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Can you please clarify to me this,if i finger a girl who is living with hiv,posses any kind of risk?
Condom did not break,i made sure it ok,because after i finished i checked it,.?but my fear is because i fingered her with my bear hands..

Oral and HIV risk from trauma?

I received oral sex from a woman (HIV status unknown) which was very long and vigorous and rough. She caused a bit of trauma on the penis. Now I didn’t not notice any blood coming from her mouth or on my penis for that matter. I know that receiving oral sex is a negligible risk, but I’m just wondering with the trauma to the penis and if there was blood from her mouth, would my risk for contracting HIV increase?


Can i get hiv from fingering a hiv+ lady..?

Help very scared

I fingered a girl a while back in December I think it was between dec 2nd and dec 10th. I fingered her but i am unaware of whether there were any cuts on my fingers, I think I might have licked it and spit it out and washed my hands within 20 seconds of finishing. I got sick about 2 weeks ago and it was pretty bad, I had a really sore throat where it hurt to swallow and I blew my nose so much I popped a blood vessel in my nose and I would sneeze out a lot of blood. I am very scared I might have hiv and I have a girlfriend now for about a months but have been talking for over 5 and I love her a lot and don't want to give anything to her. Please help, what are the risks of me getting it?

Semen making contact with urethra + lip sore


I received a facial from a gentleman (no oral was involved) I was kneeling at the time when he ejaculated and some semen fell to the floor where my penis was. Is there a HIV risk if semen made contact with my urethra?

The second question I have as I have is theoretical. If a cold sore is present and was in the healing process is this considered to be an open wound where HIV infection may occur? I have read a lot of information relating to “open wounds”. In your professional opinion what would be considered to be an open wound on a person face? Is red / inflammed acne a possible hazard etc?

Thank you for your time.

Oral sex, anal fingering and penis rubbing on anus.

I'm a 22 year old guy. Roughly around 2 and a half months back I met this guy and we had kissing and oral sex together. I read a lot of about this activities and they pose negligible risk, but I haven't got a satisfying answer to my question. We both indulged in kissing first and later moved to oral sex where I first received oral sex without a condom and then with a condom. But if didn't give any oral sex. Later he fingered my anus for about two mins. Then while kissing he was rubbing his penis near my anus without a condom and he also tried to insert it but didn't as he didn't have erection and I did let him to as he didn't have condom on it . I also had abrasion near my anus due to tissue.
My question is in the above mentioned activity. 1 - by receiving oral sex is there any HIV transmission? . 2- by him fingering my anus, if he had some cut on his fingers is there any transmission? 3- by him rubbing his penis on my anus and trying to penetrate in anus with any sort of possible precum present on the penis will there be any transmission ? 4 - do I need to get myself tested? If yes, then will my test be conclusive ?

HIV risk?

I need your advice. I have fingered a girl and directly after that I masturbated myself. I think I still had some of her vaginal fluids on my fingers. I read on your site that this is very low risk to get HIV. However, now it is almost two weeks later and I found out that I got Chlamydia from the girl. Would this make it more likely I got a risk for HIV? I found on some sites that you can't get Chlamydia from what I did, so I am confused

HIV worries!

Hello I am a male and had an encounter with another male and i recieved oral sex from him. (his mouth on my penis) We also had condom protected sex with me as the receptive partner and the condoms stayed intact. One condom slipped on withdrawal and was hanging out of my anus and we removed it and used another condom, I s this a risk? I was told on medhelp that I have no risk but I have been having weird symptoms that my doctor believes are stress related. I have been tested for HIV at 3 and 6 weeks with the duo 4th generation test and my results were negative and the clinic said my results were definitive. I also took an oraquick oral swab test at 10 weeks and this was also negative and I will take another oraquick oral swab test at 12 weeks just to be safe. Do you think that there is a risk here and that I might be positive?

At risk for HIV after fingering and masturbation?

I fingered a sex worker wearing a hand glove (not sure about the quality of it). After that I masturbated, while she was also touching my penis. Is there any risk on HIV transmission in this case? After removing the hand glove my hands felt a bit sweaty, so not sure whether any liquid penetrated through the glove

sperm on cut

I gave a guy a handjob and he ejaculated. Once i wiped it off i noticed a cut on the side of my finger. It's like a crack from biting a hang nail. It wasn't bleeding but it was spilt and very pink as thigh it was recent. No scabs and it still hurt. His sperm got all over it. Can I get hiv? They say no unless it's bleeding but I feel as though its kind of deep and fairly open. I'm very scared and can not afford pep :(


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