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Help! Fingering exposure may have actual risk

Note I'm the biggest hypochondriac

So we are both clean with no disease and were both COMPLETE virgins but I did put my finger in her vagina six days ago.

It was a very closed environment, and everything except my hand was blocked from it, so nothing else could have touched it so that part is fine.

and I had a very small cut, but my research said that fingering with a cut does not increase the chance of catching something. Especially if it's small like my tiny paper cut

and I also think that at least a minute after I may have put my hand on my very old cold sore while the my hand was still wet from having my finger in there.

The cold sore was healed at the time I believe, at least there was no scab

Note there was no sexual contact of any kind besides my finger/hand. Yes we had boundaries and we both respected them very good! :)

Am I at risk for anything deadly?

This happened last week and I got another cold sore so that's why I'm anxious

I just want to know some opinions if I have a risk to get something bad. :(

I don't want HIV even though she probably, most likely doesn't have it at all since neither of us ever did anything. Plus there's no family history at all.

I'm just scared....help! I DONT WANT TO DIE

Am I okay? My research also said that cold sores are very much later symptoms of it as in months after infection. I'm only talking about HIV because it's the only one that can kill.

Even though she said she's clean and a virgin

I have a lot of the symptoms and I'm just very very scared, do you think I have it? I'm terrified

My primary question though is....does a cold sore mean you have HIV? Like one that comes right after another healed and less than a week after the possible exposure?

Thank you for answering :)

Cuts and HIV (fingering)

I had a small paper cut (not bleeding) while fingering someone that is a virgin, do I have any risk for HIV? I am a virgin as well and I only have herpes1 (cold sores on lip).

I also had a cold sore at the time and vaginal fluid might have touched the 7-10 day old cold sore, do I pose any risk to HIV? Or any other STD?

Thank you!! :)

Fingering and catching a STD

Hello, I am a young virgin. My significant other is also a virgin and I fingered her a week ago. Some vaginal secretion got on my hand and it may have touched a very small (not new) paper cut. I also touched my 10 day old cold sore (scab was gone but there was still a bump).

what is my risk?

oral sex

I received an oral sex with an unknown guy, I do suspect he had oral sex with others before having it with me. I found Herpes on my lips after one week it went off. Its been 3 weeks now, i had diarrhea yesterday and followed by fever and body pain.

I am afraid that i am infected, please let me know when can i get HIV tested.

I did not have any dry cough and swollen glands which are other symptoms of HIV. Awaiting for your response.


Receiving oral sex- do i have HIV Transmission

Hello Sir, I recently received an oral sex from an unknown guy in a theater. I am afraid that he might have had performed oral sex with others before doing it with me. its been 18 days i just had diarrhea and at the same time i got fever and body pain. I am getting afraid that i might have HIV. Its already 2 and half weeks. Please let me know when is the good time to get it tested. Do i need to wait for 6 weeks or 3 weeks is enough to get it tested.

Is my test conclusive for oral sex exposure?

Hello, I had oral sex exposure (received) in Dec. 19, 2013.
Later, I went for test almost weekly for easing my anxiety.
Latest negative test result ((Rapid test, determine hiv 1/2) I had on exactly 63 days (my 9th week).
Shall I refer it as conclusive result or still go for test until my 84th day?
Much appreacited with your timely reply.

A concern or not? Please advise

I went to a massage parlor. Prior to the massage I used the toilet. Noticed there was some clear fluid with what looked like brown/black dots in it (like gravel?).
I grabbed some tissue to wipe it off. Then went to the loo.
My concern is if I'd accidentally got any of this on my fingers when I adjusted my underwear to go toilet accidentally touched my penis slit. Would this fluid (guessing urine or perhaps a sexual fluid?) be infectious and a cause of concern?
I also received protected oral at the end of the massage.
Do I need to test?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I think I'm going crazy....

Hiv Through Gingivitis and Wounds

Hey guys! You'll are really doing a marvellous job answering each and every question in detail. Thanks also for all the help . my query is that since I have come back from a vacation from Bangkok and I have been very anxious and nervous. The concern that bothers me is that when I was in Bangkok I engaged in deep kissing with a sex worker and I have gingivitis but usually my gums do not bleed but have a pink circular ring around around them. I also have a bruised cheek due to outward protuding wisdom teeth. The sex worker who I kissed had a piercing under her tongue. The deep kiss went on for 15 seconds. I really DO NOT remember tasting blood that's why I am highly concerned that what if there was blood as when the worker kissed me tongue in tongue she released alot of saliva into my mouth and the sex worker also had a piercing under her tongue which raises my concern even more.
After one week after the exposure developed an extremely sore throat however no cold. The throat was so sore that there was yellow mucous with strips of blood in it. It lasted for about 10 days(full recovery). I also developed developed year pain in the process. Can it be ARS? After 3 weeks also developed hazy vision. Please help me I'm very afraid. My queries are as follows:
1)in how much time can an individual ARS? Can they contract it in a week?
2)Assuming the highest possible risk( also had chapped lips)so chapped lips, gingivitis and bruised inner cheeks, can the virus spread through
3) Can the early stages of Hiv affect vision?
4)should I get tested for Hiv?
5)can hiv show in a normal blood test, a full body profile ?
6)I also have a low immunity(fall sick easily) does this pose a higher risk to contract Hiv and can it spread easily to people lower immunity?
Please reply to me Asap highly worried.

Handjob question

Hi I recently received hand job from another male and I think there was semen on his hand. Thing is I went to the doctor a few days after and was diagnosed with herpes and had a small lesion on my penis, it was scabbed over, but I'm worried that his semen may have contacted it when it was open. I read that hiv dies outside of the body so no risk?

fingering with cut with bandaid.

i had a small 48hour old cut. Not bleeding anymore. Properly covered with band-aid.
I fingered a girl of unknown status with that finger. ( covered with band-aid )
Please advice if i am risk from my cut properly covered with band-aid from the fingering episode.
Also, what if i do not cover this cut with band-aid in future will it be risk involving in fingering.

Thanks for your help.


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