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Fingering and break in skin

Dear Sir/Madam

Recently i engaged in an activity with a girl that i don't really know (at least i know she has been with someone else 3 weeks prior to my encounter with her).

I am really worried over this and seem to be losing a lot of sleep, having a lot of anxiety and stress. I'll list down what transpired during this exposure:-

1) Deep french kissing (im sure my gums we not bleeding, or wounds etc) and im also certain that there was no active bleeding in her mouth. I am thinking i would have definitely been able to taste some blood. Also visually there was no blood in her mouth.

2) I received fellatio (oral sex done on me) but did not notice any visible blood on my penis at the end.

3) i inserted my fingers before the fellatio and after during foreplay (fingering) and my fingernails (which i cut shortly before the encounter- No bleeding or sores on hands or fingers).

Am i at risk from the above 3 acts? I deeply regret what i did and have been driving myself into a deep depression over this.

I do not understand why some websites state that only if there is a "break in the integrity of skin" but no where do they actually properly explain it. From my reading it says if the finger was actively bleeding (exposure 3) then there is a chance.

Please advice. I'm at my wits end here.

God bless

Sweat in the eye??? Cut finger in the bottom?

I recently got with an older woman. No sex, just mutual masturbation.
Was a lot of fun...but im worried about 2 things.
Some of her sweat got in my eye.
At one point during our time she fingered my bottom. Just worried if she had cuts fresh/old on her finger and i couldnt see and ive been put at risk?
I test normally once a year but does this mean i should alter my testing time to test sooner???
Thankyou for your time.

Fingered with cuts....am i at risk?

I was anally fingered. The partner had cuts on finger that I wasnt aware of at the time.
Do i need testing????
Please help.

A few encounters, going crazy!!!

Hi, i am a young gay man. I have had some situations recently with guys and want to see if I should get tested based on these experiences.
1) a few months ago I possibly received unprotected anal so I tested 80-82 days afterwards and it was HIV negative (the nurse said that was enough time)
2) I made out with a guy older than me and he touched my penis briefly and I touched his too. I am concerned that he might have had pre cum on is hands as he was producing quite a bit of it and it could have gotten on the tip of my penis and into my urethra?
I wasn't worried about it but I read a few questions on here and it made me worry..
3) As a general rule I do not have anal sex or perform oral sex. All I do is receive oral on occasion and partake in mutual masturbation and outercourse like my situation above. Based on the fact this is all I do, can I still get HIV sexually? Or is a penis going inside a body required?
Thank you in advance, I'm quite worried and I hope you can help make me feel a bit better.

Fingered....do i need to test for Hiv?

very worried.
I was fingered by a woman of unknown status.
She used saliva and possibly vaginal fluid.
Do i need to test????
Please help

HIV risk involved in Masturbation

Many Greetings!
I had a very sensual, tantric massage at an establishment.
I had heavy masturbation performed on me, as well as my bottom fingered by the lady.
I am however, feeling a little regretful and am worried whether i have put myself at risk....there was ALOT of sweat and saliva too, which very likely got into my urethra or anus during the session.
Please advise me on me risk and whether testing is warranted.
Thanks a bunch!

So scared...

My ex boyfriend gave me oral sex and now he saying he has a white rash in his mouth and he says its getting bigger! What could this be???

Truvada? Walk in clinic correct? NEED EFFECTIVE HELP

Within the past 24hr i believe i have been exposed to an hiv+ male's body fluid, secondary party informed me to this - claimed he was undetected.. regardless of that i am extremely frightened by the potentiality of myself being infected. Oral to anal area/ anal fluid with out knowledge. dumb. i went to a walk in clinic "City Md" to address this issue, i was prescribed truvada and isentress to help prevent the infection... was this an appropriate choice? i want to seek out correct effective help asap!!

eye splash

I am a HCP and during the removal of an IV in a upset paediatric patient ( between 2-5 years old) whose HIV status is unknown, I may have been splashed in the face and eye with a very small amount of blood and IV fluid that was on the tip of the catheter being removed from the pt. The drop would have flown through the air for approx. 1-2 seconds before it hit my face / eye. I did not feel an actual drop hit my eye, but I did feel little drops around my eyes. I did a eye flush and followed up with occupational health. The patient whose blood potentially splashed my eye was very low risk. Should I under go blood testing? I have been having a huge deal of anxiety about this. What were the circumstances of the other two cases where an eye splash did lead to HIV infection? I am under the impression they were splashed with massive amounts of blood in the eyes and other mucus membranes.

Thank you.

Fingering and Masturbation

Hi.... I am from India

few days ago, I had fingered a csw till she orgasmed. Immediately after her orgasm,I masturbated. considering the vaginal fluid on my fingers, can I be considered at risk.

thank you so much


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