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Insertive Oral sex scare

Hi there,
I had unprotected oral sex (insertive) 2 months ago (20th Sep) from a thai hostess. Tested for HIV after 1 month(negative) and again at 2 months(negative). However had white blood cells traced in my urine test. And i discovered swollen lymph nodes on my right side of the inguinal groin. The lymph nodes were also confirmed by my doctor, however he said they were considered small ( size of baked beans). Do I have to worry still about HIV infection? Considering that i still have 1 swollen lymph node under my left jaw and stiff neck symptoms (about 1 month ago) and also the recently discovered swollen groin lymph nodes that i found about a week ago. Or did i acquire other STDs? Appreciate your reply thanks!

Touching And Follow up question:Rubbing Penile Shaft And Urethera With Vaginal Fluid On Fingers

This is a follow-up question to the one I asked a couple of days back.

I understand that there needs to be a break in skin for HIV to pass through. In my case, I did not just touch the head of my penis, I vigorously rubbed it (to clean the deposited semen) with the fingers that had vaginal fluid.

My point is touching may not cause the skin to break but rubbing it might cause it (my penis head - I am circumcised) to have microscopic tears and the virus could have passed through it.

And I removed the condom barely seconds after pulling out of the vagina. And with same fingers I cleaned (vigorously rubbed) the penis including the circumcised penis head and urethra.

Please excuse me for being graphic. I wanted to convey the exact situation to you.

Thank you.

risk from eyes

My friend is hiv+. Accidently his finger brushed my eye. Later i noticed his finger was pricked and couple of drops of blood were coming out. My ques.

1.) Am i at risk from this situation as of couple of drops ( about 5 ) getting in my eye.
2.) The cut on my friends finger was maximum the size of a needle stick injury. I consulted a doctor and he told that a cut that is size of a needle stick will not be able to produce sufficient amount of blood that will transmit infection through the eyes or any other part.

Do you agree with his assessment.


Woman receiving


I recently received unprotected oral (gone down on) by a male with unknown status.

Am I at risk of HIV?

blood and mouth

Last night I kissed a guy whom 6 hours earlier had gotten his wisdom teeth pulled. We only pecked, we did not make out but I did feel a little wetness on my lips and on the inside upper lip. I know he was still bleeding because he was spitting all night. Can I get hiv from this? Also he wiped his mouth and then right after put that same hand down my pants and just rubbed the top of my hood for a few seconds. I am just freaking out because there might have been blood on his fingers and/or lips. Am I at risk! ?

Oral Sex

Hi and thankyou for doing such a great work by providing guidance to people like us who are full of anxiety. I have few question to clear my doubt. 1- Is HIV ab/ag test after 40 days will be considered conclusive by CMIA method in India from a reputed lab, dr lal path labs. 2- Is CMIA method 4th generation test or 3rd generation. 3- My result was antibody - non reactive and antigen index value was 0.44, how would you read this . 4- I had insertive fellatio for 20-25 seconds by a CSW in India, will this be considered safe. This was 40 days prior to test. Do I need to retest. , I will be thankful for your guidance.


Hi, on last year november and this year march(cant remember) i went to the massage parlour and all were unprotective blowjob and sucking her breast(which i cant remember if she was lactating). So i did several test which include hiv combo test on june and pcr rna rest also on june and the test was negative. So on the first july i did a antibody test(hiv ag ab) and also negative. So i did 3 test on june and july which was negative. Is it conclusive? Or should i redo the test? I just found your website. My friend said 3 month is conclusive. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you for replying

Risk assessment please!

Hi what is my risk from

1 kissing

2 masturbation when other person ejaculated on my penis

3 receiving oral sex, I didn't ejaculate.

Thank you

smooching and fingering

Hello I am Michael.i was with a known girl 3 days before and we got physical.i do not know about her past sex life but she has had more than 2 sex partners.the activities we did were-

1. smooching (kissing),i had a small cut inside my lower lip.we kissed for like 20 min.
2. fingering her vagina for like 15 min.i had a small cut on the side of my thumb nail but no blood was coming out.


PLEASE help me because i m going mad thinking about this that has the virus entered my body. It has been only three days, are there any tests that can be done in a span of three days or within a month ?? If yes then please tell me the name of the tests.
It would be really kind a few to give me advice as soon as possible. Should I worry or not ? Please help. Thank you very much.


Received oral sex

Hi Volunteer,

It has been 18 days now when I received oral sex (unprotected) in one of the massage parlours in East Africa. I am not sure if the lady had bleeding gums, sores, etc. in her mouth.

A day later (within 30 hours of exposure), I started PEP medication (Lamivudine 300 mg and Tenofovir 300 mg) for a course of 28 days with the doctor's consultation. I am still continuing the medication. Also, I got the HIV DNA PCR test done within 30 hrs of exposure and one after 2 weeks of exposure - both of which came negative.

I am still worried about my status.

1. Could I rely on the HIV DNA PCR test which was negative 2 weeks of post exposure?
2. Could the result have been negative since I am on PEP for 28 days and then turn positive once I stop the PEP after 28 days?
3. Also, I see some red spots (painless and non-itchy) on my right thigh. Is this something I should worry about?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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