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Greetings from Asia! A few questions on HIV transmission

Hello, greeting from Asia, I have a few questions.
1. If HIV positive blood lands on a cut (that is bleeding a little), is it possible for the blood to seep through the cut and find its way to the blood vessels? How does HIV "find" the blood vessels?

2. I have seen forums online stating superficial cuts, but what does superficial cuts mean? Does superficial cuts cause bleeding too? How long does one bleed for a superficial cut?

What kind of cut is a Mini-cut?

Hi, I have a question. What kind of cut is considered a mini-cut? I had a cut that bleed for around 10 mins due to the sharp edges of a book.

Can I just check with you, so HIV can only be transmitted though cuts and sores when there is direct contact with the blood stream? What does the direct contact means? If it is through holding hands where there is no air exposure, can hiv be transmitted through wounds like that (while holding hands?)

Question from a worried country girl. Risk of HIV?


I have question. Is there a risk for HIV when I have a bleeding cut on my hand, and I shake the hands of a HIV positive person who is bleeding a little also from his hands. There was contact when he shook my hands, his cut was placed on top of mine, but I didn't feel any pain. He was my neighbor who is HIV positive. Do I need to go for a HIV test? Am quite scared here, please help me out. Please?

Chances of my exposure. I need help please

I really need help here since I've been anxious for the past weeks. I went to a brothel a few weeks ago. I'm a male btw. Thing is I'm not sure about the HIV status of the woman I got. I'll try to make this as short as possible.

We started off cuddling but naked then she moved on to perform unprotected oral on me for about 2-3 mins (not sure if she had any cuts or sores in her mouth). After that I fingered her and sucked her breast for I guess around 5-10 mins (also unsure if she was lactating) I know this doesn't give risks but what scares me is that she also rubbed her vagina and use the same hands to put the condom on me. I was quite hesitant to have intercourse with her so I just asked for a handjob while I still had the condom on and came inside it. What if her vaginal fluids from her hands touched inside the condom and I might have touched the tip of my penis with the hand I use to finger her with before placing the condom on, would that place me in any risk when I ejaculated inside the condom? Please I really need some advice on the risks I had. Also how accurate is a rapid test done 28 days after the incident?

washing hands with bleach

hello, i know this sounds stupid but panic is one bad cunsultant. i was fingering this girl i dont trust and sudenly the was blood on my fingers. i tried to be calm went to the bathroom, rinsed of the blood from the fingers on running water and in the fingernails. then i poored bleach on them without scrubing tho. there was NO burning sensation or anything like that. nor there were any skin splinters after that i rarefully washed them with soap and water. cut very carefully my nails. washed again very carefully without scrubing. than i rinsed with bleach again. than i rewashed.i know it was ONE STUPID thing to do but..how stupid. please answer. thank you.

Reactive Negative Duo/ Weakly Reactive Duo/Negative Duo

Hi, Thankyou for you help in advance. (Straight British Male). I had two incidents which I could have possibly put myself at risk.
1 – 26/9/13 Random Northern European girl on a night out she performed unprotected oral then brief unprotected vaginal penetration ( less than a minute) then she performed unprotected oral again I did not ejaculate.
2 – 16/10/13 Random Bulgarian girl on a night out all protected oral and vaginal penetration. Although protected I’m concerned as she seemed a bit unstable after the event as if she should have had intercourse.
30/10/13 Duo - Reactive Negative – (1) 39 days exposure (2) 19days exposure
4/11/13 POCT Negative
8/11/13 Duo - POCT Negative / DUO - Weak Reactive Negative – (1) 43 days exposure (2) 23 days exposure
29/11/13 POCT Negative/Duo Negative (1) 64 days exposure (2) 42 days exposure
I understand from this site that a 6 week Duo test is very accurate 98.8% at 6 weeks my last exposure being at 6.3 weeks. The concern is that I had two reactive negative test early after my exposure, possible antigens? I’m not feeling very ill with night sweats aching joints and muscles and a constant headache for over 2 weeks.
Please can you advise.

Dry cracked hands from cold weather - fingering

If a person has small cuts on hand which are red from dry weather can a person contract HIV from a vagina with vaginal fluids getting on the small cuts ?

risk? yes? no?

Is there any risk for HIV transmission when a HIV positive person's blood comes into contact with a fresh cut (not deep, doesn't require stitches) ?

Paranoid and worried sick to go for test

Dear Goodhearted People at AidsVancouver

I am writing to seek advice from you as I recently found out that I have been exposed to hiv. The guy who performed oral sex on me on several occasions ( 6 - 7 times if I recalled correctly) is hiv positive. The last encounter was last Sat, 7th Dec'13 and that was how i found out because he was secretly hiding some pills and i googled the name of the drugs and that was how I found out he is hiv postive. I am worried sick and has been very stress and my minds cannot come to terms with it. All of the encounters we had I did not perform oral on him. But I am worried. He gave me truvada and said it can be used as pep. I don't know how true is that. I am going for my hiv test this wednesday and i don't know how i am going to deal with it having been exposed to hiv postive person.

Please HELP ME and render your advice to me on this. Please HELP!

Thank you in advance.

Kindest Regards,

vaginal fluid with cut on penis

I was recently engaged in mutual mastubation with someone I now know to be hiv pos. She was using her vaginal fluid as a lubricant for the handjob she was giving me, i was also fingering her vagina, though not deep into her. Afterward while i was showering i noticed that my finger had a cut on it, about 1 cm by 3mm. There was also a cut/abrasion just at the bottom of my circumcised penis head, it was about a square cm an the skin was broken, i believe it happend from hand friction. If her vaginal fluid got into either on of those cuts would i be at risk? How much fluid would be needed to infect this way? Thanks for your help.


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