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Dry cracked hands from cold weather - fingering

If a person has small cuts on hand which are red from dry weather can a person contract HIV from a vagina with vaginal fluids getting on the small cuts ?

risk? yes? no?

Is there any risk for HIV transmission when a HIV positive person's blood comes into contact with a fresh cut (not deep, doesn't require stitches) ?

Paranoid and worried sick to go for test

Dear Goodhearted People at AidsVancouver

I am writing to seek advice from you as I recently found out that I have been exposed to hiv. The guy who performed oral sex on me on several occasions ( 6 - 7 times if I recalled correctly) is hiv positive. The last encounter was last Sat, 7th Dec'13 and that was how i found out because he was secretly hiding some pills and i googled the name of the drugs and that was how I found out he is hiv postive. I am worried sick and has been very stress and my minds cannot come to terms with it. All of the encounters we had I did not perform oral on him. But I am worried. He gave me truvada and said it can be used as pep. I don't know how true is that. I am going for my hiv test this wednesday and i don't know how i am going to deal with it having been exposed to hiv postive person.

Please HELP ME and render your advice to me on this. Please HELP!

Thank you in advance.

Kindest Regards,

vaginal fluid with cut on penis

I was recently engaged in mutual mastubation with someone I now know to be hiv pos. She was using her vaginal fluid as a lubricant for the handjob she was giving me, i was also fingering her vagina, though not deep into her. Afterward while i was showering i noticed that my finger had a cut on it, about 1 cm by 3mm. There was also a cut/abrasion just at the bottom of my circumcised penis head, it was about a square cm an the skin was broken, i believe it happend from hand friction. If her vaginal fluid got into either on of those cuts would i be at risk? How much fluid would be needed to infect this way? Thanks for your help.

Could you help me to explain this situation?

Hi everyone!
I have a question about vagina fluid.I used my hand to finger a girl's vagina and got vagina fluid on it,my hand had no cut or sore at that time.After 5 minutes it went dry and i wiped it by paper.However i used my hand touch on the wound not bleeding.I'm sure that everything was dry.I'm just concerned about the hiv still on my hand.Could it possible to infect Hiv when fluid was dry on my hand?

Anal Fingering question

Hi! I recently went on a trip to Italy, met a great guy through friends - we had several dates. Even though we fooled around, we played it very safe, only making out and mutual masturbation. On two nights he fingered me anally, which was great. On the second night he did it I noticed he had red marks on his finger. I thought it was blood and freaked out. It wasn;t bleeding and he explained he has very sensitive skin, so his hands get rough and chapped. I wasnt' bleeding, but am now worried about possible HIV exposure. He told me was tested last year and was negative, and we had a long conversation about sex-safey.

human bite

does human bite, on another 's body is a risk ,if the skin tears with very little drop of blood.

Do Test Results outside the Window Period always overrule the symptoms?

Dear Friends at Aids Vancouver,

I had a brief experience with an escort, we fooled around for a while (no kissing & no sex) and she performed oral sex on me for about 20 minutes, I had used a condom while receiving oral sex. I tested at 14 weeks and 24 weeks from a hospital and a pathological lab respectively (both the labs were accredited by the national accreditation board). I keep experencing symptoms like itches, ulcers on tongue and gastric problems. Based on your vast data, resources and experience am I conclusively negative from this episode.


Cut on my finger


You guys are absolutely amazing and i love how supportive you guys are. I was hoping you could answer my slightly weird question as stupid as it may sound.

So i went to this party last night and got hammered. I barely remember a thing. I woke up this morning and saw that i had cut on my finger. Let me not blow it out of proportion, it was a very superficial cut but there was blood visible. I have vague recollections of a girl biting me and then also breaking a bottle at some point of time. To be honest i really don't have a clue. I also remember inserting my finger in to a girl's vagina during the course of the night.

My questions are as follows:
1) Is a superficial cut with top layer of skin missing enough to give bodily fluids (i.e. vaginal fluids or blood) access to the blood stream and does it pose a threat of infection?
2) In case the cut was caused by a bite then can that be a risk of infection where blood from the other person's mouth entered my body through this superficial cut?
3) How deep does a cut have to be to be considered an entry point for HIV?

Fingering with blood on the finger

I would really appreciate it if you guys could answer ths question as its been keeping me awake at night for the past 2 days.

I recently had a casual encounter with a guy i met at a bar in the restroom. He began fingering me in the ass and i felt something wet on his finger. When i asked him what it was he checked and it turned out to be blood. I checked his hands and there weren't any cuts on his fingers. It turned out that there was some blood in the restroom and he accidentally touched some of it. The blood looked quite fresh. Is it possible for me to get infected with HIV if the blood on his finger was infected blood????


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