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Stupid me

5weeks ago,i was really drunk,i went to a club and i took 1 csw,we have sex with condoms,i was not scared of anything since i used a condom,but what made start thinking otherwise is,i started experiencing some symptoms,like pains in my muscles,pains in my body,headache and joint pains....so am somehow scared,because today i googled and i saw these are the hiv signs,assume she has HIV,and we had sex,what are my risks,?its 5weeks since,but i see almoast every sign.i read here that infectious decease can be detected as early at 4weeks.do you mean even HIV,or what is infectious decease?,i want to know if hiv can be detected at this time..i want to test tomorrow..

Fore play concerns-need advice.

I engaged in mutual masturbation with a friend.
I have a tiny cut-like mark above my cuticle in the proximal nail fold area of skin in addition to a little skin that's peeled off a bit.
She also rubbed my anus with her hand and stuck a finger (maybe the first digit) in my anus. She may have had saliva on her hand at the time.
We also sucked each other's nipples.
We did perform protected oral but no vaginal sex.
In particular am worried about cut and the saliva during our heavy foreplay.

Question about HIV transmission

Can someone get HIV, if someone with HIV is bleeding and that blood touches or gets into my fresh cut ?

unsure about the possibility of contracting HIV

I recently received oral from a girl that I have heard has a reputation. I have no cuts on my penis and have no reason to believe that she has open cuts/sores in her mouth however I want to know even if I had a cut on my penis and she had sores in her mouth would I contract HIV? If so how much blood would be needed to pass the virus and even if I didn't have a cut on my penis and she had a cut in her mouth could the blood seep in through the tip of penis in the hole and get infected like that? I have read that on other sites...I appreciate any honest answer I get

Precum touching my glans. Im circumcised

Hello how are you? well I´m a 26 years old bisexual man who always tries to do safe sex, specially when we talk about sex with another me. Last friday night a met a man and we had not sex I mean anal sex, just he made me a fellatio with codom and some kisses on our bodies even we didnt kissed in our mouths. But happened two items that I dont know if could be dangerous.
1) The first one he put my finger inside my anus (I think it is not so a risk)
2) The second one that makes me feel very, very worried. Is that when he get up from bed a bit of his precum touched my glans penis, I am circumcised by the way. I clean my penis with a towel.
There was no ejaculation of him on my body. He cums after the datail of my glans on his own hand
Im very worried I dont know if I shuould have done a profilaxis. A person of a forum said it was not necesary
As a final detail Im almost sure (not 100%) but almost that his cum didnt touch my urethral opening
thank you very much for this space
yours sincerely.

hiv transmission risk

i have 2 questions.
1.) i went to a nightclub. i saw people doing drugs there. it was quite dark. When i came back, next morning, i saw a small break in the my finger skin ( a very very small cut ). I shook hands with lot of people in the club. Is it possible that some1 might have pricked me in the party without me actually feeling it.?? I did not feel any prick while shaking hands with any of the people. i was not drunk nor i do drugs. I saw this cut the next morning. just a break in the skin and no blood or clot or redness around it. If this small cut had bled, will i know it the next morning. as it had no clot or red things around? or i wud have cut by something else and did not realis.? or it would have been jst a scratch which did not bleed. i am worried because after 2 weeks i have a cold and mild fever. Is this just co incidence or i am having OCD for hiv. Pls explain in detail... thanks

2.) i had a cut on my finger. i fingered a girl with my other hand ( which was intact/ no cut ). My intact fingering hand sometime touched my hand with the cut after i removed my intact fingers from the girls vagina. Is there any risk from this?

Help! Fingering exposure may have actual risk

Note I'm the biggest hypochondriac

So we are both clean with no disease and were both COMPLETE virgins but I did put my finger in her vagina six days ago.

It was a very closed environment, and everything except my hand was blocked from it, so nothing else could have touched it so that part is fine.

and I had a very small cut, but my research said that fingering with a cut does not increase the chance of catching something. Especially if it's small like my tiny paper cut

and I also think that at least a minute after I may have put my hand on my very old cold sore while the my hand was still wet from having my finger in there.

The cold sore was healed at the time I believe, at least there was no scab

Note there was no sexual contact of any kind besides my finger/hand. Yes we had boundaries and we both respected them very good! :)

Am I at risk for anything deadly?

This happened last week and I got another cold sore so that's why I'm anxious

I just want to know some opinions if I have a risk to get something bad. :(

I don't want HIV even though she probably, most likely doesn't have it at all since neither of us ever did anything. Plus there's no family history at all.

I'm just scared....help! I DONT WANT TO DIE

Am I okay? My research also said that cold sores are very much later symptoms of it as in months after infection. I'm only talking about HIV because it's the only one that can kill.

Even though she said she's clean and a virgin

I have a lot of the symptoms and I'm just very very scared, do you think I have it? I'm terrified

My primary question though is....does a cold sore mean you have HIV? Like one that comes right after another healed and less than a week after the possible exposure?

Thank you for answering :)

Cuts and HIV (fingering)

I had a small paper cut (not bleeding) while fingering someone that is a virgin, do I have any risk for HIV? I am a virgin as well and I only have herpes1 (cold sores on lip).

I also had a cold sore at the time and vaginal fluid might have touched the 7-10 day old cold sore, do I pose any risk to HIV? Or any other STD?

Thank you!! :)

Fingering and catching a STD

Hello, I am a young virgin. My significant other is also a virgin and I fingered her a week ago. Some vaginal secretion got on my hand and it may have touched a very small (not new) paper cut. I also touched my 10 day old cold sore (scab was gone but there was still a bump).

what is my risk?

oral sex

I received an oral sex with an unknown guy, I do suspect he had oral sex with others before having it with me. I found Herpes on my lips after one week it went off. Its been 3 weeks now, i had diarrhea yesterday and followed by fever and body pain.

I am afraid that i am infected, please let me know when can i get HIV tested.

I did not have any dry cough and swollen glands which are other symptoms of HIV. Awaiting for your response.



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