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No Risk

Please Respond, So Depressed

Had french kiss with sex worker. Was there any risk? I have red gums.

Please answer me, i'm very anxious

Hello, your site has helped a lot of people.
I have two questions I have to use a glass of orange juice. I drank immediately after people brought it out and noticed that there seemed to be blood stains in the cup. If in orange juice or blood cup mouth I am in danger of being hiv, because when I drink I have a sore throat, sore throat so I fear the virus spread through the throat mucosa.
The second question: a friend who talks about splashing saliva in my eyes. If saliva is mixed with blood, can hiv spread through my eyes? I used water to wash it right away, but I was afraid that the water was dirty and had hiv virus, could I be infected by washing water?

Hiv from a band aid

Today I was walking and I dropped my books and they landed on a dirty band aid. And my hand with a large cut touched it as I picked up my books am i at risk of hiv.

Can I get HIV from an object?


I've more than one questions but they are related to each other.

1) I had a friend who is HIV+. He gave me a key chain as a present. The problem is: He has multiple wounds in his fingers and some places around his hand. So there may be blood in this key chain when he gave me. Anyway, I put this key chain into my pocket and then after 1 month I touched it to clean and rubbed all my fingers and hand on it because it was dirty. After 1-2 minutes, I masturbated without washing my hand. So the question is; if there were a blood drop in this key chain and I touched it after 1 month, does blood survive enough to transmit HIV? I know intact skin is a barrier but as I mentioned above I masturbated after I touch. Maximum 1 minutes later.

2) He has some sores in his hand. One day, we touched hand to hand for a while and after we left (approx 2-3 minutes) I touched my mouth in order to check something. I have mild gingvintis. My gum immediately started to bleed after I touch. So, the second question is: If he dropped his blood on my hand after we touched each other's hands, can I get HIV by touching and bleeding my gums?

Thank you for your answers.

Contamination from Knife cut to an Open Wound in Mouth

My friend cut himself with a knife we were using to cut a cheesecake. I used the knife immediately after to cut myself a piece, which I ate right away. I bite my lips and the inside of my mouth a lot. Assuming that I have an open wound in my mouth and assuming that he is HIV positive, what is my risk of infection?

Hiv from sharing coke straw via sniffing

Hi can tell me risks over sharing snorting straw the persons nose bled afterwards mine only bled when I blew my nose hard afterwards but if blood on device what is risk would this require testing anxious over this thank you

risk of hiv from food

Thanks for your helping.
Now i am so scared. I want to know exactly about my case: i eat food and while i try to bite the bone, i have an Large scratches on the palate and my lips bleeding because of chink. what happen if the bowl, chopsticks, straws i have used have fresh blood, and water and food have fresh blood. Can be hiv transmission in this case through my lips are bleeding and new scratches on the palate.
Many thanks. i hope to see your advice soon because i'm quite scared

risk from wound on the mouth

Hello friends.
I was really so quiet, I found a scratch on the palate. If my food is eaten or a bowl of chopsticks or straws and drinking water is contaminated with blood, then I have a risk of hiv infection. Do I need to use pep and test
I hope to get an answer soon
Thanks very much

Can u get HIV or STD from a boobjob?

Dear Aidsvancouver, Thanks a lot for having this site and helping people!

I have a question i hope you can answer, I'm normally very anxious about stuff but trying to think clear about this.

1. I went to a massage parlor and was getting massaged, The lady finished off the massage with a handjob and a boobjob. So my penis obviously touched her breast and her nipples. I couldn't see that there were any breastmilk or any other fluid coming out from her breast. i wasn't really looking but i think i would have seen that.

2. So my question is, my penis touched her breast during the hand job and I'm sure the urethra of my penis came in contact with her nipples. Have i put myself at any risk for HIV or other STD´s?

Thanks once again.

Scared Girl


Thank you so much for your great work.
A couple of weeks ago I kissed in the mouth a man which I do not know and he could be a sexually promiscuous man, I don`t know his HIV status. I had a wound on my higher lip from 2 days ago, which was already healing and had a crost- dry cover over it ( a dry wound). The wound was small like 5 mm. He did not have any visible blood on his mouth and he was not having any visible wounds. But he could have had scrathes that I did not see.
Is there any possibility that I could get infected in that way by kissing? I am very scared so I am very grateful for your answer.

Thank you very much.

Scared girl


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