can know from 2 weeks to 7 weeks well it been almost 9 weeks from the story day and I don't know how to sleep am 18 years old and am sorry my English is not that good , and 1 more thing every thing I did read on google happen to me like and I read something happen to the neck and legs and I keep feeling pain in my legs and in my neck (like pain come and go) and I don't like to eat Like before so what now it been 9 weeks for the story and 5 weeks very scared lost the meaning of life help me please,why I asked you coz I noticed you are the best website for aids things few things I like to know if you answer I be feeling better 1-you think I have hiv from the story I told you 2- what my chanses to be infected with hiv 3- is there ever any body got hiv from the same way I done 4-do you think it just from my mind and I just got this from thinking a lot and worried. And thank you a lot please answer me :(


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