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Risk of HIV


I went to strip club and got a blow job from one of the stripper. Before putting condom she spit her saliva on tip of
my penis and then then applied condom. then it went for around 1-2 mins of blowjob with condom.

What is the risk of infection here. Are there any chances of getting affected.

Do i need to get tested for it.

Thanks in advance.

MM questions- am I safe?

Hi sir/madam,

I am worried about a couple of exposures and would like your advice on whether I have put myself at risk or not.
I engaged in mutual masturbation with a woman. Mostly, I'm concerned as she had deeply stimulated herself and then stimulated my penis shaft and my glans. As there was fluid on her hand, I am thinking perhaps my urethra was exposed/'rubbed by this activity.

Another woman and another concern is that we simulated sex during a massage. She used her hand and massage oil. She held my penis in her hand, and grinded her vulva on my thighs, scrotum and shaft. Again, I'm worried during the course of contact, my urethra was exposed to vaginal fluids.

I had asked if there was any penetration and she had told me no.

Is there any risks to these activities? Should I test specifically for hiv? I've seen similar topics, but I think I'll find a bit more reassurance from any reply / info you can give me.

Receiving oral sex by another man


I recently received oral sex from another man at abath house. Am I at risk? When should I get tested?

About an hour after I cleaned my penis with rubbing alcohol. I am currently at the 48-72 hour window.

Oral sex with so many guys

I received oral sex from around 15 guys for the past two years. I did an HIV Rapid test (combaids) 8 weeks after the last possible exposure and it came back negative. Do I need further testing. Does my results will change after 12 weeks? please answer me

Breast secretions

Hi all
i had an exposure in Dubai in July 2012 when i had a massage by a chinese lady that ends with she doing masturbation to me and i kissed her lips and licked her nipples. I realized that i tasted strange taste while licking her nipples (not sure if it is milk, or other secretion).
I had the below tests that all became negative
CMIA AB/AG at 5weeks, 3Months, 9Months, at 8 months
HIV antibody: 4Months negative with index value 0.32, 9Months negative with index value 0.38, 20 months negative .
1) are my tests conclusive
2) did i have a risk?
3) is the index value of 0.38 normal or it means i was exposed to virus?
4) can anyone seroconvert after 20 months being negative (concerning rare cases)
thank you

Hiv by bloody handshake

yesterday a man with a t-shirt full of blood came running to me, we talked and shook hands & i didn't noticed whether there was blood on his hand or whether there was any cut on my hand. If at all he had blood on his hand & i had cut on my hand, can i get hiv in this case. FYI: The blood was dry.

worried like crazy???

i have few concerns of my own.i am paranoid now of searching my concerns on and on the internet. i would love to go for hiv test but the problem is
where i live the word hiv is taboo and people and government here are strict if an expatriat is positive. also i cannot test myself any place else as
i am far away from my annual leave and taking one now is not possile now. and i am one week away for my visa renewal which requirs hiv testing. so u can
guess what i am going through here :( you might have got this questions before but i would appreciate if you could answer them again.

before i start i have been tested for hiv back in 2012 which was negative becuase that was the time for my previous visa renewal. i have a psoriasis patches on my leg which
often bleeds on me scratching it. i have been going for erotic massage for more than 2 years now. my concerns are;

1) can i acquire hiv if my psoriasis patch is not properly healed from the erotic touch of the massues.
2) can i acquire hiv from sensual handjob, ejaculation in between legs and boobs (unprotected)??? little lick of my scotrum not anyway near to the top of my penis?
3) sucking boobs and nipples???
4) finguring vagina for 1 min not deep with little side of my nail broken but not actively bleeding?
5) deep kissing. with cranker sores inside mouth???

mind it none of my massages ever included anal, vaginal or oral intercourse ever......

do i put myself in trouble from such acts or shall i go for the medical without worrying much. your advice will help thanks and regards..

vulva break

penis pshnd on labia minora,bt no intrcrs! does pshng hardly d penis on vgna lips can cause cut/break on labia minora? can hiv transmt like dis? there was no intrcrse and only precum. does pushing with penis on outside vagina,that is on labia minora can cause any cut or break on labia minora nad can transmit hiv?

Oral Sex Risk

Hi Doctor,

How risky is oral sex (blowjob) regarding to HIV infection and other STI's, it was the only exposure, no other kind of sex, I made a bad decision to keep only on oral sex thinking it was not that risky, now I regret this, it was unprotected and considering that it took a while (around 15min) with possible cankers, sores or gums bleeding on the girl's mouth,
she likes to practice anal sex and told me that she never tested in life!

Is it normal that after this practice even with no cunnilingus on vagina, or deep kiss, symptoms as ulcers and lymph nodes
from this specific and only unprotected exposure happening in the mouth when only the penis was exposed?

Did a normal full routine test, including HIV and STI's a month prior this incident, need new tests or move on?

Thanks for you help

Is a test needed? Masturbation + fluids concerns

I need some advice please and really would appreciate any info you xan provide.
I hooked up with a brazillian woman. She works as an erotic massagist.
Well this is what happened
*she gave me a handjob with both oil and her saliva. Basically she'd spit on my tip about 5 or 6 times. Im sure saliva must have entered my peehole.
*she also began to rub her vulva vigorously. Im unsure if she inserted fingers into herself but am worried this activity put vaginal fluids on her fingers.
*she touched my penis all over my head and also touched her breasts which she rubbed on my penis. Am freaking out that it went into my peehole.

Do i need to test over these issues? Are they risks at all? I did not have any vaginal or anal sex with this woman.
Thankyou for any help you can provide.


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