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Masturbation confusion?

Ive read that mutual masturbation even if involving each others fluids eg precum to her vagina, vaginal fluids to my penis/urethra, is a no risk situation for HiV transmission......yet other websites that its a massive risk?
What is correct info? Please help

Shall I go for test again?

Hello to you all. Thanks for helping us with great job you have done.
I received unprotected oral sex from a female with unkown health status 60 days ago. Noticed received unprotected oral sex is a negligible risk. Also, for the info., I had from (your friend website: http://smartsexresource.com/ask-us/questions/hi-can-i-get-hiv-receiving-...), they do not even consider it as risk of HIV. However, in order to cease my worries, I still went for test for both hiv and syphilis on my 56 days. Both result I received are neagtive. (Rapid fingerprick test with Alere Determine HIV1/2 for HIV, VDRL/RPR test for Syphilis).

My question is from the above extremely risk I have been exposured, shall I conisder my negative result on 56 days as conclusive? Or shall I go for test again? Thanks.


, pls help to clarify the meaning of my test result

Hi, David. Could you help to clarify the meaning of my tst results? Is it conclusive already? Or I shall do another test?

90days ago, I had unprotected anal sex. Later 20 days ago, I had receivd oral sex. 6 days ago (my 84 days), I have done ELISA test with negative result.Since received oral test is a negligible risk, so should I refer my hiv test 6 days ago (84th day) as conclusive result? Or I shall wait for another 60 days hiv test for received oral sex? Thanks. David.

Can I get HIV ?

I foolishly visited a massage parlor in Toronto . There session was streamy. There was no ( anal,vaginal,oral penetration )
However the outer part of her vagina might have rubbed against the unprotected penis . I also fingered her, but there was no wound/crack on my finger . I did not touch any other part of my body with the finger before I washed it. Can I get HIV. The anxiety is killing me. I will go for a test in 4-5 weeks . Please advice

Very scared

If I finger a girl how fresh would cuts on my finger have to be in order for me to contract hiv? Also how big would a wound in my mouth have to be if I very quickly touched the used finger that had vaginal fluid on it to my tongue ? Does that pose any risk? The girl assured me that she had never ever had sexual contact with anybody other than myself. What is my risk? I didn't notice any wounds on my fingers either before or after doing so. The action only lasted a minute max and I washed my hands immediately after doing so. But on the way to washroom I licked my finger. I received oral sex from a girl a long time ago like in October but have not felt any symptoms until recently after fingering the girl. Please tell me my risks, sorry for so many questions! But I am very scared and have a girlfriend whom I don't wish to pass anything to, I love her to much to do that. Thank you God Bless

Re: Oral And HIV Risk From Trauma?

Thankyou for answering my question. By trauma, I was referring to a reddish irritation that was caused from her teeth during oral sex.
Does this change my risk/exposure? Thankyou.


Can you please clarify to me this,if i finger a girl who is living with hiv,posses any kind of risk?
Condom did not break,i made sure it ok,because after i finished i checked it,.?but my fear is because i fingered her with my bear hands..

Oral and HIV risk from trauma?

I received oral sex from a woman (HIV status unknown) which was very long and vigorous and rough. She caused a bit of trauma on the penis. Now I didn’t not notice any blood coming from her mouth or on my penis for that matter. I know that receiving oral sex is a negligible risk, but I’m just wondering with the trauma to the penis and if there was blood from her mouth, would my risk for contracting HIV increase?


Can i get hiv from fingering a hiv+ lady..?

Help very scared

I fingered a girl a while back in December I think it was between dec 2nd and dec 10th. I fingered her but i am unaware of whether there were any cuts on my fingers, I think I might have licked it and spit it out and washed my hands within 20 seconds of finishing. I got sick about 2 weeks ago and it was pretty bad, I had a really sore throat where it hurt to swallow and I blew my nose so much I popped a blood vessel in my nose and I would sneeze out a lot of blood. I am very scared I might have hiv and I have a girlfriend now for about a months but have been talking for over 5 and I love her a lot and don't want to give anything to her. Please help, what are the risks of me getting it?


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