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No Risk

Toilet Backspalsh

Hi! I recently peed on a public restroom. I squatted and peed. I didn’t touch the seat nor any part of my body touched the seat. As I finished peeing I saw there were some droplets of blood on the seat and I’m worried if I can contract HIV from that considering if some of it backsplashed on my vagina. Please help. I’m really worried.

Thank you.

HIV risk

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am just writing to seek clarification if I am at risk of HIV acquisition on an incident in a bathhouse.

A guy approached me then started sucking my left nipple then all of a sudden he grabbed my penis and rub the head. Immediately, I exited the room and went directly to the shower. No other activities were done. Am I at risk for HIV? Thank you very much for your response.

Hiv exposure

Hi i’ve been to a nail salon in which i am not sure if they do sterilize their tools they clean my nails which led to a cut that does not bleed i am so afraid if i am expose to hiv transfussion thanks

HIV test with a "Lancet", are they reusable ?

Hello, I have been tested for HIV here in the Caribbean Islands. I don't know how safe practices are in use here, the building was not in good condition and health clinic had cotton swabs dipped in alcohol and was not a pleasant atmosphere to get tested at. but i wanted to get tested so i got 4th generation test and a uni-gold test at the same time at the same clinic. their policy is to test any patient with 2 HIV test to rule out false negative. I recently saw a outbreak of HIV in a 3rd world country where needles where shared and people got HIV. I didn't let them draw any type of blood from a syringe. But they use the "Lancet" to pink prick my finger, I always get paranoid where i am in this kind of situation. Can you tell me if "Lancet's" are reusable ? or any chance of possibility of them using them ? there were bunch on them in a container. should i be concerned in this situation ? ever since i read about recent HIV outbreak, i am really concerned. Will the cotton swabs or tables or any atmosphere in the clinic would place me at risk ? should i get tested again ? please advise me! really concerned. Thanks for this service.

Wound after giving blood


Today, I gave blood for a HIV test. Fortunately, it came out negative. But after 3 hours, one of my friend who is HIV+ sneezed and coughed in front of me. My wound from needlestick were still there, not bleeding but still red. I'm worrying about if he has blood on his mouth and sneezed/coughed in front of me, if it contacts with my wound from giving blood, does it lead transmission?

Also, after 2-3 hours is needle wound still an 'open wound' ?

Please Respond, So Depressed

Had french kiss with sex worker. Was there any risk? I have red gums.

Please answer me, i'm very anxious

Hello, your site has helped a lot of people.
I have two questions I have to use a glass of orange juice. I drank immediately after people brought it out and noticed that there seemed to be blood stains in the cup. If in orange juice or blood cup mouth I am in danger of being hiv, because when I drink I have a sore throat, sore throat so I fear the virus spread through the throat mucosa.
The second question: a friend who talks about splashing saliva in my eyes. If saliva is mixed with blood, can hiv spread through my eyes? I used water to wash it right away, but I was afraid that the water was dirty and had hiv virus, could I be infected by washing water?

Semen on towel


I had a handjob in a massage parlour in Southeastasia. After i cum the women went outside to pick up a towel to clean my cum.
She came inside and threw it over my belly and it did looked dirthy. (could see dried up semen)

1. My question is how much change to i have to transmit HIV thru my urethrea, if the towel directly came from another room with fresh semen?

In a huge panic guy, for sure when i started having a fever for a night two weeks after this experience.

Hoping on an anwser

Greetings Robert

Hiv from a band aid

Today I was walking and I dropped my books and they landed on a dirty band aid. And my hand with a large cut touched it as I picked up my books am i at risk of hiv.

Can I get HIV from an object?


I've more than one questions but they are related to each other.

1) I had a friend who is HIV+. He gave me a key chain as a present. The problem is: He has multiple wounds in his fingers and some places around his hand. So there may be blood in this key chain when he gave me. Anyway, I put this key chain into my pocket and then after 1 month I touched it to clean and rubbed all my fingers and hand on it because it was dirty. After 1-2 minutes, I masturbated without washing my hand. So the question is; if there were a blood drop in this key chain and I touched it after 1 month, does blood survive enough to transmit HIV? I know intact skin is a barrier but as I mentioned above I masturbated after I touch. Maximum 1 minutes later.

2) He has some sores in his hand. One day, we touched hand to hand for a while and after we left (approx 2-3 minutes) I touched my mouth in order to check something. I have mild gingvintis. My gum immediately started to bleed after I touch. So, the second question is: If he dropped his blood on my hand after we touched each other's hands, can I get HIV by touching and bleeding my gums?

Thank you for your answers.


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