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At risk for HIV after fingering and masturbation?

I fingered a sex worker wearing a hand glove (not sure about the quality of it). After that I masturbated, while she was also touching my penis. Is there any risk on HIV transmission in this case? After removing the hand glove my hands felt a bit sweaty, so not sure whether any liquid penetrated through the glove

sperm on cut

I gave a guy a handjob and he ejaculated. Once i wiped it off i noticed a cut on the side of my finger. It's like a crack from biting a hang nail. It wasn't bleeding but it was spilt and very pink as thigh it was recent. No scabs and it still hurt. His sperm got all over it. Can I get hiv? They say no unless it's bleeding but I feel as though its kind of deep and fairly open. I'm very scared and can not afford pep :(

HIV test at 36 days

Hi, I have a question, now let me give you a run down on my situation, I had protected vaginal sex with a woman, but had unprotected oral that caused some trauma on the penis. I didn’t notice any blood coming from her mouth or any blood on my penis. I had all the STD tests done and they all came back negative. I went for HIV test at about 36 days after possible exposure it came back negative. Now I don’t know the type of tests they use in New Brunswick Canada, but I know that the window period is 12 weeks, but I was wondering if the negative result I received at 36 days post exposure is a good indicator that my test results will be negative at 12 weeks? And I do plan on going back at 12 weeks to get my conclusive results.

Please Answer Soon (kissing, frottage, mutual maturbation)


Could you please assess my risk? I met a gay man at a bar. We ended up engaging in frottage. I was on the bottom and I was wearing underwear. He was naked on top and grinding on top of me. I never took my underwear off during this rubbing session but it lasted a while. There was no penetration. My underwear were dry afterwards. Is there any chance that any secretions could have penetrated my underwear? Did this put me at risk? We then kissed a few times ( no blood present, he opened his mouth to show me. We touched each other's penises. He then masturbated me and during ejaculation may have briefly put my penis in his mouth. It wasn't a blow job but my penis may have entered his mouth. He was still touching himself so i don't know if there was any precum on his hands. He then masturbated himself but I didn't touch his ejaculate. So I guess this boils down to kissing, frottage, mutual masturbation and my penis maybe in his mouth briefly. I am so scared I put myself at risk. He assured me he is HIV negative but I only have his word. Thank you for your help

HIV basics

Sir I just want to know a few things about hiv as I could not clarify myself for few things
Can Hiv transfer to Penis (Clothed) from naked anus (anal canal) if not then why as there are pores in clothes big enough
Can hiv transfer from anus by rubbbing if penis is not in Rectum I mean not passed through spincter What I learnt is no as perhaps mucus is produced in rectum not in anus ...................
Plz ans to clarify me

Anal fingering in thailand


Yesterday, I went to a massage parlour in thailand. I received anal fingering from a CSW for about 5 min. I have lots of hemmoroides and I noticed some blood on the toilet paper the same night. I'm worried because I didn't check the finger of the masseuse and I don't if her finger was bleeding. What do you think? Should I get test? I'm extremely anxious :(

HIV Testing

Hey Aids Vancouver,
I really hope you do reply to my post and help ease my mind.

I sucked on the nipples of an woman with an unknown status for about 10 min and had protected oral sex, I'm not sure if the woman was lactating or had cuts near her nipples.
Although your Helpline suggest I'm HIV negative, I've OCD about these things and had myself tested.
I had two Rapid HIV test done & one 4th generation ELFA test done in an Hospital in India with good amenities ( just trying to establish a basis for an question that i've had these tests in an reputed hospital with cancer research centre and and other facilities you'd find in an hospital out west )

P.S The tests have been done post 7 months of my last possible exposure.

My questions are
1. Based on my exposure can I contract HIV assuming the woman was positive & lactating ?
2. Is seven months enough time for any human with any disease including immunodeficiency and cancer among others to produce anti bodies to be detected when testing ?
3. Can HIV tests in third world countries such as India be as accurate as the ones in US & Canada ? what are the chances that an lab technician has screwed up my tests ?
4. Do i need further testing in India ? or should I have myself tested in the US or Canada ?

I know my questions seem tacky and you must have answered them an thousand times but an reply from you would mean the world to me as I'm studying and worrying about HIV affects my studies.

Thanking You,

Oral Sex and worried about STD/HIV Please help me I am out of control

On Dec 26 I went to a girl, and she did hand job while she was doing suddenly licking my penis urethra.I realized and said dont( so this is all about 2seconds) and also she had sucked my penis balls around 1 to 2 minutes. I guess i have minor cut on my balls(a small dot of skin out) but there is no blood.

If she has HIV Positive, did i get HIV when she touched her tongue on head of my penis (if her saliva enters into my penis urethra) I am sure I dont have any cuts / sores / blood on my penis.

If I have cuts / sores / blood on my penis balls and she does't have any cuts/sores/blood on her mouth is it possible to get HIV?

If she have cuts /sores / blood and i dont have any cuts / sores / blood is it possible to get HIV?

If both of us has cuts / sores / blood on her mouth and also on my penis balls, is it possible to get HIV?

Please help me I am really worrying and not even doing my job properly .. I am really out of control.


Please help me Oral sex with minor cuts transmts HIV and ELISA Test in Malaysia

Hi Few days back I went to a girl, and she did hand job but no sex. While she was doing handjob suddenly she tooked my penis on her mouth n licked for 2 secs and also she was sucking my penis balls around 1 to 2 minutes. After two days I found small very minor wound on my penis balls. Now I am worrying like anything without sleep and even not doing my job properly with this tention.

If she has HIV Positive, did i get HIV when she licked on head of my penis (if her saliva enters into my penis utthera) I am sure I dont have any cuts / sores / blood on my penis.

If I have cuts / sores / blood on my penis balls and she does't have any cuts/sores/blood on her mouth is it possible to get HIV?

If she have cuts /sores / blood and i dont have any cuts / sores / blood is it possible to get HIV?

If she have cuts/sores/blood and my penis balls also having minor cuts/blood/sores will expose to HIV?

I heard to get HIV there must be direct contact for this what is the time period for direct contact? is it one second enough to transfer?

And also please let me know where and when I can do ELISA testing in Malaysia?

Please help me I am really worrying .

Risk of HIV transmission

Hello Friends,

I had undertaken following four sexual activities, please let know whether I need to worry further and live peacefully a committed new life:

In 1st week of April 2013, I had received unprotected oral sex for 3-4 minutes at a massage parlour possibly from a commercial sex worker. She cleaned up my penis with water and tissue paper.

In 2nd week of May 2013, I had onetime protected vaginal sex with a commercial sex worker for 5-6 minutes. After that I had washed by penis properly with water.

On 10th November 2013, I have received hand-job from one commercial sex worker. I did suck/rub her nipples for 10-15 minutes. No vaginal/anal sex (but may have received unprotected oral sex).

On 5th December 2013, I had again received hand-job from a commercial sex worker but catch here is that she cleaned up my Penis with water and some used towels, may have been used by previous customers.

In all the above cases I am not sure of HIV status of service providers/their earlier customers.

I had no symptoms of HIV infection. Due to mental agony, I got myself tested on 23rd December 2013 for HIV 1/2 through ELISA method, which came out as non-reactive/negative.

Please guide if I need to go for further testing or I can forget above incidents and live a committed life from the new year onwards with single partner whose HIV status is negative and known to me. Your proper guidance would be of great help.


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