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Cuts And HIV Monday, December 16th HIV Transmission question to post.

Ya know I have seen several different answers on here regarding his transmission through cuts and all the answers vary. Some of you say stuff like what is said in the answer to this post that "paper cuts can slice through various layers of the skin allowing a access to the blood stream" and others say you cannot get HIV through cuts such as paper cuts as they are superficial cuts. What worries me are the different answers so which is the correct answer? I know it's considered "negligible" but why is it No you cannot one post and then the quote above in another post? Are cuts routes of transmission through touching surfaces with wet blood on it???

I had blow job and am freeking out help

Hi I'm from Israel I had 2 month ago an oral sex (reciving blow job) unprotected and I was really good after a month I got a fever and I guess is normal I don't know we'll I used something to open my nose with it. Like I spred in side my nose and I did it 2 times, then after 1 hour I clean my nose with a paper and blood cam down with it like lil bit , so I said to my self what is that then I got scared and I said to my self maybe this is from the guy who gave me blow job could it happen so I said one way to know I went good and looked for aids things like what happen after I got the virous and I red fever a headache and stomc pain and geting tired so I got worried a lot and I didn't know what to do and I did a test blood after 5 weeks and it been nagitave and here in Israel they told me we can know from 2 weeks to 7 weeks well it been almost 9 weeks from the story day and I don't know how to sleep am 18 years old and am sorry my English is not that good , and 1 more thing every thing I did read on google happen to me like and I read something happen to the neck and legs and I keep feeling pain in my legs and in my neck (like pain come and go) and I don't like to eat Like before so what now it been 9 weeks for the story and 5 weeks very scared lost the meaning of life help me please,why I asked you coz I noticed you are the best website for aids things few things I like to know if you answer I be feeling better 1-you think I have hiv from the story I told you 2- what my chanses to be infected with hiv 3- is there ever any body got hiv from the same way I done 4-do you think it just from my mind and I just got this from thinking a lot and worried. And thank you a lot please answer me :(

Protected oral / and vaginal ( help )

I recently had oral sex with sex worker. she put a condom on me and started performing oral sex. The condom kind of slipped off a bit because I wasn't erect. I lifted the condom up and pulled it back further, could anything get underneath ? . I tried to insert my penis but only the head was only in for a second. she continued to perform oral sex , we shortly stopped. I removed the condom an went to the bathroom, there was vaginal fluid on the condom and I rubbed my chapped lips with that same hand . my lips were so chapped they were bleeding after. I could smell some vaginal fluid on my face. rite now I kind of feel like I have a bladder infection?

1 - could anything get underneath when I pulled the condom back up , and then into my penis head ?
2- could the vaginal fluid get into my system from my lips or mouth ?

What is the risk of cuninlingus/analingus?

First before I get into my question, I would like to state that most, if not all of us have heard from primarily fundamentalist Christians who say that condoms often contain microscopic "pores" that HIV can seep through and infect, and that it's a "corporate secret" that manufacturing industries don't want you to know. Please be advised this is primarily said to enforce fear and encourage abstinence in opposition to safer sex. How do I know this? I was recently informed by a girl that I had had multiple sexual encounters with that she had discovered she had HIV and judging by the viral load, that she had had it for awhile. I immediately went and got tested, and got my results this Friday: Negative. Know how that happened? I'll let you guess...give up? It's because I use a condom EVERY time I have sex. They work...period. I just wanted to state that for everyone to see, being that I'm living proof of that.

Now onto my question: With most of my sexual encounters, most if not all of the girls want me to reciprocate by performing oral sex on them. Truth be told, I'm too afraid to because I'm really not sure of the risk that it carries of contracting HIV. I've tried doing research, but I'm not getting a straight answer. So my question: What are the risks of contracting HIV by cunninlingus, and by analingus, and how many confirmed cases are there where someone became infected by those methods? Your help is greatly appreciated!

Hiv risk from multiple oral sex

I was at a party last night, this lady gave oral sex to a guy, he ejaculated in her mouth, without thinking, she then began to give me oral sex. My question is, if she had HIV positive semen in her mouth, and then performed oral sex on me, am I at risk for HIV transmission. I'm freaking out, thank you.

Recieved rough oral sex...at risk? Test required?

I recently got with a woman. No vaginal/anal sex involved just masturbation, nipple play and kissing (bit of lip sucking but not open mouth) and i recieved oral.

I touched her vulva with my hand, then touched her body. Sucked on her nipples.
She used baby oil to masturbate me. She then performed oral sex on me with a condom. I assume it did not break.
However, it was rough and i recieved some minor tearing and swelling under my glans (im circumsised) despite using condom- is this normal?
I then masturbated myself (vigorously on the affected area- i hadnt seen the tears until after the incident) to ejaculation.

Am i at risk? Do i need to test??
Im worried that vaginal fluid or saliva got into my tears.
Please advise!

HIV risk from Breast Milk of stripper


I am freaking out as I had an encounter yesterday where I breast milk came out from a stripper while I was sucking her breast. She told me that she is clean and she have a 6 month old baby.
What are chances of me getting infected in case the stripper is HIV positive.


Wart on finger- risk?

I fingered a lady of unknown status.
No visible cuts on my fingers, however I noticed the beginnings of a tiny wart on one them.
Am I at risk?
Do I need to test?

Too many concerns ....was cut.....am I at risk? Need to test?

Thankyou for providing such a great helpline.
I recently got with a woman (bit older than I). We did not have vaginal or anal sex.
However we both touched each other's privates, massaged with oil and there was some breast play.
A couple of things I'm concerned out is...
1. I touched her labia did not insert any fingers in the vagina. There was some fluid.
2. After touching her private area, I also touched her nipples and breast with possible fluid on them.
3. Her fingernail cut my shaft. After our meeting I'd noticed a red scratch and red it irritated dots ( from her nail -friction ).
4. I then proceeded to have sex with her breasts. They were covered in oil and possible vaginal fluid from when I touched her privates.
5. As I had a cut on my penis i am worried her fluids entered the cut.
6. We showered and I rubbed my chest, then soaped my hands, rinsed and washed my privates. Worried if fluid could've rinsed down to my penis /hole.

Do I need to test? I am worried especially cause I had a fresh cut and her fluid could've entered it.
Thankyou for any help you can provide.

Blood in mouth kissing risk?

Shared a kiss with a stranger at a nightclub.
During the kiss realised there was blood in our mouth.
Am I at risk of infection?
Or her?


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