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So scared...

My ex boyfriend gave me oral sex and now he saying he has a white rash in his mouth and he says its getting bigger! What could this be???

Truvada? Walk in clinic correct? NEED EFFECTIVE HELP

Within the past 24hr i believe i have been exposed to an hiv+ male's body fluid, secondary party informed me to this - claimed he was undetected.. regardless of that i am extremely frightened by the potentiality of myself being infected. Oral to anal area/ anal fluid with out knowledge. dumb. i went to a walk in clinic "City Md" to address this issue, i was prescribed truvada and isentress to help prevent the infection... was this an appropriate choice? i want to seek out correct effective help asap!!

eye splash

I am a HCP and during the removal of an IV in a upset paediatric patient ( between 2-5 years old) whose HIV status is unknown, I may have been splashed in the face and eye with a very small amount of blood and IV fluid that was on the tip of the catheter being removed from the pt. The drop would have flown through the air for approx. 1-2 seconds before it hit my face / eye. I did not feel an actual drop hit my eye, but I did feel little drops around my eyes. I did a eye flush and followed up with occupational health. The patient whose blood potentially splashed my eye was very low risk. Should I under go blood testing? I have been having a huge deal of anxiety about this. What were the circumstances of the other two cases where an eye splash did lead to HIV infection? I am under the impression they were splashed with massive amounts of blood in the eyes and other mucus membranes.

Thank you.

Fingering and Masturbation

Hi.... I am from India

few days ago, I had fingered a csw till she orgasmed. Immediately after her orgasm,I masturbated. considering the vaginal fluid on my fingers, can I be considered at risk.

thank you so much

By touching myself ...have I stupidly put myself at risk?

I recently had a sexual experience with a friend of mine who is a sex worker ie she gives adult erotic massages that end in mutual masturbation.
Stupidly, I asked for one.
I touched her, she was wet, but I didn't put my finger fully in her, maybe at most, a finger tip.
However things have got me concerned.
#1. I used the same hand to assist in masturbating me and of course had touched around my head/ hole.
#2. In the shower, she'd washed her genitals, then washed mine immediately after.
#3. She gave me a blowjob, but I wore a condom.

Thankyu so much for any help you can provide. I've read that it takes fluid to transmit the virus and we were both quite wet.

HIV risk from love bite and clippers?

I'm back in Thailand again,been spending some time with a LB. I believe she ain't a sex worker,but still worrying about couple if things. I know the risk is low,just need clarification.

We have both given each other love bites. But when I did one to her,I remembered I had a 'cracked filling' and sometimes you can tell it's not in a good way. It has bleed in the past.

And lastly,she insisted to cut my toe nails. But on doing so,she accidentally cut me. It was here clippers.

I hate the anxiety during this. Can't eat or sleep again.

Thank you for any advice.

Received oral with blood

Hi, I'm a bisexual man and today I met some guy who performed oral sex on me. I don't know his status. The problem is that I had to stop because I saw blood in my glans while he was doing it. I think all the blood was mine (there was a couple of drops maybe, it's not like it was all red or anything) because I discovered right away a cut beside the uretra tip which was bleeding. I asume he cut me with his teeth while performing.
But the reality is that I don't know (though very difficult) that he was also bleeding or not.
I think all the blood is mine because when I got it out his mouth I cleaned my glans with kleenex and when I squeazed it, a little more blood appeared. And I saw the cut, it was very thin but it was there. And it stings a little, too.
Did I have hiv risk in this situation? What if he was bleeding too (there's a chance, but i don't think so...)? Please help me... right now I'm totally terrified and don't know what to do.

Thanks in advance

hiv risk precum

hi! recently i had sex with a partner. he had precum at his penis. his penis with precum was at contact with air for 30secs and then he try to penetrate me. he went to my vagina lip,but there was no intercourse or vagina get open. so,can i get hiv? does hiv die as soon as it is expose to air in case of precum? does hiv also die quickly in semen or blood as soon as expose to air or it die only after drying? please reply asap. very worried. some says the fluid nids to dry,but doesnot it die as soon as it is expose to air? does precum can flow inside vagina?

Oral with small wounds on penis

I received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker. After having an orgasm I noticed that I had three small wounds on the head of my penis. I could see the wounds but they were not actively bleeding. I think it is because she bit me or because I rubbed her teeth. Then I noticed that the girl had a cut in her mouth. It didn't seem to bleed, but I am not sure. I carrier of herpes and am circumcised

What is the risk of HIV in this situation?

My doctor suggested pep, should I take that according to you?

Thank you so much!

Rimming and protected blowjob

I had protected blowjob with a sexworker. She also gave me an unprotected rim job for a minute or so. Afterwards I washed my anus. Felt some stinging. What is my risk for HIV and other stds?


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