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45 day test

Hello, so about 2 months ago I had engaged in some sexual activity. He had fingered me and performed oral sex on me (I'm female). I don't believe any sex had followed after this event. I had an antibody only test done at 32 days (negative), and then I had another one done at 45 days (negative). Basically I was just wondering what are the chances of a 6 week negative test changing at 12 weeks? Whether that be a high risk one or not. Thanks

Worried sick..risk of HIV transmission

Hi, It was a one time encounter where with a guy of unknown status i met at a club. I was a virgin at the time of the encounter and he tried to penetrate 3 or 4 times but it was difficult since i was too tight for him. There was some fingering and oral sex involved. I don't recall if there was any pre-cum or ejaculation present at the time of sex. If it was present, or not present, what are the chances of HIV transmission in such case from a male to female?

please help

I am a 24 year old male, and had protected oral sex from a sex worker in india, I also fingered her vagina twice but not deep, then I kissed her and did foreplay, am i under any risk. Is it possible for transmission this way, I didnt have any visible cuts in my finger.

so much worried..need help.

hello i received unprotected oral sex on 10th july 2013 from a guy and he is having blood in his gum as i think,after that i had flu with dehydration and i m hospitalised on 19th august..7 to 8 bottle of water i received...however this is fact that ..i m fooding so so so much outside... in home too..lots of milk.curds ..and fried things outside..as i was doing gym from june 2013..i m not so lin and thin..but m using herbal capsule "nav paurush" for 2 and half month just to gain more weight and build my body..and i gain 8 kg of weight after gaining i m 73 kg.. in these 2 and half month''but after flu on august ..after 1 week i lost my weight approx 6 kg...and then after 10 or 15 days i again join gym and start taking "nav parush" herbal ca[psule for regain my weight...but i continue it for only one month and i regain somewhat.as it increases my hungur...but after this in november my stomach goes on upset..i got constipation..and it continues for starting of december..this 1 month period of time..i uses dupahlac ,tripahala churan..nothing works..as dr, say duphalac is good one..now this is the time my mind freaks..when heard that i may had exposed to hiv..i go through all of questions and answers according to my need..then i tried to contact that my frnd..and ask him directly..but he denied..even he is ready to see his report..then i ask why u take this report..r u on risk anywhere..then he replied that he was going for his stone operation in SMS hospital jaipur and dr.take test of many kind some ultrasounds too...including hiv test..and he sent me his report taken on 21 sept 2013 and that is negative.but i cant gonna beleive him..though he sent his report..as i came to know he was engaged in sexual activities..and thinking may be he showed me false report..one important thing i never had a sex in my life..this first oral sex with him..after that i want test myself for hiv..but m so scared ..praying god..thinking about my life..i m 23 years old guy...i never had a strong illness in my past life,,,then i fully decided to being tested..and it was 9th december 2013 approx points to 5 months..i tested negative for "HIV 1 and HIV 2 "in INDIA "varanasi" city in a pathalogy lab and result i had on d next day..i found on envelope of my result there is written about there lab"authorised by BHABHA AUTOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE"and also all kind of test used there..and there i found "ELISA walk away ELISA SYSTEM DAS(ITALY)....then i think this is elisa test ..is this ELISA ......as i heard the coclusive result is at 3 months as it also written in my report.. but in some cases it takes 6 month...but i had no cancer treatment..nor organ transplant..nor PEP..only that "navparush"capsule which is herbal..as i mentioned above with time preiod,,when i was tested for that time stomach somewhile upset ..i had ultrasound of my stomach and all fine..but now from 15th december..my constipation somewhile fine..but i m so scared that m i not produce antibodies..is i produce antibodies now after test..pls pls help me..suggest me..m so much worried..as i found u all r d best helpliner..

my questions are:-

am i fall on 6 month category or my 5 month test is conclussive?

when my medicine for consticipation not working well then it may due to my body did nt produce antibodies..or its other issue..?

is my test in INDIA "varanasi"..is accurate?

I m from india...
pls pls answer it fast
sorry for my weak english..but pls answer my questions..

hiv risk?negative results after 6 weeks?

hello i received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker and i believe she had blood in her mouth because i found a drop in the pillow. after a week i had a flu with a dry cough and later a shortness of breath without any fever this lasted for a week then i got a rash on chest that looks like pimples and a very itchy rash on my inner upper thigh and both these are still present after 8 weeks i was test though a blood test at a lab where they took blood from my right arm to test for hiv1 2 and a couple more diseases i do not know what kind of hiv test was it but the results where negative so my questions are 1) are my symptoms ars?2)is my negative test at six weeks accurate3)was i at a high risk?

6 times negative

Hi there.
First of all i want to thank you everyone here at vancouver aids helpline for helping us and answer our question.. Here my problem for morethan 6 months.last may 30 2013 i had encounter female unknown hiv status we had protected sex used condom but we had oral sex kisssing and licking her vagina after 7.5 weeks i had syptoms head ache, dizzy, stiff neck, caughing, sorethroat, white spot in my inner cheek and low fever for 2 days, i remember about the incident and searching online about hiv syptoms and i had all syptoms then i decide to take home hiv kit ora quick.
1st test- 7.5 weeks negative ora quick home kit
2nd test - 8 weeks ora sure clinic-negative
3rd test -12 weeks orasure clinic negative
4th test-12 weeks and 2days hospital elisa blood drawn on my arm-negtive
5th test -5months and 15 dys elisa bloo drawn public helth clinic -negative
6th test-6 months and 12 days blood drawn hospital-negative.
And im still worried this result is this conclussive?are this test are rialble because im stil worried and i had anxiety for almost 5 months.and syptom are gone except white spot on my inner cheek.and thank you so much for helping and answer all of our question.

oral sex

I recieved oral sex from sex worker (without condom)

HIV worry

I recently faced a commercial sex worker (CSW) 3 weeks back and I have few things to ask. When I met the CSW 10 minutes earlier, she had sex with my friend, I removed her all clothes and I was only wearing cotton underwear. I rubbed base-mid of my penis with underwear on the vagina lips area for about 5-10 seconds and than I masturbated for like 10 minutes with underwear on.
My concern here is that if her vaginal fluid (1 or 2 drop) contacted my underwear while I was rubbing it to vagina and than my penis head was hitting the same area on my underwear where that 1 drop vaginal fluid was, when masturbating. (I released some pre-cum as well when masturbating). Please advise if there is a risk in this ? We did not have penetrative sex at all.

Also, a day before this, I shaved my penis and testicle area with razor blade. I dont think if any I had any minor cut on the shaft of the penis.
Is there a concern if the penis shaft is having minor cut because of razor blade.
Please advise.

I am having fatigue kind of feeling from past 1 day but I believe its more to do with stress/anxiety I am taking - thats the person I am. I stress a lot.

vaginal fingering

I had done vaginal fingering on a sex worker& she masterbated me. after that i accidentaly put that finger on my noseIt was 3 weak ago. Now am feeling sore throat, rashes, itching, fatigue& numbness on fingers. Am i infected with hiv??

vaginal fingering

I had done vaginal fingering on a sex worker& she masterbated me. after that i accidentaly put that finger on my noseIt was 3 weak ago. Now am feeling sore throat, rashes, itching, fatigue& numbness on fingers. Am i infected with hiv?? Am in the verge of suicide


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