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oral insertive felatio


just wanted to know if insertive felatio for 10-15 seconds with a street worker in India will have any sort of risk.

Does it require any test.

thankyou so much in advance

Received Oral Sex - Negative Test

I wanted to give a brief update and quick question. Few weeks ago I posted that in the past year I had seen 6-7 sex workers and received unprotected oral sex. In my anxiety, I began to feel symptoms that I read online (ie. oral thrush, dry mouth, fever, etc..). This obviously scared me to the point of getting myself tested to finally alleviate my anxiety.

After a week of excruciating anxiety and waiting for the results, I made it a point to visit the doctor to verify the findings. It was indeed negative and I feel relief that I could live normally again.

I do have one other question about my exposure. As mentioned I had 6-7 encounters of oral sex without a condom. The last two encounters were exactly 1 month before I had the test done.

In your expert opinion, do I need to get re-tested again after 2 months to make it 100% sure? Or are my recent test results conclusive?

Thank you for everything your organization does to make us feel at ease and to educate the public.

Bicycle accident


I was crossing the street, when a bicycle suddenly came non-stop and collided to me.

Unfortunately, we were both bleeding quite heavily, and we both had open wounds (because of injury as a result from the crash) I am very concerned now because I am sure that there was blood-blood contact, and I do not even know about the person's HIV status. Should I go to VGH and do you think a PEP would be necessary?

Oral Sex and Manual Stimulation

Approximately ten days ago I had a sexual encounter. He had briefly performed oral (unprotected) sex and had inserted his fingers into my vagina and anus without the use of latex gloves. This is all that was done and there was no sex that followed. I was just curious if it would be necessary to have an hiv test done due to this particular incident?


Saliva "Spit" from HIV Pos Friend

Dear Helpline,
I have really been worried about an incident five weeks ago. An HIV positive friend who has gum bleeding problems "spit" into my eye in a conversation. If he had blood in his mouth, did I get infected? I usually rub my right eye because of irritation and that has made me worry more because I rubbed my eye a lot before his spit. Do I have to test because I am extremely worried.


oral contact and an eye exposure

1.) transmission through eyes.
My friend is hiv+. Her finger touched the end part of my eye ( right corner of right eye ) . I saw there was a small cut on the part of her finger which touched the corner of my eye that was bleeding about 4-5 drops. I am worried can there be hiv transmission risk if her bleeding finger ( 4-5 drops ) touch the corner of my eye. Can i assume my risk to be no risk as it just touched the corner of the eye and the blood wont have gone inside the eye. Pls advice to put my mind to rest. Has anyone been infected this way. if yes, what is the probability.?

2.) I received unprotected oral sex from a girl. After 50 days i got tested and the test came negative. I read on your forum that receptive oral is negligible risk ( virtually zero ). Can i assume 50 day ( elisa test ) as conslusive as in regards to this particular oral exposure or do you recomment testing at 84 days mark. I do not want to get tested again. Will go only if it is very necessary.

Thanks for your support.

Penis head/tip to anus pressure no penetration

I had a recent situation with a guy (he was top) we did a lot if grinding his penis to my anus to my knowledge he did not penetrate me (I would feel it right?)... I'm just really confused because my anus was really wet and his penis head was too


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