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Woman receiving


I recently received unprotected oral (gone down on) by a male with unknown status.

Am I at risk of HIV?

blood and mouth

Last night I kissed a guy whom 6 hours earlier had gotten his wisdom teeth pulled. We only pecked, we did not make out but I did feel a little wetness on my lips and on the inside upper lip. I know he was still bleeding because he was spitting all night. Can I get hiv from this? Also he wiped his mouth and then right after put that same hand down my pants and just rubbed the top of my hood for a few seconds. I am just freaking out because there might have been blood on his fingers and/or lips. Am I at risk! ?

Oral Sex

Hi and thankyou for doing such a great work by providing guidance to people like us who are full of anxiety. I have few question to clear my doubt. 1- Is HIV ab/ag test after 40 days will be considered conclusive by CMIA method in India from a reputed lab, dr lal path labs. 2- Is CMIA method 4th generation test or 3rd generation. 3- My result was antibody - non reactive and antigen index value was 0.44, how would you read this . 4- I had insertive fellatio for 20-25 seconds by a CSW in India, will this be considered safe. This was 40 days prior to test. Do I need to retest. , I will be thankful for your guidance.


Hi, on last year november and this year march(cant remember) i went to the massage parlour and all were unprotective blowjob and sucking her breast(which i cant remember if she was lactating). So i did several test which include hiv combo test on june and pcr rna rest also on june and the test was negative. So on the first july i did a antibody test(hiv ag ab) and also negative. So i did 3 test on june and july which was negative. Is it conclusive? Or should i redo the test? I just found your website. My friend said 3 month is conclusive. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you for replying

Risk assessment please!

Hi what is my risk from

1 kissing

2 masturbation when other person ejaculated on my penis

3 receiving oral sex, I didn't ejaculate.

Thank you

smooching and fingering

Hello I am Michael.i was with a known girl 3 days before and we got physical.i do not know about her past sex life but she has had more than 2 sex partners.the activities we did were-

1. smooching (kissing),i had a small cut inside my lower lip.we kissed for like 20 min.
2. fingering her vagina for like 15 min.i had a small cut on the side of my thumb nail but no blood was coming out.


PLEASE help me because i m going mad thinking about this that has the virus entered my body. It has been only three days, are there any tests that can be done in a span of three days or within a month ?? If yes then please tell me the name of the tests.
It would be really kind a few to give me advice as soon as possible. Should I worry or not ? Please help. Thank you very much.


Received oral sex

Hi Volunteer,

It has been 18 days now when I received oral sex (unprotected) in one of the massage parlours in East Africa. I am not sure if the lady had bleeding gums, sores, etc. in her mouth.

A day later (within 30 hours of exposure), I started PEP medication (Lamivudine 300 mg and Tenofovir 300 mg) for a course of 28 days with the doctor's consultation. I am still continuing the medication. Also, I got the HIV DNA PCR test done within 30 hrs of exposure and one after 2 weeks of exposure - both of which came negative.

I am still worried about my status.

1. Could I rely on the HIV DNA PCR test which was negative 2 weeks of post exposure?
2. Could the result have been negative since I am on PEP for 28 days and then turn positive once I stop the PEP after 28 days?
3. Also, I see some red spots (painless and non-itchy) on my right thigh. Is this something I should worry about?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Receiving Oral Sex and touching her body

Dear Sir,
Last two days I got a oral sex with a unknown female sex worker. She gave me BJ but we didn't make any intercourse. So I have read receiving oral sex is low risk but I'm still worry. And one more thing is, while she gave me oral sex, I touch and squeeze her breast and nipples. The problem is my hands are currently now very dry skin and some small cuts due to dryness. I also touch her butt and thigh but I didn't make any fingered to anywhere. I'm worry that small cuts from my hands can transmit hiv from her body by touching? And now is two days from exposure but I really want to test duo test although I have read it's recommend days are 28. But two-three days duo test can how much accurate in percentage? At least, I want to make a test for peace of mind. Thanks an regards.

oral insertive felatio


just wanted to know if insertive felatio for 10-15 seconds with a street worker in India will have any sort of risk.

Does it require any test.

thankyou so much in advance

Received Oral Sex - Negative Test

I wanted to give a brief update and quick question. Few weeks ago I posted that in the past year I had seen 6-7 sex workers and received unprotected oral sex. In my anxiety, I began to feel symptoms that I read online (ie. oral thrush, dry mouth, fever, etc..). This obviously scared me to the point of getting myself tested to finally alleviate my anxiety.

After a week of excruciating anxiety and waiting for the results, I made it a point to visit the doctor to verify the findings. It was indeed negative and I feel relief that I could live normally again.

I do have one other question about my exposure. As mentioned I had 6-7 encounters of oral sex without a condom. The last two encounters were exactly 1 month before I had the test done.

In your expert opinion, do I need to get re-tested again after 2 months to make it 100% sure? Or are my recent test results conclusive?

Thank you for everything your organization does to make us feel at ease and to educate the public.


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