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So had a hook up and little bit of pnp was involved

So regretting the night pretty much was a hook up which included a 3 some and no intercourse but oral sex without a condom both giving and receiving and making out was involved but after I checked my penis and saw red dots freaking out if the guy cut my dick and now I am trying to reach the guys and no call backs or txt am worried because if they were trying to hide something about there status informed me that they were negative but only way to find out is to get tested but just worried

Saliva and Ingrown hairs/pimples risk???

I was recieving the oral sex from a woman who is sex worker.
Had the condom.
But on pubic area in hair had ingrown hair/pimple.
She dribbled saliva that landed in the area.
What is HIV risk? I need test?
Thank so much to answer my worries.

unprotected sex

Hello! I started having sex with a 31 yr old women whom I met on the internet. She claims she had multiple sexual partners before me. Iam a 27 yr old. I met her on 12th October 2013 and we started having sex regularly every next weekend till January 26th. I had protected as well unprotected sex with her. I had unprotected sex on 10th and 16th November 8 to 10 times. Sometimes she was on top of me and sometimes I was. I only had vaginal sex. Not Anal. She use to perform oral sex at me unprotected. I never performed oral on her at anytime. Except deep kissing and sucking her breast. Later on I felt some tingling sensation in my penis and it went away by its own. And again I started feeling the same and was having body pains, slight headache and sore mouth. I went for testing. I went on February 3rd 2014 for testing. I started having sex from October 12th and iam not really sure whether it was unprotected. So iam not counting it in my window period and iam counting it from November 10th where I knew it was unprotected for sure on November 10th and 16th 8 to ten times. So if I take November into wondow period my testing was of 11 weeks 78 days. All the stds came negative as well HIV1/2 AG/AB Combo screen came negative. But I still have sore mouth, slight body pains and sometimes slight headache. I lost 4 pounds. I guess coz I didn't ate properly from the time I was tested and got my results for 5 days as I was very worried and stressed.
Please help me.

HIV Transmission through various cuts on penis/testicles

Hi i just wanted start off by saying thanks for all the work you guys do here, I hope you guys can help me out by providing me with some info.

So about 6 days ago I made an appointment to meet with a sex worker. About 1 hour before I was shaving my pubic hair and the hair around my penis with a trimmer. As a result I cut myself, in different areas. I had small cuts on the testicles, and small cuts on the pubic region. I am not circumcised and I also cut myself on the outside of the penis, the cut was about mid-way on the penis. When I met with the sex-worker she started giving me a blowjob while I was wearing a condom. I was not fully erected because I was nervous. After the blowjob she sat on top of me and we had sex for about 2 minutes. Then I went on top of her, and then finally we did doggy-style, all this while I was still wearing the condom. At one point I noticed that I was bleeding a little. Eventually the nerves got to me so I stopped the session and left. Almost immediately after I became concerned, and got the paranoia that I may have got an infection of some sort. Ever since I have been going crazy, losing sleep, not eating properly, and keep feeling that I am experiencing symptoms of some sort. I keep reading on forums that HIV transmission through vaginal fluid is impossible once the fluid is exposed to air (oxygen).

My concerns are:

1) The cut on my penis that was mid-way, may not have been fully covered by the condom. So what if the exposed cut went inside the vagina, but not deep. Is there anyway HIV could be transmitted if my cut came in contact with her vaginal fluid in the vagina even though I was not deep? How deep do you have to go for the vaginal fluids to still be viral with HIV?

2) Also the sex-worker was very wet around her vagina, and the cuts on my pubic region, testicles, and penis at some point all touched the clitoris/vagina (where it was wet). Is HIV transmission possible this way?

Its only been 6 days and I am going crazy thinking that I have to wait 3 months to get a conclusive result from an HIV test. If you could please answer my questions to the best of your ability it would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

Stupid me

5weeks ago,i was really drunk,i went to a club and i took 1 csw,we have sex with condoms,i was not scared of anything since i used a condom,but what made start thinking otherwise is,i started experiencing some symptoms,like pains in my muscles,pains in my body,headache and joint pains....so am somehow scared,because today i googled and i saw these are the hiv signs,assume she has HIV,and we had sex,what are my risks,?its 5weeks since,but i see almoast every sign.i read here that infectious decease can be detected as early at 4weeks.do you mean even HIV,or what is infectious decease?,i want to know if hiv can be detected at this time..i want to test tomorrow..

Fore play concerns-need advice.

I engaged in mutual masturbation with a friend.
I have a tiny cut-like mark above my cuticle in the proximal nail fold area of skin in addition to a little skin that's peeled off a bit.
She also rubbed my anus with her hand and stuck a finger (maybe the first digit) in my anus. She may have had saliva on her hand at the time.
We also sucked each other's nipples.
We did perform protected oral but no vaginal sex.
In particular am worried about cut and the saliva during our heavy foreplay.

Question about HIV transmission

Can someone get HIV, if someone with HIV is bleeding and that blood touches or gets into my fresh cut ?

unsure about the possibility of contracting HIV

I recently received oral from a girl that I have heard has a reputation. I have no cuts on my penis and have no reason to believe that she has open cuts/sores in her mouth however I want to know even if I had a cut on my penis and she had sores in her mouth would I contract HIV? If so how much blood would be needed to pass the virus and even if I didn't have a cut on my penis and she had a cut in her mouth could the blood seep in through the tip of penis in the hole and get infected like that? I have read that on other sites...I appreciate any honest answer I get

Precum touching my glans. Im circumcised

Hello how are you? well I´m a 26 years old bisexual man who always tries to do safe sex, specially when we talk about sex with another me. Last friday night a met a man and we had not sex I mean anal sex, just he made me a fellatio with codom and some kisses on our bodies even we didnt kissed in our mouths. But happened two items that I dont know if could be dangerous.
1) The first one he put my finger inside my anus (I think it is not so a risk)
2) The second one that makes me feel very, very worried. Is that when he get up from bed a bit of his precum touched my glans penis, I am circumcised by the way. I clean my penis with a towel.
There was no ejaculation of him on my body. He cums after the datail of my glans on his own hand
Im very worried I dont know if I shuould have done a profilaxis. A person of a forum said it was not necesary
As a final detail Im almost sure (not 100%) but almost that his cum didnt touch my urethral opening
thank you very much for this space
yours sincerely.

hiv transmission risk

i have 2 questions.
1.) i went to a nightclub. i saw people doing drugs there. it was quite dark. When i came back, next morning, i saw a small break in the my finger skin ( a very very small cut ). I shook hands with lot of people in the club. Is it possible that some1 might have pricked me in the party without me actually feeling it.?? I did not feel any prick while shaking hands with any of the people. i was not drunk nor i do drugs. I saw this cut the next morning. just a break in the skin and no blood or clot or redness around it. If this small cut had bled, will i know it the next morning. as it had no clot or red things around? or i wud have cut by something else and did not realis.? or it would have been jst a scratch which did not bleed. i am worried because after 2 weeks i have a cold and mild fever. Is this just co incidence or i am having OCD for hiv. Pls explain in detail... thanks

2.) i had a cut on my finger. i fingered a girl with my other hand ( which was intact/ no cut ). My intact fingering hand sometime touched my hand with the cut after i removed my intact fingers from the girls vagina. Is there any risk from this?


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