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hiv risk?negative results after 6 weeks?

hello i received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker and i believe she had blood in her mouth because i found a drop in the pillow. after a week i had a flu with a dry cough and later a shortness of breath without any fever this lasted for a week then i got a rash on chest that looks like pimples and a very itchy rash on my inner upper thigh and both these are still present after 8 weeks i was test though a blood test at a lab where they took blood from my right arm to test for hiv1 2 and a couple more diseases i do not know what kind of hiv test was it but the results where negative so my questions are 1) are my symptoms ars?2)is my negative test at six weeks accurate3)was i at a high risk?

6 times negative

Hi there.
First of all i want to thank you everyone here at vancouver aids helpline for helping us and answer our question.. Here my problem for morethan 6 months.last may 30 2013 i had encounter female unknown hiv status we had protected sex used condom but we had oral sex kisssing and licking her vagina after 7.5 weeks i had syptoms head ache, dizzy, stiff neck, caughing, sorethroat, white spot in my inner cheek and low fever for 2 days, i remember about the incident and searching online about hiv syptoms and i had all syptoms then i decide to take home hiv kit ora quick.
1st test- 7.5 weeks negative ora quick home kit
2nd test - 8 weeks ora sure clinic-negative
3rd test -12 weeks orasure clinic negative
4th test-12 weeks and 2days hospital elisa blood drawn on my arm-negtive
5th test -5months and 15 dys elisa bloo drawn public helth clinic -negative
6th test-6 months and 12 days blood drawn hospital-negative.
And im still worried this result is this conclussive?are this test are rialble because im stil worried and i had anxiety for almost 5 months.and syptom are gone except white spot on my inner cheek.and thank you so much for helping and answer all of our question.

oral sex

I recieved oral sex from sex worker (without condom)

HIV worry

I recently faced a commercial sex worker (CSW) 3 weeks back and I have few things to ask. When I met the CSW 10 minutes earlier, she had sex with my friend, I removed her all clothes and I was only wearing cotton underwear. I rubbed base-mid of my penis with underwear on the vagina lips area for about 5-10 seconds and than I masturbated for like 10 minutes with underwear on.
My concern here is that if her vaginal fluid (1 or 2 drop) contacted my underwear while I was rubbing it to vagina and than my penis head was hitting the same area on my underwear where that 1 drop vaginal fluid was, when masturbating. (I released some pre-cum as well when masturbating). Please advise if there is a risk in this ? We did not have penetrative sex at all.

Also, a day before this, I shaved my penis and testicle area with razor blade. I dont think if any I had any minor cut on the shaft of the penis.
Is there a concern if the penis shaft is having minor cut because of razor blade.
Please advise.

I am having fatigue kind of feeling from past 1 day but I believe its more to do with stress/anxiety I am taking - thats the person I am. I stress a lot.

vaginal fingering

I had done vaginal fingering on a sex worker& she masterbated me. after that i accidentaly put that finger on my noseIt was 3 weak ago. Now am feeling sore throat, rashes, itching, fatigue& numbness on fingers. Am i infected with hiv??

vaginal fingering

I had done vaginal fingering on a sex worker& she masterbated me. after that i accidentaly put that finger on my noseIt was 3 weak ago. Now am feeling sore throat, rashes, itching, fatigue& numbness on fingers. Am i infected with hiv?? Am in the verge of suicide

Re: another reconfirmation of cut contact


Hi, this was my previous qn.. I'm sorry for the repeated confirmation again because I still feel a bit confused.

So in my case, even if my partner's slightly bleeding cut laid on top of my slightly bleeding cut, there is no risk of transmission because there is not HIV transmission internally? I would be thankful if you could reply straight to this question specifically.

Thank you & sorry!

HIV transmission clarification

Recently, I went to undergo a blood test at a lab, which was very unhygienic.
Before my turn, I saw that the "Phlebotomist" was cleaning some blood spilled on the table (where samples were kept) with his bare hands. After that, he did not wash his hands and instead, cleaned his hands with a towel.
Thereafter, he asked me to sit and drew my blood with a fresh “syringe” without wearing any gloves. After that, he took some cotton and put a few drops of “alcohol” on the cotton and kept that cotton on my arm i.e., at the “blood draw site”. I’m worried – in case, if any un-cleaned blood on his hands comes into contact with the “blood draw site”.
Please help…….am I at risk.
Thanks in advance.

HIV transmission risk

I went for a marathon, halfway through, the person in front of me fell, causing me to trip and fall too.
He was bleeding a little on his hands while I was bleeding quite badly on my hands. He helped me up with his bleeding hand, meaning that there was contact between his bleeding wound and my wound. I have no idea who he is but he was kind to help me up. But now, I am worried for HIV transmission. Do I need to go for a HIV test or PEP?


I have small cuts from dry weather. The small cuts were red and there were about 3 small cuts at base of knuckle. I fingered a girl for about 10min in and out. There wasn't much vaginal fluid but some. Do I need to get tested ?


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