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No Risk

Frottage with clothes and ejaculation

i had an experience of rubbing my penis with anus of someone . He sat on my wet penis(circumcised) with my clothes were on (cotton trousers,No underwear)and he was naked. He tried to get my penis in by rubbing in between his butts but it never got in(at least i feel so as ) and was rubbed only , he did not even touch the penis by hand in mean time i ejaculated . if his anus was wet and my penis rubbed against it what r my chances to get hiv and later on i have fever twice in two months ...... I m much worried about that Plz help me , Is hiv testing necessary for this exposure ? I came to know that hiv can survive in environment for 1 min than y rubbing with wet anus is negligible risk as it can enter immediately into pee hole ? Thx a lot

Blood on tissue


Recently at a a coffee shop i had to blow my nose so i asked the barista to hand me a tissue paper. He gave me one and i blew my nose and wiped it with this tissue. But then immediately i notice a couple of drops of blood on it. I realized it wasn't mine and when i checked with the barista he told me that he had a cut on his finger which he didn't notice and apologized.

I am super freaked out!! This all happened in a matter of seconds and i am not sure what to do now. I have heard that the mucous membrane in the nose can be a point for transmission. Though i blew in to the tissue some blood could have gone in to my nose i guess. I don't know the guy's HIV status and felt to scared to ask him. Is it possible that i could have been infected from this incident??

Barbershop Nightmare


Greetings from India! I recently went to a new barbershop and the barber used a old school razor blade to shave my sideburns and the back of my head. In the process he cut me on my neck. I usually insist on my barbers using a new blade but on this occasion i didn't check whether he was using a new one or used. I think it was a used one because i don't recollect seeing him replace the blade that was already in the razor.

It wasn't a very deep cut but i did bleed a bit. I didn't check if there was any blood on the blade but i am really scared now that i may at be risk for HIV. Is a cut like that considered a risk for transmission in case there was infected blood on the blade?

Please help me!! Am i at risk? Should i get tested?

Stripper hand/semen

Very concerned about an episode. I have visited strip clubs from time to time. It was never taken to the next level. Either just watched or got a lap dance where I was fully clothed. This last time however the stripper offer me a hand release. I was surprised she would do that but stupidly accepted. She kept her g string on through out but I'm afraid she fingered herself prior to masturbating me, worst yet, she may have also offered a habdjob to previous client and had semen on her hand, or under fingernails. I ejaculated and was so nervous that without even thinking I grabbed a small white cloth towel on the table next to me and wiped my penis. It wasn't until the next day when I started thinking about what took place that I realized how stupid and careless I had been. It has been 2 months since then. I have been googling and asking forums. Some say no risks, others say some risks. I googling symptoms and I'm getting a lot of them. I'm getting more nervous with each passing day. Please tell me, what is the bottom line? Was I at risk? Is there any chance I'll test positive just from this one exposure? If the towel had semen, can it infect me if it cane in contact with my penis. I'm uncircumcised and I pulled back on my foreskin before I cleaned myself? If she had semen on her hands could I be infected? Thank in advance for your patience in answering my question.

Semen on open cuticle/cuticle cut

I was engaging in mutual masturbation with a guy and a large amount of semen was on my hand. I realised later that I had a very cracked cuticle/cuticle cut that was slightly sore (but I'm quite sure it had been there for at least a day so wasn't bleeding or anything - hopefully healing already). I'm really worried now that I could have exposed myself to HIV. I don't know whether or not the guy has HIV, I just know that he's had quite a number of (heterosexual) encounters and I didn't ask if he's always been safe.

I'm so worried that I want to have a PEP.

Blood contact

Hi all,

i'm very worried about an accident during a soccer match and I don't know what doing now.
Here's the facts.
Last saturday I was playing soccer with my friends when I accidentally hit a guy in the nose.
He started bleeding and I helped him to stop the bleeding by using a paper towel.
Doing that, I soiled my hand with some blood coming from guy's nose.
On my hand I had a crust due to a cut and some microcuts due to cuticles around my nails.
I don't know anything about HIV status of that guy.

Five days after this accident I started to have a mid sore throat.
I'm really scared now.

Do i need to test for HIV after this accident ?
Is this a risk situation for HIV transmission ?

Many thanks for your answers.

Blood in food

Hi I was at a fast food restaurant about a month ago and After eating the burger I saw there was blood drops on the burger box, now i've been worrying all the time, the burger could've been filled with blood. I had a cut in my mouth, if this blood was hiv + could i get infected in this way? Do I need to be worried or not?

regarding the infection of hiv

the man before wearing the condom his partner (girl) touched the inner side of the condom with her tongue will the little bit of saliva which went in the condom affect the person if that girl has HIV?


Hi! i recieved a handjob during an erotic massage. I don't know if the masseuse had blood on her hands, so i took a 4th gen test after 6 weeks and two 3rd gen test after 8 and 10.2 weeks - all negative. the laboratory guy said to me testing is conclusive and i don't need a further test after 12 weeks! Do you think another test is neccesary?? ..sorry for my english - i'm from austria ;)

Transmission route?


Would like to educate myself regarding blood to blood transmission route. I am worried about HIV due to the hygiene of my babysitter (unknown status). One time she cut her finger with knife in the kitchen, and a few hours later she used that finger to change the diaper of my baby and put cream on him without bandaid. Is there any risk of transmitting HIV this way? My baby also has mild eczema and sometimes scratch himself due to mosquito bites causing small wounds. He would also put fingers in her mouth and she may have bleeding gums. I am worried about transmission especially when I am not around. Should I get him tested?

Thanks a lot for your advice.


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